Gift Cards

Infinite Discs Gift Card Options

Infinite Discs offers two versatile types of disc golf gift cards to meet your gifting needs. Choose from our physical gift cards for a tangible gifting experience, ideal for presenting a special token to your giftee. Alternatively, opt for our digital gift cards for instant gifting solutions, perfect when time is of the essence.

Electronic Digital Gift Cards

Our e-gift cards are an efficient way to instantly send a disc golf gift. Enter the recipient’s email address, and they’ll receive the gift card code within minutes. These e-gift cards offer flexibility – send them to yourself for later gifting or directly to your recipient for a surprise. They’re best for last-minute gifts without the wait for postal delivery.

Pros of Digital Gift Cards

  • Immediate receipt upon purchase.
  • Record kept for security if lost or stolen.
  • Flexible denominations of your choosing. Choose a gift card for ANY amount greater than $10.
  • Perfect for last-minute gifting.

Cons of Disc Golf E-Cards

  • Lacks the physical presence of a tangible gift card.

The email a gift card recipient receives will look like this:

Infinite Discs Electronic Gift Card Confirmation Email

If you’re trying to keep your disc golf gift a surprise, or if you prefer the recipient not to receive the gift card until a specific date like their birthday or Christmas, consider having the gift card emailed to you instead of directly to them.

By choosing to have it sent to yourself, you can either print it out to present as a physical gift or forward the email to them on the day you want them to receive your gift.

Physical Disc Golf Certificates

Our physical gift cards are crafted from durable plastic, featuring the distinctive Infinite Discs bomber logo and a unique gift card number. Available in $25, $50, $100, and $250 denominations, these cards cater to a range of budgets and preferences.

Physical Gift Card Pros

  • Tangible gift, adding a personal touch.
  • Convenient for in-person shopping at our Utah or Idaho stores.
  • Compatible with online orders by entering the gift card number.

Cons of Physical Gift Cards

  • Treated like cash; irrecoverable if lost.
  • Limited denomination options.

Both our physical and digital gift cards at Infinite Discs provide unique benefits to suit different gifting styles and needs, ensuring your gift of choice is both thoughtful and convenient.

A plastic infinite discs gift card

8 Reasons Infinite Discs is the Best Choice for Disc Golf Gift Cards

Infinite Discs gift cards are the best disc golf gift cards, and here’s why:

  1. #1 Retailer in Disc Golf: As the top seller of disc golf discs, our commitment to excellent customer service and same-day shipping sets us apart. We don’t just sell discs; we ensure a seamless, customer-focused experience.
  2. Unrivaled Selection: We boast the largest online inventory of disc golf discs. With more than 80 different brands in our catalog, our selection is unparalleled. This diversity means a gift card from us offers access to an expansive range of products, not just limited to a single brand like manufacturer-specific gift cards.
  3. See What You Get: Every disc in our inventory is photographed individually. This means what your giftee sees is precisely what they get, eliminating surprises and ensuring satisfaction with every purchase.
  4. Exclusive Custom Designs: Our inventory includes the largest variety of custom stamps and unique artwork on discs, making our offerings truly special. These aren’t just discs; they’re collector’s items and works of art. Even if your disc golfer already has every disc they need, with us they can get an additional backup of their favorite disc with an exclusive three foil stamp.
  5. Unique Products: We stock unique products unavailable elsewhere, adding an element of exclusivity and novelty to your gift. Does your disc golfer secretly want a disc golf net, or finger wax to increase their grip? These are products you’re going to have a hard time finding anywhere else.
  6. Competitive Pricing: Despite our extensive selection and top-notch service, we maintain some of the most competitive prices in the disc golf market. This ensures the recipient of your gift card gets exceptional value for your money.
  7. Sales Items, Mystery Boxes, and Clearance Price Discs: If your disc golfer likes value we constantly have sales, promotions and mystery boxes that offer the lowest priced discs in the industry.
  8. Free Shipping on Orders Over $75: We understand the importance of value, and to enhance this, we offer free shipping on orders exceeding $75. Let the recipient of your gift card spend more on products they love, not on shipping costs.

