Best Forehand Discs for 2024

Recently we asked you about your favorite discs, including best forehand disc and best backhand disc. That blog post can be found HERE

In this blog we want to focus more on your favorite forehand discs. However, we want to know your favorite for when you just want raw distance, and what your favorite disc is when you are hunting for accuracy more than distance.

Best Forehand Discs for Distance


The quest for distance in disc golf often involves finding discs that can harness the power generated by a forehand throw. The ideal disc for distance should be able to handle the increased velocity of forehand shots. Some players swear by overstable discs that can resist turning over too quickly, while others prefer discs with a combination of speed and glide.

Best Forehand Discs for Accuracy


Finesse is the name of the game when it comes to accuracy in disc golf. Whether you’re navigating tight fairways or threading the disc through a tricky approach, having a reliable forehand disc for accuracy is essential. Stability, control, and a comfortable grip all play crucial roles in ensuring that your disc lands exactly where you intend.


Tell Us About Your Best Forehand Discs, And Win!


Now, we want to hear from you again. Which forehand disc is your go-to choice when you need to grab as much distance as possible off the tee? Is there a disc in your bag that consistently helps you navigate tight lines with confidence? Answer the questions below to be eligible for some Infinite gift cards. We’ll select a handful of names at random and award them a gift card. Make sure you use either the email address on your Infinite account, or use a valid email address. Here are the questions:

1 – What is your favorite forehand disc for distance?

2 – What is your longest distance with a forehand disc?

3 – What is your favorite forehand disc for accuracy?

If you throw exclusively backhand, let us know. We’ll compile all the results and post them here.

Best Disc Golf Discs for Beginners

Best Beginner Discs Banner

If you’re stepping into the world of disc golf, you’ve probably noticed that their are a lot of different discs to choose from. Believe us, by trying to keep more than a hundred thousand discs in stock, we know just how many different discs there are. The choices can be overwhelming, but we are here to help you out. A new feature of our website shows exactly the most recommended disc golf discs for beginners.

Infinite Discs began in 2012 with a focus on disc reviews. We encouraged reviewers (disc golfers of all skill levels) to rate and review the different disc golf discs that they have thrown. In the review section, one of the criteria reviewers select is “beginner friendliness.”

The lists compiled below show you the most recommended discs for beginners. This is the perfect place to start if you’re trying to figure out what the best disc is for you.

Now, just because a disc is most recommended for beginners doesn’t guarantee that it will be the best disc for you or any other beginner. Because these lists are autogenerated based on overall recommendations, the general “most popular” discs are the ones that rank highest. There are many great beginner discs from lesser known brands and disc molds that simply don’t make the list because they just haven’t been reviewed enough. Be sure to check out the comments at the bottom of the page for more disc selection advice from beginners — or at least those who once were beginners.

Here are the top 10 lists of the most recommended golf discs for beginners:

Overall Most Recommended Disc Golf Discs for Beginners

Discraft Buzzz - Most recommended disc for beginners

  1. Discraft Buzzz: The Buzzz is the Swiss Army knife of midrange discs—versatile, reliable, and essential for any beginner looking to sharpen their game.
  2. Innova Mako3: A true magician on the course, the Mako3 effortlessly glides through the air, making it the go-to midrange for players seeking control and consistency.
  3. Dynamic Discs Judge: The Judge rules the putting green with an iron grip, offering a dependable and comfortable feel in the hands of disc golf novices.
  4. Infinite Discs Sphinx: The Sphinx, like its namesake, unlocks secrets to effortless distance for beginners, making it a trusted companion for those finding their flight.
  5. Axiom Envy: The Envy is not just a putter; it’s a confidence booster, granting beginners the power to approach every shot with poise and precision.
  6. Innova Leopard: The Leopard, a timeless classic, is a gateway to fairway mastery, blending speed and control for a smooth ride through the course.
  7. Innova Aviar: The Aviar, a putting maestro, is the trusted ally for beginners honing their short game skills and seeking reliability in every throw.
  8. Infinite Discs Tomb: The Tomb, with its mystical flight, digs deep into the hearts of players, offering a unique and enjoyable experience on the disc golf journey.
  9. Innova TeeBird: The TeeBird, a true workhorse, is a fairway driver that beginners can rely on for accuracy and control, making it an indispensable part of any bag.
  10. Axiom Virus: The Virus infects the course with enthusiasm, giving beginners a taste of dynamic distance and a contagious passion for the game.See the entire list of most recommended beginner discs here.

Let’s break it down by category—drivers, midranges, and putters—because each phase of your game deserves its own spotlight.

Most Recommended Distance Drivers for Beginners

Many so called disc golf experts never recommend distance drivers for beginners at all. Most beginner sets don’t include a distance driver because new players don’t have the arm speed for a high speed disc and so make up for it by learning bad form and habits. This may be true in some cases, but when a beginner has the right distance driver, it will go farther for them than other discs. New players can still get a full flight path out of distance drivers if the disc is the right stability for their arm speed.  In my experience, distance is the #1 thing new disc golfers want more of, so consider trying one of these most recommended distance drivers for beginners. Lighter weight discs are generally more understable and easier to throw so consider choosing from lighter weights of the following:

  1. Innova Mamba
  2. Infinite Discs Maya
  3. Lone Star Tumbleweed
  4. Discraft Avenger SS
  5. Latitude 64 Sapphire
  6. MVP Wave
  7. Infinite Discs Aztec
  8. Lone Star Curl
  9. Axiom Virus
  10. Infinite Discs I-Blend Pharaoh

See the full list of recommended distance drivers for new players.

Best Fairway Drivers for Beginners

Stack of the most recommended fairway drivers for new playersFairway drivers are the usual driver type found in disc golf starter sets because these are just great discs for beginners. For those new to disc golf, the feel and flight of a golf discs is substantially different than a traditional frisbee. The fairway drivers recommended for beginners are typically understable in nature to provide good distance and a straighter flight path. If you’re looking for your first driver as a beginner I personally recommend and understable, low speed fairway driver.

I find it interesting that this list has several discs like the Dynasty, Teebird, and Exodus that I wouldn’t describe as understable. These discs are recommended for new players because in addition to a straight flying control drirer, it’s also nice to have discs that will provide a consistent fade, not easily turn over, and handle windy conditions. In addition, remember that these lists are auto generated based on the number of recommendations by reviewers, so the more popular discs are more likely it is to have “highly recommended” for beginners votes.

If you prefer forehand throws, you’ll probably also want to consider a fairway driver with a bit more overstability.

Here is the list of the most recommended fairway drivers for beginners:

  1. Latitude 64 River
  2. Innova Leopard
  3. Infinite Discs Centurion
  4. Infinite Discs Dynasty
  5. Infinite Discs Sphinx
  6. Innova Teebird
  7. Infinite Discs Exodus
  8. Axiom Crave
  9. Innova Leopard3
  10. Wing It Disc Golf Stratosphere

Full list of best fairway drivers for new players.

Most Recommended Midrange Discs for Beginners

DD TruthMidranges are a great choice for new players. If you’re going to play disc golf with only a single disc, a midrange is an excellent choice. I find it interesting that this list consists primarily of neutral flying midranges. For a true beginner or low arm speed player, I would recommend a more understable mid, but all of the midranges most recommended for beginners are discs that you can grow with. They are good for new players, but professionals also use these discs for controlled shots where they want a perfectly straight flight through a tunnel of trees.

