Favorite Discs

Favorite Discs can be added to the “in my bag” section of your profile, and to any course that you play.

Favorite Discs for the Course

The easiest way to add favorite discs is when you review a course. At the bottom of the “Add Your Review” pop up you will find this text:

Simply, click the hyperlinks and add your most used discs for that course.

To add, or edit favorite discs to an existing course review. Simply go to “my reviews” in the menu bar (must be logged into your infinitediscs.com profile).


Then select the course review you wish to edit.

Editing “In My Bag”

To edit the discs on your player profile, simply click “my profile”
Then, “update my profile”


Lastly “expand” your reviewer profile and click the pop ups for favorite discs.


1 Infinite Point is given for each disc you add.