Infinite Discs Plastic Types


Infinite Discs currently has 20 different plastic variations! Choosing a certain plastic is an important decision when purchasing a new disc. This post is to help you navigate which plastic will be the right choice for you when purchasing from our lineup.

Innova Champion Discs is our mold manufacturer, therefore our plastic types are based on their plastic types. We will indicate the similarities below, but you can read about their plastic types HERE


S-Blend: A somewhat firm, opaque plastic that flies true to the flight numbers. Compare to Innova’s ‘Star’ plastic.

  • Swirly S-Blend (various swirls within the plastic)
  • Splatter S-Blend (bits of recycled plastic added to the plastic)
  • Halo S-Blend (two-toned flight plate)

C-Blend: A firm, transparent plastic that has increased durability and tends to make molds more overstable. Compare to Innova’s ‘Champion’ plastic.

  • Metal Flake C-Blend (added metal flakes within the plastic)
  • Metal Flake Glow C-Blend (added metal flakes & glows in the dark)
  • Glow C-Blend (glows in the dark)
  • Gummy C-Blend (less-stiff than regular C-Blend)
  • Luster C-Blend (has an added shimmer)
  • Concrete (Luster and Metal Flake plastic combined)

G-Blend: A gummier feeling plastic that has added glimmer and grip. Compare to Innova’s ‘GStar’ plastic.

I-Blend: A softer plastic that is made from the recycled parts of S-Blend plastic. The ‘I’ stands for ‘Infinite Blend’ since this plastic is unique to our brand.


D-Blend: A base plastic that is firm and grippy, yet lacks durability. Compare to Innova’s ‘DX’ plastic.

  • Glow D-Blend (glows in the dark)

P-Blend: A durable and stiff base plastic. Compare to Innova’s ‘KC Pro’ plastic,

  • Glow P-Blend (glows in the dark)

X-Blend: A midgrade plastic that has a great balance of durability with a tacky, grippy feel. Compare Innova’s ‘XT’ plastic.

N-Blend: A stiff and grippy plastic, with an emphasized stiffness in the flight plate. Compare to Innova’s ‘Nexus’ plastic.

R-Blend: A soft plastic with good grip and some flexibility. Compare to Innova’s ‘R-Pro’ plastic.


*Signature Plastics: When you see plastics on our site labeled as ‘Signature _-Blend’ this means that the plastic price has been slightly increased to support the professional disc golfer who’s stamp is on that specific run of discs. There is nothing different about the plastic, only the price.


What plastic type should you choose?

Here is a breakdown of what each plastic is best suited for: 

S-Blend: Any of the S-Blend plastics are versitile and best used for throwing. Ripping an S-Blend plastic off the tee or on an approach will result in an excellent flight.

C-Blend: Most* all of the C-Blend plastics are more durable yet less grippy than the other premium plastics. You will find that C-blend tends to be more overstable than all the other premium plastics., but is also a great choice for throwing.

*Gummy and MF Glow tend to be softer and grippier than the other C-Blend plastics

G-Blend: This plastic is the opposite of C-Blend. It is less durable, has increased grip, and tends to fly straighter. However, this plastic is just as good for throwing as all the other premium plastics.

I-Blend: This is the most basic of the premium plastics, but is still a good plastic for throwing. A fresh I-Blend mold will typically have the same stability as an S, G, or C-Blend mold, but it will be the first of the three to ‘beat in’ and become understable overtime.

D-Blend: This plastic is best suited for putters and approach discs. It is firm and gives you good grip, meaning it will have a better chance of hitting the chains and staying in the basket. This is generally the same for the P, X, N, & R Blends we have available, but with assorted types of grippiness and durability as explained above.

* Note that each run of a certain mold in a certain plastic will fly slightly differently than that same mold in that same plastic type from another run. This is due to the slight inconsistency of manufacturing for each run month to month; Innova can’t make all discs the same every single time. All of our stock stamps have run numbers on them to help indicate the differences. 



These terms are used interchangibly, but typically indicate the following:

X-out: Discs that are marked with an x-out indicator on our website mean they are ‘factory seconds.’ These molds did not get formed perfectly in the molding process and have some fundemental flaw in their design/plastic. However, most x-outs tend to fly much like their perfect counterparts. You may also see a small penned ‘X’ on the disc’s front flight plate.

Misprint: This indicates that the artwork on the disc was not stamped perfectly, and is therefore a flawed product. Most misprinted discs come with multiple stamps on them as an attempt to fix the stamping error before finishing the remaining run of discs.