  1. Innova Mako3
  2. Discraft Buzzz
  3. Axiom Hex
  4. Axiom Paradox
  5. Infinite Discs Chariot
  6. Infinite Discs Anubis
  7. Dynamic Discs Truth
  8. TSA Pathfinder
  9. Discraft Sol
  10. Latitude 64 Fuse

Full list of most recommended midrange discs.

Best Putters for Beginners

Infinite Discs tomb. One of the most recommended putt and approach discs for beginners.

Putters are the most universally applicable style of disc golf disc. Because of their more blunt rim and slower speed, it’s usually not too difficult for a player to throw most putter varieties and keep the flight mostly straight. With that said, these are the most recommended disc golf putters for beginners:

  1. Axiom Envy
  2. Infinite Discs Alpaca
  3. MVP Glitch
  4. Infinite Discs Tomb
  5. Dynamic Discs Judge
  6. TSA Praxis
  7. Kastaplst Berg
  8. Latitude 64 Pure
  9. Lone Star Discs Armadillo
  10. Dynamic Discs Emac Judge

View full list of all the highest rated beginner putt and approach discs.

Best Understable Discs for Beginners

Valkyrie DriverFor beginners stepping onto the disc golf scene, the guidance often leans toward the embrace of understable discs, and with good reason. These discs, designed to veer right for right-handed backhand throws, are ideal for players who are still honing their technique and building arm speed. Understable discs allow novices to achieve more distance and a straighter flight path. Unlike their stable or overstable counterparts, understable discs demand less arm speed, making them easier to get a full flight and more distance out of. For recreational disc golfers, it’s not just about mastering the throw; it’s about enjoying the flight, and understable discs offer a smoother, more satisfying journey for beginners finding their rhythm on the course.

These are the most recommended understable golf discs for new players:

  1. Latitude 64 River
  2. Innova Leopard
  3. Axiom Paradox
  4. Infinite Discs Sphinx
  5. Innova Mamba
  6. Discraft Sol
  7. Innova Leopard 3
  8. Infinite Discs Maya
  9. Latitude 64 Fuse
  10. Lone Star Discs BB6

See the entire list of most recommended understable drivers.

Most Recommended Discs for Beginners by Brand

Do you have a favorite disc golf Brand?

If you’re familiar with a disc golf brand and want to see which of their discs are the best for beginners, be sure to check out the most recommended disc golf discs for beginners for each of the following brands:

Now, remember that these lists are populated based on recommendations from disc golfers. Many who take the time to rate and review numerous disc golf discs are die-hard enthusiasts, and I wouldn’t categorize them as beginners. While an experienced player might believe a disc that’s too understable for them is suitable for beginners, it might still possess slightly too much stability for optimal performance. Nonetheless, having thrown almost all of the discs on this list, I can attest to its quality.
If you’re a beginner, I hope these lists assist you in finding discs that enhance your throws and bring greater satisfaction from playing disc golf.

What makes a disc good for beginners?

New disc golfer throwing in autumn down a tight fairway
1. Distance – New players always want more distance. Without a doubt, achieving more distance is their primary desire. Understable drivers recommended for beginners are going to provide you with more distance.
2. Provides Control – While distance is crucial, controlling the disc’s trajectory is even more vital for reducing scores. The discs mentioned in the lists above are known for their consistent performance.
3. Made with Quality Plastic – Sure, there are inexpensive frisbee golf discs from China available on Amazon, but those are often of subpar quality. Such low-grade plastics don’t last, and are made by people who have never even played disc golf! In contrast, the discs recommended on these lists by thousands of reviewers all come from trustworthy manufacturers dedicated to the sport of disc golf.

Win a Gift Card!

What do you think are the best beginner discs?

If you’ve progressed beyond the beginner stage and are still reading this article, please share in the comments below the discs that served you best as a beginner, or those you wish you had when you first started playing disc golf.  Include details of what you think the best putters, midrange, and drivers are for beginners, and to be extra helpful, provide a tip or two that helped you move beyond beginner status. These comments will help us to curate a complete list of the best disc golf discs for beginners.

Comment for a chance to win one of Five $20 gift cards!

Farthest Flying Disc Golf Discs: The Real Max Distance Drivers

I was doing some field work a while back and pulled a new Pharaoh out of my bag. It was a light-weight disc that I had recently purchased. I gave it a toss, along with all of the other drivers I was throwing, and I was pleasantly surprised to find out that the new Pharaoh was the farthest disc in my bag!

That particular disc hasn’t held the title of ‘farthest flying disc in my bag’ consistently, but it did get me thinking about which molds people throw when they want maximum distance. I know what my buddies throw for max distance, but I wanted a bigger sample size so, I reached out to our readers for input with a “farthest flying discs” survey and the results below are taken from that study.

Farthest Flying Disc Golf Discs

We’ll take a look at the top discs for backhand throws, forehand throws, and which disc was number one for certain distance ranges. We’ll also look at the top molds from the survey to find out the max distance drivers from each manufacturer. Here are the survey results!

Farthest Backhand Disc

Farthest Backhand Disc Graph

Taking first place with the most people choosing this disc as their farthest flyer with a backhand throw is the Innova Destroyer. This perennial fan favorite regularly takes the title of most discs sold at Infinite Discs. It has been a hot seller since it was introduced a decade and a half ago. The speed 12 disc flight gives disc golfers a gentle turn with a solid fade, allowing for lots of power while still creating the S-curve that we love when we’re throwing for distance.

Spoiler alert: The top four molds for farthest flying backhand disc are the same as the top four forehand molds, but in a different order. Taking second place is the Infinite Discs Pharaoh. Third place goes to the Innova Wraith, with a similar flight to the Destroyer, but slightly lower speed. Forth place is the Infinite Discs Emperor, which also has a flight similar to the Destroyer. Rounding out the top five is the Discmania DD3, another mold whose flight delivers the long S-curve.


Innova Destroyer - farthest flying backhand disc

Top Five Farthest Flying Discs for Backhand Throws

  1. Innova Destroyer
  2. Infinite Discs Pharaoh
  3. Innova Wraith
  4. Infinite Discs Emperor
  5. Discmania DD3


Farthest Forehand Disc

Graph showing farthest flying forehand disc golf discs

Taking the top title for farthest forehand disc is, once again, the Innova Destroyer. I think it’s safe to say that this disc will go far for most players. The stability of this mold helps fight the torque off the tee that a forehand throw generates, so it can get a long flight and a reliable finish. The Destroyer’s little brother, the Wraith, picked up second place for forehands. Two Infinite molds occupy the third and fourth spots, the Emperor and Pharaoh respectively. The long-flying Discraft Nuke holds the last of the top five spots.

Top Five Farthest Flying Forehand Discs

Innova Destroyer, Farthest flying disc for forehand and sidearm throws.

  1. Innova Destroyer
  2. Innova Wraith
  3. Infinite Discs Emperor
  4. Infinite Discs Pharaoh
  5. Discraft Nuke

Two Tips for more Forehand Distance

Connor has a couple tips to get MORE FOREHAND DISTANCE. Watch this video to improve your sidearm throw.

