Best Disc Golf Utility Disc–Winner

The time has come for us to announce the winner for the Infinite Discs Best Disc Golf Disc: Utility Disc! This is a category that had several nominees that are great discs for all kinds of situations. Again, we know that these posts aren’t completely objective and free of bias, but we do try our best to be as objective as possible. All that being said, we feel good about our choice for this category. Before we reveal the winner, let’s first review the nominees:

And here is our selection for the winner:



The Innova Firebird has been featured in a few of these posts, and it seems like the clear winner for this category. The other nominees are great options as well, but what was the tipping point in favor of the Firebird is that it is a driver. This gives it a bit more versatility as a utility disc. It is great forehand and backhand, and if you need to navigate a straight shot you can put it on an anhyzer release and flex the flight. So whether it is an Innova Firebird or a similar disc, a dependable utility disc is an essential part of an experienced disc golfers bag.


  • Makes me want to try a Firebird even more…

    Anybody have experience with a Champ Firebird vs. a Champ Metal Flake Thunderbird?

    The MF Thunderbird I have is very overstable, but I’m curious how it would compare to a Firefird…

    • The Thunderbird is a tailwind driver with more glide. A Firebird is a headwind driver with less glide.

  • They will both fly very similar right out of the gate given the hard plastic but given the firebird doesn’t have nearly the glide it will remain stable to overstable for years. I feel the Thunderbird is a step up for a seasoned teebird, eagle, firebird thrower. Basically a faster version and I never really personally connected with the disc. Others love it. I’m a longer thrower so maybe that’s why. I can accomplish the things I need to with my firebird and teebird and eagle. Otherwise I’m bumping up to a driver like my Wraith. The firebird is the single most important disc in my bag and would probably pick that disc to play an entire round with if I had to choose.

  • Christian Uzzell

    You guys don’t cover tomahawk throwing discs.
    For that, I have a couple that are at the top of the list. One for the oos and ahs, and one for the best all around tomahawk disc.

    Impressive tomahawk disc goes to the Aeorbic Epic. This disc allows for a strong seasoned tomahawk thrower to reach 450 ft consistently on a drive. The ability to bend the disc to alter disc flight allows for so much diversity without changing throwing mechanics. This disc however, has a short lifespan and won’t last longer than a season of continuous use for a normal tomahawk. It starts to become unpredictable, but it then turns into a great thumber; extending the range up to 400 ft.

    Utility Tomahawk goes to the Bliz. Champ Vulcan. This disc is exceedingly consistent, has a very predictable and tight turn in the air, and will fly straight down a narrow alleyway. It’s a must have for anyone with a strong tomahawk.