We hope this post has been informative, and that you are able to more accurately choose the discs and plastics that are best suited for your disc golf needs. And as always…


Monthly Top Selling Discs


Welcome to the top-selling discs report! At the beginning of each month, we will take a look back at the previous month to calculate which discs sold the best. You have a chance to win a $20 gift card each month if you correctly guess a certain spot for the next month (see below for more details).

Each month, we look at the top 50 disc sales data for mold AND plastic type to see which disc rose to the top. Due to this, it is possible that a single model could show up on the list several times, each representing a different plastic type. This also helps us to know which disc in which plastic are the most popular among our customers.

Here is the breakdown of the top 50 molds from March 2023 at Infinite Discs:

#1 – MVP Neutron Soft GLITCH
#2 – MVP Eclipse Rim R2 GLITCH
#3 – Axiom Prism Proton TRANCE
#4 – Infinite Discs Halo S-Blend EXODUS
#5 – Thought Space Athletics Sig. Nebula Ethereal COALESCE
#6 – Axiom Prism Plasma HEX
#7 – Discraft ESP VENOM
#8 – Axiom Prism Soft Proton ENVY
#9 – Axiom Neutron Soft HEX
#10 – Discmania Color Glow D-Line Flex 3 RAINMAKER
#11 – Kastaplast Signature K1 BERG
#12 – Clash Discs Signature Steady SPICE
#13 – Innova Star WRAITH
#14 – Axiom Eclipse 2.0 Soft PROXY
#15 – MVP Proton REACTOR
#16 – Infinite Discs D-Blend ALPACA
#17 – Discraft ESP BUZZZ
#18 –  Infinite Discs Signature Halo S-Blend ANUBIS
#19 – Innova Star DESTROYER
#20 – Thought Space Athletics Test Blend Nerve x-out TEMPLE
#21– Discraft Signature ESP ATHENA
#22 – Infinite Discs Sig. Metal Flake Glow C-Blend CHARIOT
#23 – Infinite Discs Signature N-Blend ALPACA
#24 – Thought Space Athletics Test Blend Nerve TEMPLE
#25 – Infinite Discs I-Blend SPHINX
#26 – Axiom Prism Neutron PANIC
#27 – Infinite Discs P-Blend ALPACA
#28 – Axiom Eclipse 2.0 PARADOX
#29 – Infinite Discs Signature Halo S-Blend DYNASTY
#30 – Thought Space Athletics Ethos PATHFINDER
#31 – Infinite Discs Signature Swirly S-Blend EMPEROR
#32 – Infinite Discs Halo S-Blend EMPEROR
#33 – Discraft ESP ZONE
#34 – Infinite Discs I-Blend DYNASTY
#35 – Infinite Discs Halo S-Blend PHARAOH
#36 – Axiom Fission CRAVE
#37 – Discraft Signature ESP HADES
#38 – Infinite Discs S-Blend EMPEROR
#39 – Wing It Disc Golf Lift DREAM
#40 – Infinite Discs D-Blend TOMB
#41 – Innova Star CHARGER
#42 – Latitude 64 Opto RIVER
#43 – Clash discs Steady WILD HONEY
#44 –Infinite Discs D-Blend x-out TOMB
#45 – Thought Space Athletics Ethos MANTRA
#46 – Infinite Discs R-Blend COHORT
#47 – Kastaplast K1 Soft BERG
#48 – Infinite Discs C-Blend MAYA
#49 –  Innova Halo Star DESTROYER
#50 – Kastaplast K1 Line KAXE Z

*All this data comes from sales ONLY

MVP/Axiom took many of the top spots last month due to the release of the OTB Open discs. They were released on March 30th, and we are confident that these numbers will continue to reflect popularity as April continues on. The Glitch continues to be a very popular mold, and is now available in the special Eclipse plastic. But don’t be surprised that the Paradox and the Panic are also among some of the popular discs. Did these discs get purchased dule to the beautiful OTB stamp designs? Or are they just good discs?

You will also see several Kastaplast molds on the list, especially the Eric Oakley Signature Berg in the #11 spot. And as recently announced, the Kaxe Z among several other Kastaplast molds will be discontinued. We believe this is why we saw an influx in that mold last month; people want to get their hands on things that will become rare.

Some of the smaller brands spotted last month is Wing It Disc Golf with their new DREAM mold. And Clash Discs always seems to shine monthly. This month they had two on the board; their new SPICE mold and a classic, Wild Honey


Here is how many times each brand appeared in the line up:

The Guessing Game

Every month you’ll be able to place your guess for a certain spot on the chart for the next month. The first person to guess the disc and plastic type correctly for the named chart position will win a $20 gift card for the Infinite Discs online store.

