Best Disc Golf Putters for 2023

We’re going to wrap up this blog series where we look at the best disc golf discs according to sales at Infinite Discs. We looked at the best distance drivers, the best fairway drivers, and the best midrange discs. Today we check out the top 50 putters.

Putters are the type of disc that we use on nearly every hole we play. They can be used as drivers or approach shots. And they are used almost exclusively inside the circle to finish a hole. Some putters are used just for drives and approaches, while others are used for both driving and short putts. Their rim profile is larger than other types of discs, and they can have beads or be beadless.

Let’s look at the top selling putters from 2022 to see which ones you might want to check out for 2023.

Top 50 Best Putt & Approach Discs

Best Selling Disc Golf Putters of 2022 Chart with percentages

Best Selling Putt and Approach Discs

  1. Infinite Discs Alpaca
  2. Infinite Discs Tomb
  3. Discraft Zone
  4. Axiom Envy
  5. Kastaplast Berg
  6. Discmania P2
  7. Gateway Wizard
  8. Innova Aviar
  9. Discraft Luna
  10. Dynamic Discs Judge

Two straight-flying Infinite molds top the list of best-selling putters. The beaded Tomb and the beadless Alpaca have been popular since they were released. These two molds, along with the third-place Zone, make up 20% of all putter sales at Infinite. The Zone is the most overstable of the top three, and is widely used as an approach disc and throwing putter.

Best Putters Monthly Trends Chart

It’s fun to watch the trends of putter popularity. By following the monthly living chart you can see when the best putters were newly released or were simply restocked as they climb up the sales chart in popularity.




Hot New Putt and Approach Discs to Watch

Several molds that made the top 50 were PDGA approved just last year. Those include the Thought Space Athletics Temple, MVP’s Glitch, and the Doomsday Discs Land Mine. The MVP Glitch’s position on the top charts is especially impressive considering it was released near the end of 2022. We’ll have to see if those molds move up the rankings with a full year of sales.


Top Putters Sorted By Brand

Best Disc Golf Putters by Brand

Despite Infinite Discs having the top two spots, Innova was the brand with the most molds in the top 50. Their popular Aviar family (Aviar, KC Aviar, Aviarx3, and Aviar Yeti) accounted for almost half of their top 50 molds. MVP and Discraft tied for second with five molds each. There were a total of 20 different brands in the top 50, and a whopping nine manufacturers that had one mold on the list. Those molds include the Divergent Discs Golem and Viking Discs Rune.

Best Putter Brands Sorted by Percentage of Sales

Percentage of putters sold by disc golf brand chart

When it comes to market share, Infinite Discs dominates the putter category, selling almost 6% more than the next brand. The top three brands account for almost one out of every three discs sold! Half of the brands on the list sold less than 2% of the total putter sales.

Top Throwing/Approach Putters

Although any putter could be used for short putts, there are many discs that are usually only used as throwing/driving/approach discs. These are usually overstable molds that can handle a solid drive. Here are the top ten best throwing putters according to 2022 sales data.

Best Approach Discs and Throwing Putters

Top 10 Approach Discs/Throwing Putters

  1. Discraft Zone
  2. Axiom Envy
  3. Kastaplast Berg
  4. Gateway Wizard
  5. Discraft Luna
  6. MVP Glitch
  7. Westside Harp
  8. Thought Space Athletics Muse
  9. EV-7 Penrose
  10. Lone Star Discs Penny Putter

The Zone is the popular throwing/approach disc that regularly does well in the sales rankings. It can handle a lot of power, and still finishes reliably. It is similar in flight characteristics to the Innova Pig, which was recently reclassified as a midrange.

A couple ticks behind the Zone is the disc that got a huge boost from James Conrad at Worlds, the Axiom Envy. Not quite as overstable as the Zone, the Envy is still a great approach disc that can be thrown by people of all skill levels.

