Focus Friday – All Disc Golf Bags On Sale

FOCUS FRIDAY– Bags on Sale

Welcome back to another Focus Friday, where we look at a certain mold or brand, and give you a discount so you can try it out for yourself. This weekend, we are looking forward to warmer weather, and want to help you prep for you upcoming tournaments with a FULL Disc golf bag sale!

Choosing the best disc golf bag depends on various factors such as the number of discs you carry, playing conditions, and personal preferences. For casual rounds or beginners, a lightweight shoulder bag with enough space for 8-12 discs and a few accessories suffices. For more serious players or tournaments, a backpack-style bag offers better organization, durability, and can accommodate 20 or more discs along with extra gear like water bottles and towels. If you’re trekking through rugged terrain or adverse weather, a weather-resistant or waterproof bag with reinforced straps and sturdy construction ensures your discs stay protected.

Ultimately, selecting the ideal disc golf bag hinges on balancing your storage needs, comfort, and the demands of your playing environment.

DISCOUNT -> This weekend, use this discount code to get 15% off on *ALL bags! – ‘FOCUSBAGS’

This sale will end Monday night, so get on this deal while you can!
Check out this page to see all the items that are on sale this week.
*MVP/Axiom/Streamline products are subject to MAP protection, and therefore, the full discount percentage may not be applied.

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