Add Layouts

Once a course has been added, the “add layout” button will appear.


You can also go in to add layouts by clicking the “edit course” button later.


To add a layout, you need to know the number of holes and distance of each hole in that layout and where all potential water hazards and out of bounds spots are found. It is also nice, but not required, to have pictures of each hole.

To select more than one Out of Bounds or Water Hazard location, press “shift or control” while you click on the drop down menu.


The additional info field should be used for hole specific holes such as “Island” rules, or valuable things to know for someone playing the course for the first time such as “There is a huge cliff to the left behind the large pine tree.” The details displayed here will appear for players on the mobile app.


When to Create a New Layout

Course is substantially more or less difficult

A new layout should be created any time the difficulty of the course gets substantially easier or more difficult. It is not necessary to create a new layout when one basket location changes that is approximately the same difficulty as the previous location. For different basket locations, change the pin locations.

If the par of a hole changes due to different pin locations, or if a shot gets substantially more difficult (170 foot shot vs 490), then a new layout should be created. If you want your stats to stay consistent for all variables, you can create as many different layouts as you would like, but a each layout requires a minimum of 8 rounds played to establish an rating.


If additional out of bounds, mandos and Islands are created for tournaments that make the course substantially different than the normal course, a tournament layout should be created as the average tournament score will be substantially higher.

Alternative Playing Rules

If you want to keep score and play the course with alternative rules (such as mulligans or no out of bounds penalties), please create and use a separate layout so that Infinite Ratings will stay fair  and consistent.

Infinite Points for Layouts: Earn 20 Infinite Points for each 18 hole course layout added. 10 points for a course with a nine hole layout.