Putter PDGA Approval Dates

Mold Approval Date Rank
Gateway Wizard 9-Jan-02 4
Discraft Zone 28-May-08 1
Westside Harp 28-Oct-13 7
Axiom Envy 12-Jan-14 2
Kastaplast Berg 27-Mar-15 3
Discraft Luna 28-Dec-18 5
Lone Star Disc Penny Putter 29-Sep-20 10
EV-7 Penrose 21-Nov-20 9
Thought Space Athletics Muse 27-Sep-21 8
MVP Glitch 27-Jun-22 6

Checking out the PDGA approval dates and comparing them to their mold rating, we see that the oldest two molds, the Wizard and the Zone, finished at or near the top of the overstable/approach discs. Two newer discs, the Muse and the MVP Glitch, were approved in the last couple years, but still made the chart.

Putting Putters

Best 10 Putting putters and their percentage of sales.

Top 10 Putting Putters

  1. Infinite Discs Alpaca
  2. Infinite Discs Tomb
  3. Innova Aviar
  4. Dynamic Discs Judge
  5. Axiom Proxy
  6. Prodigy PA-3
  7. MVP Nomad
  8. Streamline Pilot
  9. Dynamic Discs EMac Judge
  10. Dynamic Discs Warden

It is interesting to see that the top ten molds represents seven different brands. As mentioned above, Infinite’s two best selling putters make up a bulk of the sales, followed by the Aviar and Judge. After that, the numbers level out.

PDGA Approval Dates

Mold Approval Date Rank
Innova Aviar 1-Jan-84 3
Dynamic Discs Judge 7-Dec-12 4
Dynamic Discs Warden 14-Oct-13 10
Prodigy PA-3 25-Mar-14 6
Axiom Proxy 24-Sep-14 5
Streamline Pilot 22-Feb-17 8
Infinite Discs Tomb 29-Mar-18 2
Infinite Discs Alpaca 16-Nov-20 1
Dynamic Discs EMac Judge 5-Jan-21 9
MVP Nomad 22-Mar-21 7

The mold that has been around longer than many of the disc golfers throwing it, is the Innova Aviar. Approaching its fortieth birthday, the Aviar has been used by disc golfers of all skill levels. The Aviar got a podium finish behind the two Infinite molds. The MVP Nomad and the EMac Judge are the newest molds. They’ve only had a couple years to gain some traction in the disc golf world.

Highest Rated Disc Golf Putters

Our new website features highest rated pages that can show you exactly what the highest rated discs are based on reviewer ratings. Check out this link to see the top 20 highest rated disc golf putters.

What does Professional Disc Golfer Think of the Best Disc Golf Putters of the Year?

In this video, touring professional disc golfer Erika Stinchcomb tries out each of the top putters and lets us know which ones she likes best.

What are the Best Disc Golf Putters for You?

What will be the best putter of 2023? Will it be an existing mold, or a new one?

What are your favorite throwing molds? What is your go-to putting and throwing putters? Are there putters on our list that you consider approach discs or approach discs that you putt with? What putters do you think will be the best selling in 2023?

Ted is the Chief Writer at Infinite Discs. He is responsible for the State of Disc Golf Survey articles and most of the "best discs" posts. Ted runs all kinds of local disc golf leagues and tournaments and tournaments in Northern Utah.


  • I’ve been using the Envy as my throwing putter and the Banger GT as my putting putter. I’m really excited to try a Glitch though. I expect that will be making a big rise up the rankings for next year.

  • My main throwing putters are Tombs. Just perfect feel and flight for me with different stability options so I can keep in the family. Putting has to be the Alpaca though. Definitely gonna be a good year for both molds. For approaches though, it has to be the Berg and the Glitch. Really working to learn the Glitch. Very useful for floaty shots.

  • TSA Praxis, MVP Atom, Axiom Envy, depending on the hole, wind, etc. I too would like to give the Glitch a try, but I don’t think it will dominate any more than the Envy. I suspect it will be a new MVP mold hyped by Simon’s new contract.

  • Pure for my putting putter and Zone for approaches!