PLACE A GUESS for next month. If you can by the first to guess the #11, #12, or #32 spot for April then you can be a winner. Leave your guess in the comments on this blog.

Thanks! See you next month

Want a recap from last month? Next time, we will leave January’s data below so you can compare it with all the data collected from February, and so forth. 


Check out the data from the previous months

Read more

FOCUS FRIDAY – Alfa Discs on Discount


Welcome back to another Focus Friday, where we look at a certain mold or brand, and give you a discount so you can try it out for yourself. This week, we are focusing on ONE brand, Alfa Discs from Norway.

If you would like to learn about the beginning of Alfa Discs and more about the first every Norwegian disc gof manufacturer, read our blog post.

Alfa Discs currently has 3 molds… The Apollo (straight mid-range), The Cosmic (glidey fairway driver), and the Snoopy (easy-to-throw putter).

In addition to these molds, they have 3 plastics to choose from: Copper – a grippy plastic perfect for all conditions and to help increase putting confidence. Crystal – an opaque, durable plastic with excellent grip (This was their first plastic) Chrome – Much like Crystal, but with a more gummy feel.

Each of these molds have GREAT reviews and would be an awesome brand to try out.

DISCOUNT -> To get ANY Alfa Discs Mold for 20% off, use this code at check out: “FOCUSALFA”

This will end Monday night, so get on this amazing deal while you can! 
Check out this page to see all the items that are on sale this week.

Note: After placing your discs/items in the shopping cart and before checking out, click on the “Discount Code” box under the shopping cart and enter that code. Then proceed to checkout.

Infinite Discs Touring Pro’s Signature Disc Releases



We are THRILLED to be kicking off the 2023 disc golf season with some amazing touring pros!

Some of these pros have been with us for a few years, while others are new additions to the team.

Either way, we have an incredible lineup of signature discs you will want to get your hands on!

*All of these molds will be available for purchase on Februrary 23rd, at



The new Finish Line brand has adding another mold to their line up, and is releasing its first putter mold: The Pace

It it a tall, beadless putter with a flat top and stable flight. It will work great for either putting or throwing off the tee.

The Drew Gibson Infinite Discs Scepter is now available in Halo S-Blend plastic! This flat top, overstable fairway driver is your next go to utility disc. It will cut through headwinds with ease, and in this new plastic, will fly like a dream.


The Dynasty has been Eric’s signature mold since it’s release last year. So, it is no surprise that the Halo S-Blend Dynasty has the next signature stamp in the Eric Oakley line up! This stable fairway driver has the ability to fly on whatever line you put it on, making it an extremely versatile mold that can be used in any situation.


Maria just joined our team, and she could not wait to get her hands on some Alpacas, one of the most popular putters on the market! But to make this Alpaca extra special, we manufactured it in a NEW plastic… N-Blend. This plastic hosts the next level of grip so you can easily make those need-to-make putts.

To finish off our upcoming signature discs, another one of Maria’s sponsors (Thought Space Athletics) has crafted this Nebula Ethereal Construct. The Construct is the perfect crossover between a fairway and distance driver. Many players will find this mold to be very effective! 

We are rooting for all players to do well during LVC weekend, but we are especially excited and hopeful to see our Infinite team on top!

Best Disc Golf Putters for 2023

We’re going to wrap up this blog series where we look at the best disc golf discs according to sales at Infinite Discs. We looked at the best distance drivers, the best fairway drivers, and the best midrange discs. Today we check out the top 50 putters.

Putters are the type of disc that we use on nearly every hole we play. They can be used as drivers or approach shots. And they are used almost exclusively inside the circle to finish a hole. Some putters are used just for drives and approaches, while others are used for both driving and short putts. Their rim profile is larger than other types of discs, and they can have beads or be beadless.

Let’s look at the top selling molds from 2022 to see which ones you might want to check out for 2023.

Top 50 Best Putt & Approach Discs

Best Selling Disc Golf Putters of 2022 Chart with percentages

Best Selling Putt and Approach Discs

  1. Infinite Discs Alpaca
  2. Infinite Discs Tomb
  3. Discraft Zone
  4. Axiom Envy
  5. Kastaplast Berg
  6. Discmania P2
  7. Gateway Wizard
  8. Innova Aviar
  9. Discraft Luna
  10. Dynamic Discs Judge

Two straight-flying Infinite molds top the list of best-selling putters. The beaded Tomb and the beadless Alpaca have been popular since they were released. These two molds, along with the third-place Zone, make up 20% of all putter sales at Infinite. The Zone is the most overstable of the top three, and is widely used as an approach disc and throwing putter.

