Reviewing Discs

Reviewing the discs you throw is one of the easiest way to earn Infinite Points.

To review discs on, simply find the disc you wish to review, and find the “add your review” button below the disc dimensions.

DiscReviewThere are five parts to each review.

  1. Plastic Type of the disc. Different plastic types often exhibit different flight characteristics. Make sure you review the plastics you throw for the discs you review.
  2. Recommendation for Beginners. Do you feel this is a good disc for a new disc golfer to throw?
  3. Star Rating. Rate the disc you have according to the following critera:
    1. Star – Terrible Disc, Waste of Plastic
    2. Bad Disc – Below Average
    3. Average Disc
    4. Good Disc – Above Average
    5. Must Have
  4. Review Details. Include as much detail as possible. The more words you type, the more Infinite Points you will earn. In your review, consider questions like: How does this disc fly for you? What type of shots and throwing styles do you like to use it for? How do you like the feel of the disc and the plastic? What other discs is it comparable too?
  5. Flight Ratings. If you are familiar with the flight ratings of other discs, In comparison, how would you rate this disc in terms of Speed, Glide, High Speed Turn, and Low Speed Fade.