Infinite Discs Rewards Program Rules


The information on this page is focused on the rules of the rewards program that must be adhered to.  You can view more general information about the rewards program and how it all works by checking out the following link: rewards program » Infinite Discs Blog


The following are the rules that govern the Infinite Discs Rewards / Points program. By participating in the program, earning and redeeming points, you are agreeing to these terms and rules.

Points can only be earned by methods indicated on the user’s profile page. Infinite Discs points have no cash value. They may be redeemed for virtual gift cards which can only be used to purchase merchandise online through

All redemption requests are subject to approval by Infinite Discs staff before gift cards are posted. (Points will “disappear” after the Redeem button has been selected.   This is normal.)  Approval will then take 1-3 business days before the redeemed gift card will appear in the user’s profile menu under MY GIFT CARDS.  If you have redeemed points and it is taking longer than 3 days for the card to post, we are happy to research it for you if you reach out.   

Redemption requests might not be approved if Infinite Discs determines that points were earned by spamming website content, creating fake or alternate profiles, adding large numbers of discs to “favorites” to accrue points, or any other ways which do not provide useful content to the website. Such decisions are completely at the discretion of Infinite Discs staff and points are not guaranteed to be rewarded or redeemed based on those decisions.

Examples of content that will NOT be approved for points on the website:

Creating disc golf courses which do not actually physically exist. Or adding duplicate courses that are already listed on our site.  

Writing any disc review or course review which does not share useful feedback. For example, a review is not helpful which only says “I like it” or “great” or “trash” but does not give reasons for the opinion.

Creating fake user profiles or multiple user profiles.

Adding huge quantities of disc models to favorites. While Infinite Discs carries a huge number of disc models in our inventory, we find it highly unlikely that any player would actually have hundreds of them in their bag.

Adding huge numbers of fake disc golf rounds to you profile.  To get credit for logging points, the app must be used during play.   If scores are logged after the fact, the app can recognize that an 18 hole can’t be played in less than 5 minutes and may not assign any points for logging the round.  

Using any kind of abusive or foul language or inappropriate images in reviews or other content.

This is not a complete list, but simply some examples of abuse. If Infinite Discs decides that the point system has been abused when a point redemption is requested, not only will the redemption be declined, but the user profile may be suspended.

Infinite Discs is also not obligated to send out any merchandise that is ordered using gift cards that have been acquired through the exploitation of programming glitches or abuse of the point system.

The Infinite Discs Rewards Program was officially launched in July 2018. Points earned before that time may have been cleared before the launch since the program was not active. Infinite Discs is not obligated to give gift card rewards for points earned before the program existed, even if those points are logged in the user’s profile from testing phases prior to roll out.

NOTE: The Infinite Discs Rewards program and point system may be altered, improved, or removed in the future for any reason deemed necessary by Infinite Discs. In such a case, no points or gift card credit will be owed to any user due to the change or removal.