Best Putters Monthly Trends Chart

It’s fun to watch the trends of putter popularity. By following the monthly living chart you can see when the best putters were newly released or were simply restocked as they climb up the sales chart in popularity.

Hot New Putt and Approach Discs to Watch

Several molds that made the top 50 were PDGA approved just last year. Those include the Thought Space Athletics Temple, MVP’s Glitch, and the Doomsday Discs Land Mine. The MVP Glitch’s position on the top charts is especially impressive considering it was released near the end of 2022. We’ll have to see if those molds move up the rankings with a full year of sales.


Top Putters Sorted By Brand

Best Disc Golf Putters by Brand

Despite Infinite Discs having the top two spots, Innova was the brand with the most molds in the top 50. Their popular Aviar family (Aviar, KC Aviar, Aviarx3, and Aviar Yeti) accounted for almost half of their top 50 molds. MVP and Discraft tied for second with five molds each. There were a total of 20 different brands in the top 50, and a whopping nine manufacturers that had one mold on the list. Those molds include the Divergent Discs Golem and Viking Discs Rune.

Best Putter Brands Sorted by Percentage of Sales

Percentage of putters sold by disc golf brand chart

When it comes to market share, Infinite Discs dominates the putter category, selling almost 6% more than the next brand. The top three brands account for almost one out of every three discs sold! Half of the brands on the list sold less than 2% of the total putter sales.

Top Throwing/Approach Putters

Although any putter could be used for short putts, there are many discs that are usually only used as throwing/driving/approach discs. These are usually overstable molds that can handle a solid drive. Here are the top ten best throwing putters according to 2022 sales data.

Best Approach Discs and Throwing Putters

Top 10 Approach Discs/Throwing Putters

  1. Discraft Zone
  2. Axiom Envy
  3. Kastaplast Berg
  4. Gateway Wizard
  5. Discraft Luna
  6. MVP Glitch
  7. Westside Harp
  8. Thought Space Athletics Muse
  9. EV-7 Penrose
  10. Lone Star Discs Penny Putter

The Zone is the popular throwing/approach disc that regularly does well in the sales rankings. It can handle a lot of power, and still finishes reliably. It is similar in flight characteristics to the Innova Pig, which was recently reclassified as a midrange.

A couple ticks behind the Zone is the disc that got a huge boost from James Conrad at Worlds, the Axiom Envy. Not quite as overstable as the Zone, the Envy is still a great approach disc that can be thrown by people of all skill levels.

Putter PDGA Approval Dates

Mold Approval Date Rank
Gateway Wizard 9-Jan-02 4
Discraft Zone 28-May-08 1
Westside Harp 28-Oct-13 7
Axiom Envy 12-Jan-14 2
Kastaplast Berg 27-Mar-15 3
Discraft Luna 28-Dec-18 5
Lone Star Disc Penny Putter 29-Sep-20 10
EV-7 Penrose 21-Nov-20 9
Thought Space Athletics Muse 27-Sep-21 8
MVP Glitch 27-Jun-22 6

Checking out the PDGA approval dates and comparing them to their mold rating, we see that the oldest two molds, the Wizard and the Zone, finished at or near the top of the overstable/approach discs. Two newer discs, the Muse and the MVP Glitch, were approved in the last couple years, but still made the chart.

Putting Putters

Best 10 Putting putters and their percentage of sales.

Top 10 Putting Putters

  1. Infinite Discs Alpaca
  2. Infinite Discs Tomb
  3. Innova Aviar
  4. Dynamic Discs Judge
  5. Axiom Proxy
  6. Prodigy PA-3
  7. MVP Nomad
  8. Streamline Pilot
  9. Dynamic Discs EMac Judge
  10. Dynamic Discs Warden

It is interesting to see that the top ten molds represents seven different brands. As mentioned above, Infinite’s two best selling putters make up a bulk of the sales, followed by the Aviar and Judge. After that, the numbers level out.

PDGA Approval Dates

Mold Approval Date Rank
Innova Aviar 1-Jan-84 3
Dynamic Discs Judge 7-Dec-12 4
Dynamic Discs Warden 14-Oct-13 10
Prodigy PA-3 25-Mar-14 6
Axiom Proxy 24-Sep-14 5
Streamline Pilot 22-Feb-17 8
Infinite Discs Tomb 29-Mar-18 2
Infinite Discs Alpaca 16-Nov-20 1
Dynamic Discs EMac Judge 5-Jan-21 9
MVP Nomad 22-Mar-21 7

The mold that has been around longer than many of the disc golfers throwing it, is the Innova Aviar. Approaching its fortieth birthday, the Aviar has been used by disc golfers of all skill levels. The Aviar got a podium finish behind the two Infinite molds. The MVP Nomad and the EMac Judge are the newest molds. They’ve only had a couple years to gain some traction in the disc golf world.