The Farthest Flying Discs for Each Arm Speed

In our survey we asked what is your max distance, then we took the disc you threw to achieve that distance. While the Destroyer was the farthest flying disc overall according to our survey results, not all of us have the arm speed to get a Destroyer Max Distance.

So what are the best discs for distance for beginner and intermediate players? This chart shows the flight range for max throws, and the most popular disc to achieve that distance.

Backhand Max Distance by Arm Speed

Graph showing farthest flying disc golf discs based on maximum throwing distance.

Low Arm Speed – Less than 300 Feet Total Distance

Although there are lighter-weight discs in the faster molds, I would expect to see a few different molds for the shorter max distances. For those of us who throw a max drive of less than 300 feet, the Innova Valkyrie is our most popular choice. The Valkyrie has a lot of turn and a mild fade. That extra turn helps players who don’t have the speed to generate the longer drives that more experienced players have.

Moderate Arm Speed – 300-350 Feet Distance

Another Innova mold was the preferential disc for those people who throw 300-349 feet. The Innova Mamba is an understable driver that can be thrown on a hyzer angle to achieve extra-long turnover drives. Thrown flat, the Mamba can be amazing roller disc, too. For more info, check out this list of best distance drivers for beginners.

Intermediate Arm Speed -350-400 Feet Distance Range

The disc at the top of the list for the 350-399 foot range is also the number one choice for backhand and forehand shots. The Innova Destroyer is what more people reach for overall, and for those who max distance is 350-399 feet. The Destroyer was easily in first place, winning by quite a margin.

Max Distance for High Arm Speed Throwers

The number one disc for people who throw 400+ feet was a close race. I would have assumed that the Destroyer would be in first place, but the Destroyer came in second, behind the most popular choice. Taking the top spot for the big arms is the Infinite Discs Pharaoh. The Pharaoh doesn’t fade as much as a Destroyer, but it has plenty of glide for some smashing drives. That mold is available in a variety of plastic types and weights, including some signature discs.

Links to Max Backhand Throws Discs

Under 300 feet – Innova Valkyrie
300-349 feet – Innova Mamba
350-399 feet – Innova Destroyer
400 + feet – Infinite Discs Pharaoh

Farthest Forehand Throws by Distance

Graph showing the top forehand discs broken down by players max throwing distance.

Forehand Throws Less than 350 Feet

For the sidearm drivers out there, the Innova Wraith is number one among disc golfers who throw under 300 feet. The second place overall winner is a speed 11 disc with a glide, turn, and fade that is similar to the Destroyer.  The Wraith was also the top disc for people whose max drives are in the 300-349 foot range.

Forehand Throws between 350 and 400 Feet

Extending the max forehand range to 350-399 feet we find the Destroyer once again on top of the list. Since this distance range was the most popular, it allowed the Destroyer to end up as the most popular forehand disc overall. However, it was not the most popular for the 400+ range.

Sidearm Throws 400+ Feet

For those players who can flick a disc more than 400 feet, their disc of choice is the Infinite Discs Emperor. The speed 12 Emperor was released in 2019 and has become a staple for many disc golfers. It has a lot of glide and a strong, reliable fade. People who can throw 400+ will appreciate the Emperor’s ability to keep from overturning, while allowing a nice s-curve. Lesser- distance players will find the mold is still excellent in lighter weights.

Links to Max Forehand Throws Discs

Under 300 feet – Innova Wraith
300-349 feet – Innova Wraith
350-399 feet – Innova Destroyer
400+ – Infinite Discs Emperor

Farthest Flying Distance Drivers by Brand

So far in this survey we have only seen a few different manufacturers mentioned. There were actually many brands that received at least one vote. Here are the top 10 manufacturers, with the total number of molds that people chose as their farthest flying disc.

Bar graph showing the farthest flying discs made by each disc golf brand

It is never a surprise to see Innova at the top of any disc golf list. They have been around for four decades and offer more high-speed drivers than many smaller brands have total molds available. As we’ve seen in our annual State of Disc Golf survey, smaller brands are definitely taking an increasing amount of market share from Innova. However, Innova is still offers such a variety of discs that it will still end up on the top of lists like this.

Top Selling Distance Drivers by Brand

Check out the top selling distance drivers offered by the top 10 brands in the links below”

The farthest discs from each disc golf manufacturer

And finally, we look at which molds from each manufacturer that were selected the most times in the survey. Did YOUR farthest flying disc make the list?

Survey Results: Max Distance Discs

We asked YOU about your farthest flying disc, and you responded by the hundreds! We randomly selected 5 winners to receive an Infinite Discs gift card. Each person was contacted via email. Congrats to the winners:

Mason K

Jerry B

Joshua T

Jacob R

Matt Y

While the survey is complete, feel free to comment on your farthest flying discs so that it is easier for other disc golfers to find the disc that will provide them with maximum distance.


Frolf Discs – Best FRisbee gOLF Discs

Frolf Discs

You probably found this page because you’ve played a round of frolf or two, or three, and are ready to get your own frisbee golf discs.

What does Frolf mean?

The word frolf simply combines the first two letters from FRisbee and the last three from gOLF. Frolf simply means playing a golf like game with a frisbee or disc. Some people also abbreviate this even more and call the game FOLF.

There are primarily two types of frisbee golfers: those who play occasionally and refer to the flying discs as “frisbees” or “frolf discs,” and hard core players who refer to these objects only as “discs.” Now, the terminology varies by location, years playing, etc., but here is my basic run down of the difference between frolfers and hard core disc golfers.

Difference Between Frolfers and Disc Golfers


Disc Golfers Frolfers
Use the terminology Frisbee Golf No Yes
Own Multiple Discs Yes Not Usually
Use Discs Not Designed for Disc Golf Never Sometimes
Don’t Own any Discs Never Sometimes
Spend Hours Learning Proper Form Sometimes What is That?
Play Multiple Courses Yes Frisbee Golf has courses?
Refer to the “Basket” as the Goal No Sometimes
Play in Tournaments Yes
Is playing with my friends a tournament?
Understand Disc Golf Flight Numbers Yes No
Understand Disc Stability Yes Is that like different weights?
Know of multiple disc golf brands Yes
There are different disc golf brands!
Can make a disc hyzer flip Yes Frisbee Golf discs turn right!
Throw Less than 200 Feet in Total Distance Usually Occasionally
Watch Professional Disc Golf Yes People play disc golf for money!
Consider Frolf a Cuss Word Yes No
Shop at Infinite Discs Yes Starting Today..

Frolfers use one to three discs per round, sometimes actual Frisbees not designed specifically for disc golf, and can rarely throw more than 200 feet. Frolf Discs include Ultimate Frisbees, aerobies, or even the cheap-o plastic frisbees you get at a parade.

While frolf is sometimes played on actual courses with chain filled baskets, it is also played using trees, poles, or other objects as targets. Frolf is a recreational activity, a time out with friends and family and is not primarily a competitive activity. Sure, there may be some competition, but there is no training or practicing. There is actually a website devoted to frolf and its true definition.

Frolfers do not know disc golf terminology are not concerned about technique, form, foot faults, or following the rules. In fact, they likely don’t even know what good form is, or that there even is a disc golf form. And there are official rules to disc golf? But aren’t you just throwing frisbees?