  • I am CONSTANTLY trying new putting putters. Yes, I should probably be constantly practicing instead, but I love looking for that perfect mixture of feel, glide, bead, and stability that works for me. Plus, the more putters I have, the less trips I need to make back and forth from my basket!

    I know some people tell you to get 10 putters of the exact same weight and mold and only practice with those, but I’ve heard others (Matt Bell for example) advise doing the exact opposite, and so that’s my plan!

    At any rate, right now my putting putter is the Sparta, and my throwing putters are between Praxis, Envy, Luna, and Tomb (yes, I have a problem).

    From this post, I am tempted to get the Proxy, PA-3, and Nomad for putting putters… It’s only a matter of time… That was good stuff! Keep it coming!

  • I kinda buck the trend and go to some of the less popular molds. I started with an Aviar in DX but prefer the grip of some of the other base plastics. I own about 10 different putters and my go to putter is currently a Divergent Alpas. It’s not technically a putter and definitely a different mold and feel than a traditional putter but I really like it. I love the way it leaves my hand and also use it for most shots inside of 200’. My other two faves are TSA Muse and XCom Bennu which are both much more traditional molds.

  • I’ve stuck to the Innova Aviar for my putting putter. I have tried a bunch of putters for a throwing putter, currently using a harp for a lot of approach shots.

    I think the Infinite molds will top the charts again for 2023.

  • The best putting putter will either be whichever innova mold henna or Evelina switch to in order to improve their putting or the steady marwede uses to stay at the top of putting percentages.
    Personally I throw the envy and zone and putt with a wizard and can’t complain about any of them

  • I’ve been using the Fierce as a putting putter. I recently switched up from the Pig to the Zone. I honestly loved the Pig but the grip of Zone is a better for my small hands.

  • My personal favorite putting putter is the rune, and I’m really happy it made this list. I don’t really think I have one specific favorite throwing putter, but the zone, berg, and envy are all up there for different reasons

    I really think the best selling putter for this upcoming year will be whatever disc Simon ends up making with MVP

  • My go to putter has been the Trash Panda Inner Core. Thinking 2023 will be the break out year for the Inner Core and will be the putter people will bring up when asking for putter recommendations. It’s gotten me out of some of the worst issues and has landed me more putts than anything else lately

  • I have been putting this last year with the rainmaker and Lunas. I like a soft plastic like the Luna rubber blend in some wetter conditions but in all other situations a harder plastic is my go to. I am always rotating discs in and out of my putting routine to find the perfect putter for me.

  • For putting: Warden in Classic or Classic Blend depending on humidity
    For approaches: Mainly Z-FLX Zone; trying the Aviar-x in JK Pro, Eclipse Envy, and K1 Soft Berg for situational shots and different ground/wind conditions.

  • For me I use the EV-7 Phi for putting and the breaker and Luna for approaches

  • I putt with D blend Tombs, use an assortment of Tombs for straight and Anny approaches, then break out a Zone for OS approaches. Most rounds I’ll be bagging 5 Tombs (3 D blend, 1 concrete, 1 CGMF C blend) and 2 Zones (Z and Soft).

    Top selling putter will either be Alpaca or Simons new putter in 2023.

  • I actually love one not listed! The Dagger! Its serving me quite well. It works well in a lot of conditions. However i see my other favorite the glitch is up there! Woohoo! I’m going to have to try the alpaca soon.

  • And absolutely most popular will be something MvP this year! Go team Simon!

  • I’ve been putting with D Blend tombs and love them. I throw a berg for approaches, a halo tomb off the tee and the inner core by Trash Panda for some flippy shots.

    I’m hoping for the tomb in some more durable putting plastics this year. A glow p-blend tomb would be so amazing.

  • I really like putting with the Yikun Gui. It’s an affordable tacky putter that you can easily replace and it holds up surprisingly well. I use the tiger like for putting and the dragon line for throwing but when the tiger line beats in it becomes slightly flippy so it becomes a throwing disc. Wish more people would try that disc out.

  • Glad to see the tomb is getting lots of love. It’s my go to for approaches and short drives and I can’t imagine replacing it with anything

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