What does Professional Disc Golfer Think of the Best Disc Golf Putters of the Year?

In this video, touring professional disc golfer Erika Stinchcomb tries out each of the top putters and lets us know which ones she likes best.

What are the Best Disc Golf Putters for You?

What will be the best putter of 2023? Will it be an existing mold, or a new one?

What are your favorite throwing molds? What is your go-to putting and throwing putters? Are there putters on our list that you consider approach discs or approach discs that you putt with? What putters do you think will be the best selling in 2023?

Best Disc Golf Distance Drivers for 2023

In a recent blog we took a look at the top disc golf discs in each category (Distance Drivers, Control Drivers, Mid Ranges, and Putt and Approach). In this blog we wanted to focus on the Distance Drivers and take a deeper dive into the most popular molds in that category. We’ll look at the top 50 molds, some of the manufacturers on the list, and the best over- and understable drivers.

The top 50 list is based on the sales at Infinite Discs for 2022. They show which discs are in the most demand for the year. Here is the list of the top 50, and what percentage they sold of all distance drivers.

Top distance drivers by 2022 sales

Top of The Class

Nearly one out of every four distance drivers sold in 2022 were either an Emperor, Wraith, Destroyer, or Pharaoh. That’s a pretty impressive domination of the market! After the top four, the numbers drop off sharply, and then continue a slow decline in percent of sales.

Thoughts Space Athletics was the first manufacturer to break the Infinite/Innova streak, and the top ten, by finishing 8th and 9th. Those two molds represent 4.4% of all distance drivers. TSA had a couple other molds that made it into the top 15. In fact, there were quite a few brands that had multiple molds in the Top 50 List. Here are the numbers:

Top 50 Drivers by Disc Brand

Best Distance Drivers by Month

It’s always fun to see how the sales trends come and go. At the beginning of 2022 we were still affected by pandemic supply chain issues and so many popular distance drivers were unavailable or only available at limited quantities. In this living chart you can see the sales trends of the best distance drivers by month and can see the rapid accelerations of popular new releases.

Top Manufacturers

Long-time manufacturer Innova came out on top with over one-fifth of the top 50 molds. Five brands only had one mold. But that is one more than Prodigy and Legacy had. Lone Star and Dino Discs are two newer brands, but they each had a couple molds in the top 50. Now let’s see what percentage of distance driver sales were held by the top 50 molds:

Innova molds sold nearly one in every four distance driver discs in 2022. Infinite sold nearly one in five molds. Over half of all discs in this category came from Innova, Infinite, or Discraft! Innova and Discraft are well-established names in the disc golf world. And Infinite is, or course, our own brand. Although not quite up to the top three levels of sales, there are several newer brands that have made huge gains in the market in recent years. We will talk more about those brands in a future blog.

Now let’s take a deeper look at the Top 50 and break it down into stabilities. We will find out the top 10 overstable molds, and the top 10 understable molds. See how many of these YOU throw.

Top Overstable Distance Drivers

Overstable (and Very Overstable) discs will be defined as molds that have a flight rating Fade of more than 2. The Turn can vary, but is usually 0 to -1. Molds with those flight numbers are favorable among skilled players because they can be thrown very hard, not flip too much, and still have a reliable finish. Here are the Top 10 overstable discs:

Top 10 Overstable Distance Drivers of 2022:

  1. Infinite Discs Emperor
  2. Innova Wraith
  3. Innova Destroyer
  4. TSA Animus
  5. TSA Synapse
  6. TSA Omen
  7. Innova Orc
  8. Infinite Discs Czar
  9. Discraft Nuke
  10. Discraft Zeus

The top 10 Overstable list is divided among four brands. Innova and TSA have three molds each on the list. Infinite and Discraft have two molds each. The first and second molds account for more sales than the last seven combined.

Overstable Discs Approval Dates

I pulled up the PDGA approval date for the Top 10 Overstable distance drivers and there is quite a range of dates. Here is the list:


PDGA Approved
Innova Orc Jan-04
Innova Wraith Aug-05
Innova Destroyer Jun-07
Discraft Nuke Oct-09
Discraft Zeus Dec-18
Infinite Discs Emperor Feb-19
Thought Space Athletics Animus Jun-20
Thought Space Athletics Synapse Jan-22
Thought Space Athletics Omen Mar-22
Infinite Discs Czar Oct-22

The oldest three were approved in 2004, 2005, and 2007. The most recently approved molds just got the PDGA nod last year! The Czar was just a couple of months ago as of this writing. That is an impressive start in a very crowded field of discs.

