Course Quality Disc Golf Baskets

There are several different brands of course grade disc golf baskets, all of which serve the same function and purpose. The prices of these targets are comparable but savings will come from having them shipped from a location close to where you want them shipped. Course quality baskets weigh approximately 70 pounds each, so the freight cost is something to consider when making your decision. The less the distance the targets have to travel, the more you will likely save in shipping costs.

Top Rated Disc Golf Baskets

In the 2016 State of Disc Golf Survey, participants were asked to rate each course basket as, terrible, below average, average, above average, or the best. Taking the data from respondents familiar with each basket, the Innova DISCatcher, Prodigy Pro, and DGA Mach X are the most favorable disc golf targets on the market.

Prodigy T2 Professional Disc Golf Target

Prodigy T2 Course BasketThe Prodigy T2 is the least expensive course quality basket that ships directly from Infinite Discs Utah warehouse or from Prodigy in Georgia.

The T2 is a heavy duty quality basket that featured 24 galvanized chains in a 16-8 chain set up, plus includes the Prodigy Strike Zone that makes a blow through resistant strike zone.

This basket is PDGA approved for Championship play, which means that it can be used for the highest tier professional disc golf tournaments.

The T2 is available in a variety of different colors including, Green, Blue, Yellow, and Orange.

MSRP: $450
9 Hole Course Cost: $285 Each
18 Hole Price: $275 per basket.

Innova DISCatcher Pro 28

The Discatcher Pro is the most popular disc golf basket today and is found on more courses than any other brand. Eighty percent of surveyed disc golfers are familiar with the Discatcher.

This basket has 28 chains and a bright yellow powder coated top. The Discatcher design has 14 outer chains, 7 mid level chains, and 7 on the inner rung. This basket retails for $495 but can be purchased $325 each when you purchase at least nine baskets for your course. You can purchase additional ground sleeves (for multiple pin locations) for $25 each.

These baskets are shipped from Innova’s locations in California for the west coast or South Carolina for the Eastern United States.

MSRP: $495
9+ Hole Course Cost: $325 Each

Dynamic Discs Veteran

The Dynamic Discs Veteran basket is a newer course grade basket that is designed for long life and durability. The DD Veteran utilizes galvanized metal components and powder coating. The Veteran uses an 18-8 stainless steel chain configuration with 8 inner and 18 outer chains.

The Veteran basket ships from Emporia Kansas.

MSRP: $399.99
9+ Hole Course Cost: $324.99


MVP Black Hole Portal

The Black Hole Portal is a newer course quality basket that features 30 strands of stainless steel chain. This is arguably the most consistent target on the market and is the least expensive in terms of price per basket if you are purchasing an 18 hole course.

The Black Hole ships from Michigan.

MSRP: $449.95
9 Hole Course Cost: $325 Each
18 Hole Price: $300 per basket.

DGA Mach Baskets

DGA baskets are among the most popular baskets for players to play on. They are great at catching the disc, and many professionals recommend them– It may be important to note here that the Mach-X and the Mach-V are the popular ones, while the Mach-III is one of the most criticized. Although they are popular, the DGA baskets are the most camouflaged which can be a good or a bad thing depending on your intentions. It may be necessary to add a flag on top, or ribbons to help make the basket easier to see.

The Mach X was the most favorably rated permanent disc golf basket in the 2016 State of Disc Golf survey. It is also the most expensive disc golf basket, but if you are looking to make your course championship level, this is one you may want to consider.

Here is what DGA has to say about their Mach-X basket.

MSRP: $445 per basket.
9+ Hole Course Price $415 per basket

DGA baskets are shipped from California.

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