But… It happens all the time. Frolf is so fun, maybe you were the best at your family reunion and you’re ready to play it some more. If you’re ready to buy your own discs designed exclusively for disc golf, then you might be advancing to that of a disc golfer.

Hard Core Disc Golfers own literally dozens of discs in many different plastic variations and blends. These players have huge backpacks or carts they use to haul around their discs made by companies such as Innova, Discraft, and Latitude 64. These disc golfers can throw their distance drivers 300, 400, and sometimes even 500+ feet!

As a good frolfer, I thought I could throw a frisbee pretty hard until I went to a disc golf league and started playing with with real hard core disc golfers.

Hard core disc golfers shun the word frolf, folf, and frisbee golf, and are likely to take offense if you use one of these f-words.

Is it Okay to use the term Frolf?

Yes. But ONLY if you are not at a disc golf league, tournament, or around people who consider this term offensive to their beloved sport. If you’ve decided that you are going to become a disc golfer, then you should try your best to move the f word out of your vocabulary.

Best Discs for Frolfers

There are literally hundreds of different frisbee golf discs available in dozens of plastic varieties. The reality is that most discs made specifically for disc golf are not suitable for frolfers. Throwing “high-speed overstable discs” will simply be frustrating for a player trying to learn the basics game.

Our site has several tools to help golfers find the absolute best frolf discs.

1. Sort by discs that are recommended for beginners.

Using our “find the perfect disc” feature, one of the options is, “player skill level.” By selecting beginner, you’ll be able to see different putters, midrange discs, and drivers, that will help improve performance for a round of frolf and make it more fun. Click this link for a recommendation of the best frolf discs for beginners.

2. Beginner Frisbee Golf Sets

Frolf Starter SetsOne of the best way to get good golf discs for beginners, at an excellent price, is to purchase beginner sets. We offer several different variations of starter sets from the leading disc manufacturers. Here is the link to all of the beginner sets that we sell.

Warning for buying disc golf sets on the internet: Be very careful when buying disc golf sets on Amazon, E-Bay, and Walmart. Many of the discs in these sets are complete garbage made by Chinese manufacturers who no nothing about disc flight or disc golf. These discs are not even fit for the most casual frolfers. Here is our list of disc golf sets frolfers should avoid at all costs:

3. Our Most recommended for beginners pages.

Our website has thousands of disc golf reviews. Every time a player reviews a disc, they are asked to rate how “beginner friendly” the disc is.

Those rated most “beginner friendly” appear at the top of each page.

4. Beginners Guide to Buying Golf Discs

Our beginners guide to buying frisbee golf discs goes over some of the basics of disc golf flight, as well as tips to help navigate our site. This will help you to understand what the many different disc golf options mean, like the differences between plastic types, disc weights, and the best ways to get cheap frisbees. Read the beginners guide here.

Cheap Frisbee Golf Discs

If you’re looking for cheap, inexpensive discs, then you have also come to the right place. We offer the best price for frisbee golf discs. For even lower prices on quality plastic, be sure to check out our “on-sale discs” page.

While there are many different manufacturers and models of disc golf discs, the biggest key to determine which discs are inexpensive has to do with the plastic type. The cheapest frolf discs available come in an inexpensive plastic that isn’t very durable.

For most frolfers, these inexpensive discs work just fine and fly well enough, even when they are “broken in” a little and have a few dings. If you plan to get into competitive disc golf, we don’t recommend base plastic discs, but if you know you will always be a recreational frolfer, these discs will work just fine. Simply sort by price for any disc model you look at.

The brands that have the cheapest disc golf plastics include:

On Sale Selection

Every week on Wednesday we select a new batch of products to put on sale. These products are typically on sale because we are overstocked on these molds (our bag) or just have something special we want to promote. (You’ll find we like promoting the Infinite Discs line, a lot). These are GREAT Discs and at GREAT prices.

Disc Golf Sets, X-Outs and Misprints

Another great way to get inexpensive discs is buy purchasing x-outs, misprints, and disc golf sets.

X-Outs – X-Outs also known as factory seconds are manufactured discs that do not meet the manufacturers quality standards. These discs often have coloring issues or imperfections in the plastic. The imperfections should not effect the intended flight of the disc, but even if they do, these discs are still adequate for the casual frolf round. You can buy base plastic X-Out discs for less than $6 per disc.

Misprints – Like X-Outs, misprints are cheaper discs because something went wrong at the disc golf factory. The difference between x-outs and misprints is that the error with misprints happened during the hot stamping process (where they put the disc name and logo on the disc). With misprints, you will get the intended flight of the disc as the only error is with the visual display.

Mystery BoxPackage Sets – Package sets allow you to save money on discs through bundle savings. There are a variety of different bulk sets including starter sets (which typically include 3 discs for beginners) and Mystery Boxes. Mystery Boxes typically consist of large quantities of discount discs. The catch with mystery boxes is that you don’t know what discs you are going to get. If you don’t know what discs you want, this is a perfect way to get new frolf discs. You can even purchase a large mystery deals box and share the discs with a group of friends.

Buy Your Frolf Discs Online From Infinite Discs

Buying discs online is very easy, and our shipping is incredibly affordable. Most disc purchases arrive at your home in two to three days. Even after the cost of shipping, our prices are much better than local sporting good stores and most other online retailers.

Frolf, Folf, Frisbee Golf, Disc Golf, or whatever you want to call it, is a great sport. We at want to be your disc supplier, regardless of how serious you are about the game.

If you’re looking for an even more simple selection of highly affordable discs, we recommend that you check out for the lowest prices on the internet.

Focus Friday – Discraft Raptor on Sale

FOCUS FRIDAY– Discraft Raptor

Welcome back to another Focus Friday, where we look at a certain mold or brand, and give you a discount so you can try it out for yourself. We are focusing on a popular driver from the Discraft line up… the Raptor.

The Raptor is speed 9 disc with a flat top and overstable finish. It is designed to slice through the air in any weather conditions with a reliable flight. You’ll find that the Raptor feels extremely comfortable as a forehand and backhand driver.

DISCOUNT -> This weekend, get any Raptor 20% off with this discount code – FOCUSRAPTOR. Use this code at checkout.

This deal will end Monday night, so get yourself this mold while you can!
Check out this page to see all the items that are on sale this week.

Monthly Top Selling Discs – August


Welcome to the top-selling discs report! At the beginning of each month, we will take a look back at the previous month to calculate which discs sold the best. You have a chance to win a $20 gift card each month if you correctly guess a certain spot for the next month (see below for more details).

Each month, we look at the top 50 disc sales data for mold AND plastic-type to see which disc rose to the top. Due to this, it is possible that a single model could show up on the list several times, each representing a different plastic type. This also helps us to know which disc in which plastic are the most popular among our customers.

Here is the breakdown of the top 50 molds from August 2023 at Infinite Discs:

#1 – MVP Neutron Soft GLITCH
#2 – Discraft Elite Z 2023 BUZZZ
#3 – MVP Neutron WATT
#4 – Innova Star ALIEN
#5 – Infinite Discs Halo S-Blend AZTEC
#6 – Thought Space Athletics Ethereal PRAXIS
#7 – Innova Star WRAITH
#8 – Finish Line Discs Forged RALLY
#9 – Innova Star DESTROYER
#10 – Axiom Neutron HEX
#11 – Infinite Discs N-Blend TOMB
#12 – Clash Discs Steady WILD HONEY
#13 – Infinite Discs D-Blend X-out ALPACA
#14 – Innova R-Pro PIG
#15 – Innova DX LEOPARD
#16 – Infinite Discs Signature Halo S-Blend PHARAOH
#17 – Latitude Opto Ice Orbit RIVER
#18 – Clash Discs Steady VANILLA
#19 – Thought Space Athletics Nerve MUSE
#20 – MVP Fission WAVE
#21– Discmania Special Blend S-Line VANGUARD
#22 – Innova Halo Star MAMBA
#23 – Innova Star TEEBIRD
#24 – Innova DX AVIAR
#25 – Infinite Discs N-Blend ALPACA
#26 – Axiom Neutron PARADOX
#27 – Infinite Discs I-Blend X-out EMPEROR
#28 –  Innova Star MAKO3
#29 – Innova GStar MAMBA
#30 – Innova GStar WRAITH
#31 – Latitude 64 Gold Orbit DIAMOND
#32 – Infinite Discs Halo S-Blend X-out PHARAOH
#33 – Discraft Z Fly Dyed BUZZZ
#34 – Innova XT PIG
#35 – Axiom Eclipse 2.0 HEX
#36 – Innova DX ALIEN
#37 –Infinite Discs I-Blend SPHINX
#38 – Infinite Discs I-Blend X-out MAYA
#39 – Axiom Fission CRAVE
#40 – Innova Champion WRAITH
#41 – Axiom Eclipse 2.0 INSANITY
#42 – Discmania S-Line FD
#43 – Innova Star MAMBA
#44 – Axiom Cosmic Neutron CRAVE
#45 – MVP Neutron SIGNAL
#46 – Infinite Discs Metal Flake Glow C-Blend SPHINX
#47 – MVP Neutron WAVE
#48 – Innova Star TERN
#49 – Clash Discs Steady SODA
#50 – Innova Champion DESTROYER

*All this data comes from sales ONLY

The Glitch is back on top! We continue to do our best to keep the Glitch in stock so you can keep purchasing one of the best catch and throw discs on the market. The Finish Line Rally also made it into the top 10 of our list. Finish Line has many new molds on the horizon, so be on the look out!

Many of our other molds here are pretty common contendors for best selling monthly disc. We will soon be releasing the best selling brands through the whole year, leave your guesses in the comments below!

Here is how many times each brand appeared in the line up:

The Guessing Game

Every month you’ll be able to place your guess for a certain spot on the chart for the next month. The first person to guess the disc and plastic type correctly for the named chart position will win a $20 gift card for the Infinite Discs online store.

PLACE A GUESS for next month. If you can by the first to guess the #6, #32, #46 spot for September then you can be a winner. Leave your guess in the comments on this blog.

Thanks! See you next month

Want a recap from last month? We will leave the past months data below so you can compare it with all the data collected from the month before. 


Check out the data from the previous months

Read more

Best Disc Golf Brands: Evaluating Post Pandemic Market Share

Disc Golf Brands

Over the past six years, the disc golf landscape has undergone a remarkable transformation. The growth of professional disc golf coverage, the disc golf pro tour, major pro players shifting sponsors, and the Covid boom have caused some drastic shifts in disc golf brand market share.  Analyzing the data from from 2018 to 2023, it is clear that the industry has witnessed both the rise of new brands and the reshaping of established ones.

Percentage of Sales by Brand

The following chart represents sales by brand on the retail site. This data does not necessarily reflect all disc golf sales, but only the sales from a single online retail outlet.

Brand 2023  2022 2021 2020 2019 2018
Innova 18.41% 20.59% 26.69% 31.57% 30.43% 37.17%
Discraft 13.53% 13.70% 18.10% 21.09% 17.90% 7.68%
Infinite Discs 12.66% 15.79% 12.95% 6.35% 4.56% 3.60%
MVP 8.20% 5.53% 3.58% 5.23% 5.53% 5.76%
Axiom 6.34% 4.17% 3.54% 2.61% 3.42% 3.25%
Lone Star Disc 4.32% 2.31% 0.46% 0.00% 0.00% 0.00%
Discmania 4.02% 3.26% 2.95% 4.95% 7.40% 9.06%
Thought Space Athletics 3.87% 4.66% 2.31% 0.46% 0.19% 0.00%
Latitude 64 3.69% 2.93% 2.87% 4.43% 5.44% 6.33%
Dynamic Discs 3.19% 3.58% 4.91% 5.71% 8.00% 8.96%
Kastaplast 2.52% 2.35% 1.13% 1.83% 1.97% 0.76%
Prodigy 2.49% 3.31% 3.51% 3.92% 3.19% 2.50%
Westside 1.80% 1.76% 1.06% 2.83% 3.68% 4.92%
Clash Discs 1.71% 0.66% 0.00% 0.00% 0.00% 0.00%
Gateway 1.44% 1.78% 2.76% 1.92% 1.75% 1.76%
Doomsday Discs 1.03% 0.53% 0.00% 0.00% 0.00% 0.00%
Yikun 0.98% 1.05% 1.15% 0.44% 0.31% 0.24%
Streamline 0.98% 0.97% 1.24% 1.53% 1.79% 0.94%
Dino Discs 0.97% 0.93% 1.59% 0.19% 0.00% 0.00%
Mint Discs 0.70% 0.72% 0.54% 0.37% 0.42% 0.22%

Comparing the Disc Golf Market of 2018 with 2023

In 2018, the disc golf market was largely dominated by a few key players. Innova stood as the undisputed leader with a commanding 37.17% market share. Discmania was our #2 selling brand with 9.06% and Dynamic Discs slightly behind at 8.96% of brand market share. While Discraft held a significant 7.68%, they were no where close to Innova in terms of disc golf brand sales.

However, fast forward to 2023, and the landscape has evolved significantly. Innova’s market share has almost halved to 18.41%, yet they maintain their position as the top disc golf brand. This decline suggests that while Innova remains a dominant force, their hold on market dominance has loosened, allowing for the rise of competitors and other new brands.

The biggest growth of the market share pie is the “Others” category. In 2018, disc golf brands outside of the top twelve represented only 6.5% of disc golf sales. This year, the others account for nearly 17% of our online sales.

Pandemic Disc Golf Brands

The Covid 19 pandemic lead to unprecedented growth in disc golf and the number of disc golf businesses. We currently sell 23 different disc golf brands that didn’t even exist in 2018.

Lone Star Disc’s ascension from no Infinite Discs sales in 2020 to 4.32% brand share in 2023 demonstrates the power of local and regional branding. By tapping into the Texan spirit, they have captured the hearts of players in their area and beyond. While Lone Star was new to disc golf during the pandemic, they were not new to mold creation or injection molding. Their ability to produce dozens of molds almost instantly and their acquisition of a large professional and amateur disc golf team have had a big impact on their rapid growth.

Additionally, the meteoric rise of Clash Discs from no US Sales in 2021 to 1.71% of the market share in 2023 illustrates the potential of novel marketing approaches and product differentiation.

Interestingly, Infinite Discs, while not a new entrant during the pandemic, has also seen impressive growth from 3.60% in 2018 to 12.66% of brand market share in 2023 thus far. Because we are, the results are undoubtedly skewed from our direct sales, as Infinite Discs fans are more likely to shop from our retail site than anywhere else.

Likewise, Thought Space Athletics is another brand that has rapidly grown and seen sizeable market share added. Over the last six years they have gone from an obscure niche brand to a mainstream competitor. The focus on disc aesthetics and the signing several notable professional players certainly has helped

Impact of Professional Players Switching Sponsors

Discraft and Paul McBeth

Paul McBeth Signs DiscraftDiscraft experienced a significant rise in its brand market share between 2018 and 2020, largely attributed to a strategic move that had a profound impact on the disc golf world. At the heart of this transformative shift was the signing of Paul McBeth, the then-undisputed number one disc golfer in the world. McBeth’s association with Innova, his long-standing sponsor, made his unexpected transition to Discraft a remarkable development. This transition was fueled by the allure of the first multi-million-dollar disc golf contract, shaking the foundations of the sport. McBeth’s immense popularity and prowess on the course created a seismic effect that reverberated across the sport, drawing newfound attention to Discraft. However, Discrafts rapid growth can’t be solely attributed to McBeth’s signing.

At the same time, Discraft also implemented strategic moves by producing more visually appealing discs and adding flight numbers to their stock discs. The timing of Discraft’s acquisition of former professional Ultimate Frisbee player Brodie Smith coincided with the pandemic shutdown of most Ultimate Frisbee events due to pandemic restrictions. This confluence of factors acted as a catalyst for Discraft’s rapid expansion, turning the brand into the second major contender in the disc golf industry.

MVP and Simon Lizotte

Pro Disc Golfer for MVP, Simon LizotteThe year 2022 witnessed a remarkable surge in the market presence of both MVP and Axiom, a momentum that carried over and intensified into 2023. A pivotal catalyst for this growth was the strategic sponsorship of Simon Lizotte, widely regarded as one of the most popular disc golfers globally. Renowned not only for his exceptional skills on the course but also for his charismatic personality and substantial YouTube and social media followings, Lizotte’s affiliation with MVP and Axiom injected newfound energy and visibility into the brands.

With an engaging and dynamic presence, Lizotte captivated audiences and fans worldwide, drawing attention to MVP and Axiom discs in the process. His influence extended beyond just his performances on the course, transcending into a vibrant online community. This symbiotic relationship between Simon Lizotte’s appeal and the brands’ products culminated in a notable uptick in their market share. The combination of innovative disc designs, Lizotte’s influencer status, and his ability to connect with disc golf enthusiasts contributed to the meteoric rise of MVP and Axiom, solidifying their positions as influential players in the ever-evolving disc golf landscape.

MVP’s market share has surged from 5.76% in 2018 to an impressive 8.20%, indicating a strong resonance with disc golf enthusiasts. Axiom, another subsidiary of MVP, has also grown from 3.25% in 2018 to 6.34% in 2023, showcasing their ability to carve out their niche in the market.

Discmania, Dynamic Discs and Latitude 64

Discmania Sponsored TournamentDiscmania’s trajectory is also noteworthy. Although their market share has decreased slightly from 9.06% in 2018 to 4.02% in 2023, their ability to maintain a considerable share amidst a rapidly expanding market signifies a dedicated following. This trend is echoed by brands like Latitude 64 and Dynamic Discs, which have also maintained consistent shares, demonstrating their ability to foster brand loyalty.

Growth of New Disc Golf Brands

The data also underscores the growth of niche brands. Thought Space Athletics, a brand focusing on unique disc designs, has grown from 0% in 2018 to 3.87% in 2023. Similarly, Kastaplast, with its distinctive Swedish heritage and unique plastic blends, has grown from 0.76% in 2018 to 2.52% in 2023. These examples highlight the impact of brand identity and differentiation in a crowded market.

Furthermore, the diversification of the market is evident in the proliferation of smaller brands. While individually they may not command substantial market shares, collectively they contribute to the richness of options available to players. Brands like RPM Discs, DGA, Viking Discs, and Finish Line Discs may not dominate the market, but they cater to specific tastes and preferences.

Disc Brands Market Share comparison 2018 vs 2023

The evolution of disc golf brands is indicative of the broader trend of the sport’s growing popularity. As more players enter the scene and as the sport gains recognition, the market becomes a battleground for innovation, quality, and brand loyalty. The increasing number of brands also speaks to the democratization of the sport, as more players are drawn in and more entrepreneurs seize the opportunity to create and promote their products.

The past six years have seen a transformative shift in the disc golf market. While Innova’s leadership has slightly waned, it still maintains its position as the leading brand. However, the rise of MVP, Axiom, Lone Star Disc, and others indicates that the industry is open to disruption and innovation. The disc golf landscape is no longer characterized by a few giants, but rather by a diverse array of brands catering to different tastes, regions, and playing styles. This evolution bodes well for the continued growth and dynamism of the sport.

Best Discs from the Best Brands

Our top products pages allow you to see exactly the best discs from the top disc golf brands. Check out these top product pages from the best disc golf brands of 2023.

What’s your favorite disc golf brand?

Leave a comment explaining your favorite brand, and why it’s your favorite brand.

Best Disc Golf Discs of 2023

Best Disc Golf Discs Banner

One of the best features of the new Infinite Discs website are the tools designed specifically to help you find the best disc golf discs. Our tools bring an enhanced suite of features to assist you in making informed disc golf disc selections. Our focus on delivering a comprehensive and refined experience ensures that you can elevate your disc golf game with confidence. Through this innovative platform, we invite you to explore a diverse range of top-selling and highest-rated disc golf discs, spanning a multitude of categories, ensuring that you find exactly the best disc for you.

Highest Rated Discs: Elevating Disc Selection Through Customer Review Ratings

Screenshot of the highest rated disc golf discs right nowOur Highest Rated Discs feature harnesses the invaluable insights provided by our customer review star ratings. We have developed a sophisticated mechanism to identify standout discs within each category. This process involves an algorithm that thoughtfully considers both the quantity and caliber of each review. The outcome is a discerning selection of discs that reflect excellence. For example, while a disc with a single 5-star review may warrant attention, its merit may differ from another disc that boasts a considerable number of reviews, the majority of which consistently rate it at 5 stars.

Top Selling Feature: Disc Popularity from Sales

Our Top Selling Discs feature offers a glimpse into the preferences of the disc golf community over a set period of time. Drawing from customer sales data on, we present the the data on what the hot items really are. While the popularity of a disc isn’t the sole determinant of its alignment with your playing style, it serves as a compelling testament to its effectiveness. A surge in purchases underscores the collective trust placed in specific disc molds, signifying their status as preferred choices among a diverse array of disc golf enthusiasts.

Top Selling Discs by Time Period

Top Selling Disc Golf Discs over the last month

For top selling discs, you can view the top selling pages for a number of different time periods including, weekly, monthly, annually, and all time. Whether your preference lies in specific brands or manufacturers, distinct disc types (drivers, midrange, putters), or even the stability attributes, our enhanced features cater to your unique requirements. Unveil the top-rated discs for each stability, effortlessly segmented by brand, offering a tailored approach to your disc selection journey.

While the dynamic pages found from the links above are auto generated, the below lists are a snapshot of the best disc golf discs of 2023 as of the time of this post.

Best Disc Golf Discs of 2023

Overall Best Discs

When it comes to all discs, using the data from our new website features, these are the best discs of 2023 through the first eight months of the year according to sales data.

Disc Rank Manufacturer Disc Name Disc Type
1 MVP Glitch Putt & Approach
2 Discraft Buzzz Mid Range
3 Infinite Discs Alpaca Putt & Approach
4 Infinite Discs Emperor Distance Driver
5 Innova Wraith Distance Driver
6 Innova Destroyer Distance Driver
7 Discraft Zone Putt & Approach
8 Axiom Hex Mid Range
9 Axiom Envy Putt & Approach
10 Infinite Discs Dynasty Control Driver
11 Infinite Discs Tomb Putt & Approach
12 Infinite Discs Pharaoh Distance Driver
13 Discraft Luna Putt & Approach
14 Kastaplast Berg Putt & Approach
15 Infinite Discs Centurion Control Driver
16 Axiom Proxy Putt & Approach
17 Dynamic Discs Judge Putt & Approach
18 Axiom Crave Control Driver
19 Infinite Discs Sphinx Control Driver
20 Gateway Wizard Putt & Approach
21 Innova Firebird Control Driver
22 Innova Leopard Control Driver
23 Innova Aviar Putt & Approach
24 Infinite Discs Maya Distance Driver
25 Innova Mamba Distance Driver
26 Discraft Athena Control Driver
27 Latitude 64 Pure Putt & Approach
28 Innova Mako3 Mid Range
29 Innova Teebird Control Driver
30 Thought Space Athletics Votum Control Driver
31 Thought Space Athletics Construct Distance Driver
32 Infinite Discs Anubis Mid Range
33 Thought Space Athletics Mantra Control Driver
34 Discraft Heat Control Driver
35 Axiom Insanity Control Driver
36 Innova Tern Distance Driver
37 Innova Valkyrie Control Driver
38 Latitude 64 Diamond Control Driver
39 Thought Space Athletics Pathfinder Mid Range
40 Discraft Zone OS Putt & Approach
41 Infinite Discs Exodus Control Driver
42 Innova Pig Mid Range
43 Discmania FD Control Driver
44 Innova Beast Distance Driver
45 Innova Leopard3 Control Driver
46 MVP Wave Distance Driver
47 Innova Shryke Distance Driver
48 Discraft Hades Distance Driver
49 Innova Charger Distance Driver
50 Infinite Discs Aztec Distance Driver

1. MVP Glitch
The MVP Glitch quickly captured the attention of disc golf enthusiasts, dominating the sales charts with its unique flight characteristics. Its eye-catching glitch design, combined with reliable stability and tremendous glide, and the ability to be used as a catch disc made it a coveted disc among both amateurs and professionals alike. The MVP Glitch is undeniably a game-changer in the disc golf world, securing its place as the top-selling disc of 2023.

2. Discraft Buzzz
The Discraft Buzzz has long been a staple in the disc golf community, known for its consistency and versatility. With controllable straight flights and reliable fade, this mid-range disc has unquestionably earned its spot as one of the best-selling discs of the year. Its popularity can be attributed to its ability to adapt to various playing styles and skill levels, making it a go-to choice for countless players out on the course.

3. Infinite Discs Alpaca
Infinite Discs made a fantastic addition to their lineup with the Alpaca. This stable putter has gained massive popularity due to its exceptional control and reliable fade. The Alpaca’s unique combination of glide and accuracy makes it a go-to disc for both putting and approaching situations. Disc golfers of all levels appreciate the Alpaca’s consistency, leading to its impressive sales performance in 2023.

4. Infinite Discs Emperor
Another Infinite Discs creation that caught the attention of disc golfers worldwide is the Emperor. As a distance driver, the Emperor provides exceptional speed and glide, allowing players to unleash their full power. With its reliable fade and ability to handle various wind conditions, it has become a favorite among those looking to maximize distance off the tee. The Emperor’s high sales figures showcase its status as a go-to disc for avid distance throwers.

5. Innova Wraith
The Innova Wraith has long been regarded as one of the most popular distance drivers in the disc golf community, and 2023 was no exception. Its exceptional speed and stability have made it a favorite among experienced players seeking maximum distance. Known for its versatility, the Wraith can be used for controlled hyzer flips, laser straight shots, and reliable fade finishes. As a result, the Wraith continues to dominate the sales charts, solidifying its position as one of the top-selling discs of the year.

Distance Drivers in the Top 50

Among the top 50 selling discs of 2023, Distance Drivers played a significant role, comprising approximately 40% of the list. This finding emphasizes the growing popularity of disc golfers seeking to add distance to their game. Whether it’s the need to navigate long fairways or the desire to throw impressive distance shots, Distance Drivers have undoubtedly captivated the hearts of disc golfers worldwide.

Thought Space Athletics’ Success

As for the success of Thought Space Athletics in terms of top-selling discs, they have been making their mark in the disc golf industry as one of the fastest growing brands. With their innovative designs and quality artwork, Thought Space Athletics has secured a notable position among the top manufacturers.

Best Distance Drivers

Best Disc Golf Distance Drivers

When we break it down to the best distance drivers this is the Top 50 list:

Disc Rank Manufacturer Disc Name
1 Infinite Discs Emperor
2 Innova Wraith
3 Innova Destroyer
4 Infinite Discs Pharaoh
5 Infinite Discs Maya
6 Innova Mamba
7 Thought Space Athletics Construct
8 Innova Tern
9 Innova Beast
10 MVP Wave
11 Innova Shryke
12 Discraft Hades
13 Innova Charger
14 Infinite Discs Aztec
15 Discraft Nuke
16 Infinite Discs Czar
17 MVP Tesla
18 MVP Photon
19 Discmania Cloud Breaker
20 Discraft Avenger SS
21 Clash Discs Wild Honey
22 Thought Space Athletics Omen
23 Discraft Force
24 Lone Star Disc Tumbleweed
25 Discraft Zeus
26 Lone Star Disc Curl
27 Innova Katana
28 Innova Boss
29 Discraft Scorch
30 Infinite Discs Slab
31 Discraft Thrasher
32 Innova Orc
33 Innova Corvette
34 Latitude 64 Sapphire
35 Discraft Venom
36 MVP Octane
37 Lone Star Disc Warbird
38 Discmania DD1
39 Thought Space Athletics Synapse
40 MVP Inertia
41 Thought Space Athletics Animus
42 Lone Star Disc Bayonet
43 Discraft Nuke SS
44 Dynamic Discs Trespass
45 Axiom Fireball
46 Discmania PD
47 Dynamic Discs Sheriff
48 Lone Star Disc Nimitz
49 Discmania DD3
50 Dino Discs Tyrannosaurus Rex

Disc golfers all share one common desire – reaching the longest distances possible with their shots. To achieve this, having the right distance driver is crucial. From our top distance drivers list, it’s easy to see the dominance by manufacturers like Innova, Discraft, and MVP Discs.