Top Understable Distance Drivers

Now let’s check out the understable distance drivers. This sub-category includes molds that have at least -2 Turn. That is typically a good number for beginners or more advanced players who want to shape their shot a little more.

Top Understable Disc Golf Drivers by Sales 2022

Top understable disc golf drivers of 2022:

  1. Innova Mamba
  2. Infinite Discs Maya
  3. Discraft Avenger SS
  4. Discraft Scorch
  5. Axiom Virus
  6. MVP Inertia
  7. Dino Discs Pterodactylus
  8. Lone Star Disc Tumbleweed
  9. Dino Discs Tyrannosaurus Rex
  10. Innova Katana

Understable Discs Approval Dates

The Mamba and the Maya were the clear leaders for understable distance drivers. Those had double the sales of the third-place Avenger SS, and nearly as many total sales as the remaining molds in the top 10. Let’s take a look at the PDGA approval dates for the top 10 understable molds:

Understable Driver PDGA Approved Date
Discraft Avenger SS Feb-08
Innova Katana Oct-09
Innova Mamba Jan-12
MVP Inertia Feb-14
Axiom Virus Dec-14
Infinite Discs Maya Jun-20
Discraft Scorch Apr-21
Lone Star Disc Tumbleweed Mar-22
Dino Discs Pterodactylus Not Approved
Dino Discs Tyrannosaurus Rex Not Approved

The top two oldest molds are the Avenger SS and the Katana. And once again, there is a mold that sold enough to make the top ten, yet was approved less than a year ago. The Tumbleweed was approved in March of 2022. Nether of the Dino Discs have been approved by the PDGA. They are lightweight discs that are designed for beginners. (Learn more about Dino Discs HERE).

Next Up: Control Drivers

That does it for our look at the Top 50 Distance Drivers. Next up we’ll take a look at the Top 50 Control Drivers.

What are the Best Distance Drivers for You?

What will be the best distance drivers of 2023? Will they be new discs, or the same traditional classics. A new distance driver the Innova Charger was just announced that will likely make next years top list.

What is your favorite distance driver? What is the disc you have thrown the farthest? What distance drivers do you think will be the best selling in 2023?  Comment below to help others find the best disc golf drivers for their game.


Best Midrange Discs of 2023

In this blog series we have looked at the top disc golf discs for 2022 according to sales. Then we focused on each the top distance drivers and the top fairway drivers. This time we’ll look at the top 50 midrange discs. We’ll also find the top overstable and understable mid’s.

Midrange discs fill the gap between short shots and putts, and longer distance throws. Their slower speeds make them a good fit for beginners, and valuable tools for skilled players. They don’t skip like faster discs so they make great approach discs. Like the other categories, midrange discs come in different stabilities to help you achieve the flight you need. Let’s look at which molds were the most popular, and which ones you might want to check out for 2023.

The top 50 midrange discs is based on sales at Infinite Discs for last year.

  1. Discraft Buzzz
  2. Innova Mako3
  3. Infinite Discs Anubis
  4. Thought Space Athletics Pathfinder
  5. Innova Pig
  6. Discraft Buzzz SS
  7. Infinite Discs Chariot
  8. Innova Roc3
  9. Innova Roc
  10. Axiom Paradox

Far and away the most popular mid range disc is the Discraft Buzzz. The Buzz has been a hot seller for Discraft from the beginning. It has a straight flight and comfortable beadless grip. Plus, it comes in a variety of plastic types. The Buzzz sold almost three times as many discs as the second place Mako3. The Infinite Discs Anubis was in third place.

Best Selling Midrange Discs by Month

This fun graph helps to visualize the hot selling brand trends. Some months saw more obscure selling discs like the Doomdsday Discs Frag, and the Mint Discs Lobster.





Not only did Discraft own the number one spot, they have the most molds in the top 50. The ‘most molds’ title has been held by Innova in the Top 50, Top Distance Drivers, and Top Fairway Drivers. In the midrange category, Innova had to settle for second place.

Top 50 Mid Ranges Sorted by Brand

Top Midrange Discs by Brand Chart

There were a total of 19 different brands in the top 50. Discraft and Innova are old-school brands, so it’s not a surprise to see them on the top of the list. How many names on the list are new to you? We’ve seen a lot of pros switch sponsor brands this year, so it will be interesting to see how much of an impact those changes make for their brand. Now let’s look at the sales percent.

