Infinite Discs VIP Club – Subscription

The Infinite Disc VIP Club is an exclusive subscription service for disc enthusiasts, run by Infinite Discs. Those who subscribe to the club receive a fun, collectible disc each month, never knowing what will show up in their mailbox. It’s a way to explore, throw, and collect many disc models from different manufacturers. Each monthly shipment is a limited edition, often as part of an exclusive run with unique stamp art.

The subscription price for the VIP Club is only $21.99 per month! 

There are only a limited number of openings to join the VIP Club. Once you’re a member, you’ll start getting your monthly discs which you can collect, throw, sell, trade, or give as gifts! Do what you’d like with your discs, but remember, you will be one of a limited number of players to have these fun discs.

There is more to the VIP Club than only a disc per month. FOR MORE INFORMATION AND TO SUBSCRIBE, GO HERE: