Health Benefits of Disc Golf

During the average 18 hole disc golf round of a player walks almost three miles. Disc golf is a great way to get exercise, without realizing you’re even exercising.

Any healthy activity that entices a new generation of players away from game consoles and television screens is a great thing.  With disc golf, players can enjoy spending more time outside, in local parks, interacting with other players, and reaping the benefits of increased physical activity.

There are many cases of players who have lost weight simply through the increased amount of walking they do at their local disc golf courses. Some disc golf players and fans have even promoted disc golf as part of their weight loss routine and motivation.

More and more testimonials and instructional blogs are emerging from those who have increased their physical activity to the point of weight loss and weight management through disc golf.

This info-graphic, provided by the golfer authority, was made for ball golf, but being that many disc golf courses take place on ball golf courses, the health benefits apply in both kinds of golf. Active golfers stay fit, sleep better, and can lose weight simply by playing regularly.

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