Innova: The Driving Force Behind Distance
When it comes to distance drivers, it’s hard not to mention Innova as a leading manufacturer. Known for their quality and innovation, Innova’s distance drivers have become synonymous with long, powerful throws. What sets them apart is their dedication to manufacturing excellence, consistently producing discs that provide incredible distance potential.

It’s interesting to note that both Innova and Infinite Discs are manufactured in the same factory by Innova. This collaboration ensures that the quality and performance of each disc are maintained to the highest standards, further solidifying Innova’s position as a powerhouse in the disc golf industry. Our top 50 list features 17 discs manufactured by Innova Champion discs; six in the Infinite and eleven in the Innova lines.

Discraft: Raising the Bar
Discraft drivers have garnered a devoted following in the disc golf community, and for good reason. Boasting a wide range of options tailored to various player preferences, Discraft drivers offer unparalleled stability and control. With their renowned lineup that includes the ever-popular Hades and the ultra-fast Nuke, Discraft continues to push the boundaries of distance driving.

MVP Discs: A Rising Star
In recent years, MVP Discs have seen a surge in popularity, partly due to the signing of the renowned professional player, Simon Lizotte. Known for their unique plastic blends and futuristic aesthetics, MVP discs combine style and performance. With their innovative designs and reliable flight paths, MVP distance drivers have become a top choice for players looking to boost their distance capabilities. MVP features six discs in the top 50 from the MVP and Axiom brands.Best Fairway Drivers

Best Fairway Drivers

Fairway drivers are an often overlooked arsenal in a disc golfers bag. This list represents the best selling fairway drivers on over the last year.

Disc Rank Manufacturer Disc Name
1 Infinite Discs Dynasty
2 Infinite Discs Centurion
3 Axiom Crave
4 Infinite Discs Sphinx
5 Innova Firebird
6 Innova Leopard
7 Discraft Athena
8 Innova Teebird
9 Thought Space Athletics Votum
10 Thought Space Athletics Mantra
11 Discraft Heat
12 Axiom Insanity
13 Innova Valkyrie
14 Latitude 64 Diamond
15 Infinite Discs Exodus
16 Discmania FD
17 Innova Leopard3
18 Discraft Undertaker
19 Innova Thunderbird
20 Infinite Discs Roman
21 Infinite Discs Scepter
22 Innova Roadrunner
23 Latitude 64 River
24 Innova Sidewinder
25 MVP Volt
26 Discraft Raptor
27 Axiom Rhythm
28 Innova Hawkeye
29 Finish Line Discs Era
30 Discraft Anax
31 Lone Star Disc Mockingbird
32 Innova TeeBird3
33 Westside Underworld
34 Axiom Trance
35 Doomsday Discs Blackout
36 Innova Eagle
37 Kastaplast Falk
38 Thought Space Athletics Coalesce
39 Latitude 64 Saint
40 Dynamic Discs Escape
41 Discraft Passion
42 MVP Servo
43 Innova TL3
44 Innova IT
45 Lone Star Disc Lariat
46 Dino Discs Pterodactyl
47 Discmania Essence
48 Lone Star Disc Guadalupe
49 MVP Terra
50 Elevation Disc Golf Gecko

When it comes to top fairway drivers, Innova manufactured products dominate this category again. The Thought Space Athletics drivers, Votum and Mantra, are also quite popular with both of those discs showing up in the top 10.Best Mid range golf discs

Best Midrange Discs

While new midrange discs come and go, the Discraft Buzzz consistently remains to top midrange disc year after year. In fact, in terms of midrange sales, it’s not even close. Through the first eight months of 2023 Infinite Discs sold more than 1,500 more Buzzz’s than the second place Axiom Hex.

Disc Rank Manufacturer Disc Name
1 Discraft Buzzz
2 Axiom Hex
3 Innova Mako3
4 Infinite Discs Anubis
5 Thought Space Athletics Pathfinder
6 Innova Pig
7 Discraft Buzzz SS
8 Infinite Discs Chariot
9 MVP Reactor
10 Innova Roc
11 Discraft Buzzz OS
12 Axiom Paradox
13 Innova Roc3
14 Kastaplast Kaxe Z
15 Discraft Meteor
16 MVP Uplink
17 Latitude 64 Fuse
18 Innova Toro
19 Lone Star Disc Texas Ranger
20 Thought Space Athletics Mana
21 MVP Matrix
22 Streamline Echo
23 Dynamic Discs EMac Truth
24 Finish Line Discs Supra
25 Innova Wombat3
26 Clash Discs Berry
27 Dino Discs Stegosaurus
28 MVP Deflector
29 Discraft Comet
30 Dino Discs Brachiosaurus
31 Discmania MD1
32 Lone Star Disc BB6
33 Discraft Malta
34 Discmania MD3
35 Discraft Sol
36 Infinite Discs Kon Tiki
37 Kastaplast Svea
38 RPM Discs Piwakawaka
39 Elevation Disc Golf Interceptor
40 Innova Jay
41 Axiom Pyro
42 Dynamic Discs Justice
43 Doomsday Discs Frag
44 Prodigy M4
45 Kastaplast Kaxe
46 Latitude 64 Claymore
47 Lone Star Disc Lone Wolf
48 Clash Discs Peach
49 Infinite Discs Ra
50 Lone Star Disc Harpoon

Here is the complete list of top selling midrange discs.

Best Selling Disc Golf puttersTop Selling Disc Golf Putters

Behind distance drivers, putters hold the next spot for most sold disc golf discs. There’s no better way to improve your putting game than trying out a new putter – or ten.

Putter Rank Manufacturer Disc Name
1 MVP Glitch
2 Infinite Discs Alpaca
3 Discraft Zone
4 Axiom Envy
5 Infinite Discs Tomb
6 Discraft Luna
7 Kastaplast Berg
8 Axiom Proxy
9 Dynamic Discs Judge
10 Gateway Wizard
11 Innova Aviar
12 Latitude 64 Pure
13 Discraft Zone OS
14 MVP Watt
15 MVP Anode
16 Discmania P2
17 Innova Polecat
18 Lone Star Disc Armadillo
19 Lone Star Disc Penny Putter
20 Kastaplast Reko
21 MVP Nomad
22 Discmania Rainmaker
23 MVP Atom
24 Thought Space Athletics Temple
25 Prodigy PA-3
26 Innova Aero
27 Innova KC Pro Aviar
28 Westside Harp
29 Thought Space Athletics Praxis
30 Discraft Roach
31 Dynamic Discs Warden
32 Viking Discs Rune
33 Streamline Pilot
34 Dino Discs Triceratops
35 Discraft Fierce
36 Infinite Discs Raze
37 Discmania Link
38 Lone Star Disc Copperhead
39 Discmania P1
40 Innova Alien
41 MVP Ion
42 Discraft Banger GT
43 MVP Spin
44 Westside Maiden
45 Dynamic Discs EMac Judge
46 Prodigy PA-5
47 Clash Discs Popcorn
48 Dynamic Discs Sockibomb Slammer
49 Thought Space Athletics Muse
50 Innova Dart

Shop the complete list of best selling disc golf putters here.

More Best Disc Features

This is just a sample of the many best selling disc features we have. Check out a few of these links to find the best disc golf discs for you.

At Infinite Discs, our mission is to provide the best resource for disc golf information on the Internet. With our revitalized website and innovative features, we hope we are able to help you find the best disc golf discs.

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