In summary, an Infinite Discs gift card isn’t just a gift; it’s an entry into the world’s most diverse and customer-friendly disc golf shopping experience. Whether for a beginner or a seasoned player, our gift cards open the door to a world of choices, quality, and unique disc golf treasures. This really is the best gift card option in disc golf.

Wrapped package with a bow

Why Gift Cards are the PERFECT present for disc golfers.

Now we will explain why gift cards are the best gifts for disc golfers, highlighting the versatility, convenience, and range of options they offer, as well as presenting disc golf gift ideas from different brands and budgets.

When giving gifts, it’s important to choose something the recipient will genuinely appreciate, not just something that elicits a courtesy thank-you. Ideally, the gift should reflect their interests and desires, avoiding the awkwardness of them appreciating your effort but not the item itself. This is particularly challenging in disc golf, where individual styles and player preferences vary greatly.

Disc Golf and Player Preferences

Disc Types Based on Skill Level

Disc golf involves a range of discs, each crafted for specific throwing styles and distances. The variety spans distance drivers, fairway drivers, midranges, and putters, with each type aligning uniquely with a player’s skill level and throwing technique.

For example, beginners in disc golf often lean towards lightweight discs, as they offer better control and facilitate easier throws. Conversely, advanced players might find lightweight discs inadequate for their needs, viewing them more as toys rather than serious sports equipment that can enhance their gameplay.

Disc Golf Brand Preferences

Brand preference plays a vital role in a disc golfer’s game, as each brand offers its own unique feel and design. This aspect is particularly relevant in disc golf, where a player’s team is often their sponsor. Some disc golfers might not favor certain brands simply because they’re associated with their least favorite player. For example, consider if you were buying a gift for a basketball enthusiast who’s a Celtics fan – you wouldn’t give them a Lakers jersey, right?

The same principle applies to disc golf equipment.

Choosing a disc from a golfer’s preferred brand can be a thoughtful gift, especially if you’re aware of their brand preferences. However, picking a brand that doesn’t align with their tastes could lead to disappointment. It’s all about matching the gift with the player’s personal preferences

Versatility of Disc Golf Gift Cards

Given the diverse needs and preferences of disc golfers, gifting can be a tricky endeavor. This is where the versatility of disc golf gift cards comes into play. These cards cater to an array of player preferences, throwing styles, and brand choices.

A gift card provides the recipient with the freedom to choose their own disc golf equipment and accessories. This eliminates the risk of giving a disc that doesn’t match the player’s style or a brand they don’t prefer. Moreover, it allows the disc golfer to invest in the exact equipment they need, whether it’s a new distance driver, a lightweight disc for a beginner, or a disc retriever tool.

Convenience and Range of Options with Disc Golf Gift Cards

Beyond being a versatile gift, disc golf gift cards also offer convenience for both the giver and the recipient. They can be easily purchased online, delivered instantly via email, and used to buy a wide range of products anytime.

Disc golf gift cards can be used to purchase an extensive selection of disc golf equipment and accessories. From discs to apparel, bags, carts, and even hydration items, the possibilities are endless.

Gift packages filled with disc golf products ready to be shipped for the holidays.Disc Golf Gift Ideas from Different Brands and Budgets

There are numerous disc golf gift ideas available, catering to diverse budgets and preferences. Affordable options include disc golf towels, grip enhancers, and glow in the dark products. Meanwhile, high-end gifts might include disc golf carts, practice baskets, or exclusive memberships.

Every year we publish a new holiday gift guide for disc golfers also which covers a wide range of items. Big ticket items include disc golf carts, practice baskets, disc retrievers, and VIP memberships. Medium-sized gifts feature smaller disc golf bags, apparel, and disc golf training products.

The guide also includes stocking stuffers like disc golf themed games and puzzles, towels, grip enhancers, and glow in the dark products. As for discs, it offers mystery boxes, Christmas discs, popular sellers, and gift cards, catering to all budgets and preferences.


In conclusion, a disc golf gift card offers versatility, convenience, and an array of options, making it the perfect gift for any disc golfer, regardless of their throwing style, skill level, or brand preference. When you look at the advantages and make a fair comparison, it is clear Infinite Discs offers the best disc golf gift cards.