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This page is your user agreement which applies to all visitors, reviewers, and purchasers of InfiniteDiscs.com and any affiliate site of Infinite Discs.

Product Information

Product information is gathered from manufacturers and is also based on the personal views of the owners of InfiniteDiscs.com, and contributors to InfiniteDiscs.com. Any person who submits a review on any disc product is considered a contributor. Your experience with any product sold at Infinite Discs may vary from information which you discover at Infinite Discs. No opinion expressed on this site should be regarded as fact or as an official statement of truth.

We reserve the right to remove any comment on this site for any reason whatsoever. Typical reasons may include: Defamatory remarks, especially those towards contributors, manufacturers, or Infinite Discs; crude, vulgar, or language which we consider inappropriate. We will do our best to resolve issues personally which may arise with us.


Return Policy & Purchase

ALL SALES ARE FINAL. No refunds once products have been shipped. Your orders are matched as closely as possible, according to our best judgement.

If you have received the wrong product and would like the correct product:

  • DO NOT cause any wear to the disc by: Using it, writing on it, etc. Discs must be in new condition if you desire to return it

Your return options are as follows (after you have informed us of our error):

  • Hold on to the unused disc until the correct disc arrives. Return the unused disc in our provided, prepaid return shipping label and package.
  • Purchase the correct disc at a $6 discount.
  • Keep the disc. If the disc you received is valued less than the disc you paid for, we will refund the difference. If we sent a disc more valuable than the one you ordered, it is our loss. Enjoy your upgraded disc!


If the product you have ordered is not yet available, we will ship your order as soon as the inventory becomes available. If part of your order is not available, in most cases, we will wait until that product is available to ship your entire order together. For example: You place an order for 5 discs and one of those items is a pre-order, your entire will be held until the pre-ordered item is in our warehouse, at that point the entire order will be shipped together.

Inventory Error

Sometimes, as humans, we make mistakes. If we have incorrectly sold you an item because of any of the following is incorrect: listed disc weight (please read section below), color, mold, plastic type, or anything else, we will do our best to contact you prior to sending your order.

Disc Weight

Disc weight is listed by each manufacturer. Refunds, returns, or replacements are not given for a disc which actually weighs a different amount than its labeled weight. When weight ranges are listed (for example 173-175g) the first number is the listed weight on our site.

You may, in advance, request that we weigh a disc which you have found on our site. We do our best to process those requests within 24 hours, however we are not around the discs on weekends so wait times may be longer.

Disc Color

Color discrepancies may occur, and are more likely to occur with brightly colored, strongly colored, or green hues. This is because digital imaging sensors sometimes struggle with these in a light box, such as the one which we use to take photos.

Disc Stamps

Disc stamps may appear different in the photo, than in person. This is most common with foil stamps; a silver foil may appear white in the photo because it is reflecting a white surface.