Top 50 Mid Ranges Sorted by Sales

Market share of midrange disc sales by brand

As expected, the brands with the most molds in the top 50 had the highest percentage of sales. Discraft was boosted with the huge numbers from the Buzzz. Innova had four molds in the top 10, which helped their numbers. Infinite Discs also had top-10 molds to add to their total.

Top Overstable Mid

Top Selling Overstable midrange disc golf discs

Innova takes the podium when it comes to the overstable midrange discs. Their Pig, Roc3, and Roc accounted for about 8% of all midrange sales. There were six different molds in the top 10, although Innova and Discraft still made up half the brands. Let’s take a look at the PDGA approval dates to see if some which newer molds are taking a chunk of the market.

Mold Approval date Rank
Innova Roc Jan-87 3
Discraft Drone Feb-05 6
Innova Pig May-08 1
Discraft Buzzz OS Jul-14 4
Kastaplast Kaxe Z Oct-14 10
Dynamic Discs Justice Mar-15 5
Dynamic Discs EMac Truth Mar-16 9
Innova Roc3 Aug-17 2
Axiom Pyro Feb-19 7
Elevation Disc Golf Interceptor Dec-20 8

Although the Pig has been around for many years, it got a nice boost when Ricky Wysocki started throwing the mold. It has kept up the momentum ever since. The Innova Roc is celebrating its 36th birthday this month. It is by far the oldest overstable mold in the top 10. It was in the bag when Ken Climo dominated the 90’s, and remains a staple of the top Innova pros today.

At the other end of the timeline, the Elevation Interceptor (one of the staples in MY bag!) is just a couple years old, but still managed to land as the 5th most popular overstable mid range. The silicon disc is like Velcro when it hits the ground.


Top Understable Mid Range Discs

Best understable (easy to throw) midrange discs graph by sales percentage

Discraft leads the pack when it comes to understable mid’s. Three out of the top four molds come from Discraft. They also have four out of the top 10 discs. Dino Discs is the only other brand with more than one mold in the top 10. There were six different brands in the top 10. Here are their approval dates:

Mold Approval date Rank
Discraft Comet Oct-95 3
Discraft Meteor Sep-06 4
Discraft Buzzz SS Feb-08 1
Westside Tursas Apr-16 10
Discraft Sol Nov-18 6
Infinite Discs Kon Tiki Apr-21 8
MVP Uplink Jul-21 7
Axiom Paradox Jul-21 2
Dino Discs Brachiosaurus N/A 9
Dino Discs Stegosaurus N/A 5

The two oldest molds, the Discraft Comet and Discraft Meteor, are in the top four. The two most recent approvals, the MVP Uplink and Axiom Paradox, are less than two years old. Although it is apparent that some of the older molds are still selling well, it will be interesting to see how they hold up against the barrage of new molds on the market recently.
Dino Discs‘ don’t have an approval date because they are not PDGA approved. Dino decided that it wasn’t worth the cost, since their target market is beginners, and they are unlikely to compete in sanctioned tournaments.

In the next blog will look at the top putters.

$50 Gift Card ! What are the Best Midrange Discs for You?

What will be the best midrange of 2023? Will Discraft stay on top, or will a dark horse arise and claim the top spot?

What are your favorite overstable, understable and straight flying midrange molds? What mid’s do you think will be the best selling in 2023?  Comment below for a chance to win a $50 Infinite Discs gift card.


Best Disc Golf Fairway Drivers of 2023

In a recent blog we took a look at the top disc golf discs in each category (Distance Drivers, Fairway Drivers, Mid Ranges, and Putt and Approach). Then we checked out the top 50 disc golf distance drivers, including the top overstable and understable molds. This week, we’ll do the same with the top disc golf fairway drivers.

Fairway drivers have slightly slower speeds than distance drivers. They can be used for drives and approach shots in all but the longest distances. Their rims are narrower than distance drivers, making them easier to grip for most people. Plus, their slower speed makes throwing them within skill set of most people. Fairway drivers are also called ‘control drivers’.  Let’s see which fairway drivers were the most popular, and which ones you might consider throwing for 2023.

The top 50 list is based on the direct to consumer sales directly from for last year.

Top Selling Disc Golf Fairway Drivers

Top 50 Fairway Drivers Chart. Percentage of sales of each of the best control drivers.

