Refer Friends

Disc golf is more fun with a friend.

Enhance the competitiveness of your recreational rounds, easily exchange bag tags, and earn Infinite Points by referring a friends.

For every friend you refer, you get a bonus 5% of all the Infinite Points they earn! For example, when the friend you refer accumulates 1000 Infinite Points, you will have earned 50 points because you referred them. The more points they earn, the more points you earn. The more friends you refer, the more referral points you can earn. Each person can only be referred once, so hurry and refer your disc golf friends.

How to refer someone to Infinite Disc Golf.

It’s easy to refer someone to Infinite Disc Golf. Simply type in their email address in the referral field. They will then be emailed an invite.

When they set up their Infinite Account, you are automatically credited for the referral.