Sitting at the top of the chart is the Infinite Discs Dynasty. This speed 9 control driver is not even a year old, but is already working its way into many of our bags. This was one of Eric Oakley’s 2022 signature discs which helped propel it as one of the top fairway drivers. The Dynasty has a stable flight, with a little turn and a dependable, but not too harsh fade.

The Finish Line Era got a podium finish for the year. Finish Line was started by Drew Gibson. It is another very new brand, but is making a mark in disc golf. The Finish Line Era has a very similar flight to the Dynasty in Forged plastic, but is substantially more overstable in the Composite blend.

The Centurion, Sphinx, Exodus and Firebird round out the top five (the Exodus and Firebird tied for fifth) Three are sold by Infinite, and one is an Innova classic.

The Leopard and Teebird have been around for decades and are popular among disc golfers of all skill levels. Those two staples were the next two on the list, followed by Axiom’s entry in the top 10, the Axiom Insanity. The Innova Valkyrie Rounded out the top 10.

Best Fairway Drivers by Month

This moving chart shows top fairway driver sales by month during 2022. This is a fun way to watch the trends and see as hot new discs are released or restocked.

Brands In The Top 50

While most manufacturers make some great disc golf fairway drivers, only some of them have the brand following and marketing power to land their discs in the Infinite Discs top seller lists. Below we see how many different fairway molds by each brand made the top 50 list for the year.

Disc golf brands with number of top 50 Fairway Drivers

Innova was the top manufacturer for fairway drivers with 13 molds in the top 50. Discraft was in second, but several molds behind Innova. MVP and Infinite had the next most molds. Latitude 64 and Dynamic were the only other brands with more than two molds. There were a few manufacturers with two on the list, and a lot with one mold. In all, there were 17 different manufacturers in the top 50.

Let’s see how those molds translates to sales. We listed manufacturers of the top 50 fairway drivers and sorted them by the percentage of fairway drivers sold. There are a few interesting numbers on the list.

Percent of Fairway Drivers Sold by Disc Golf Brand

It is not surprising to see Innova on top, since they had the most molds. Infinite was next in line. Although Infinite is quite a bit ahead of third place, it is even more behind Innova. In third place is Discraft. The top three make up 50% of all control driver sales for the year!

Top Overstable Fairway Drivers

Just like the distance drivers, we will find the top 10 overstable fairway driver molds. This category is for overstable and very overstable discs. Here are the top 10:

Best Overstable Drivers Graph ranked by percentage of sales

  1. Innova Firebird
  2. Innova Teebird
  3. Innova Thunderbird
  4. Discraft Raptor
  5. Thought Space Athletics Votum
  6. Infinite Discs Scepter
  7. Discraft Anax
  8. Discraft Undertaker
  9. Discraft Captain’s Raptor
  10. Dynamic Discs Escape

Discraft has the most molds in the top 10 with 4, with Innova one mold behind them. Five brands had a disc in the top 10.

Overstable Discs Approval Dates

I like to see what dates each mold was approved to see which molds have been around for a while, and which ones are newer. The older molds are well established and have been popular for a long time. Newer brands might be hype, but they might also be the popular for a long time. Here are the dates.

Mold Approval Date Sales Rank
Innova Teebird May-99 2
Innova Firebird Mar-00 1
Dynamic Discs Escape Dec-12 10
Innova Thunderbird Aug-14 3
Discraft Undertaker Apr-16 8
Discraft Raptor Dec-18 4
Infinite Discs Scepter Apr-19 6
Discraft Anax Jun-19 7
Thought Space Athletics Votum Mar-21 5
Discraft Captain’s Raptor Dec-21 9

The oldest two molds are also the top molds. The Firebird and Teebird are more than two decades old. The Votum and Captain’s Raptor are the new kids on the block, each getting approved around two years ago as of this writing.

Top Understable Fairway Driver

For this blog, understable fairway drivers are those molds that have a turn of -2 or more. Understable discs are popular among beginners and people who don’t have a lot of arm speed. Here are the top 10 understable fairway drivers.

Top 10 Understable Drivers

  1. Infinite Discs Sphinx
  2. Innova Leopard
  3. Axiom Insanity
  4. Innova Valkyrie
  5. Though Space Athletics Mantra
  6. Innova Leopard3
  7. Discraft Heat
  8. Innova Sidewinder
  9. Innova Roadrunner
  10. Latitude 64 Diamond

Innova had half of the molds in the top 10. The other five spots were taken by five different brands.

Axiom and Latitude 64 made the understable list, but not the overstable list.

Understable Discs Approval Dates
Mold Approval Date Sales Rank
Innova Leopard May-99 2
Innova Valkyrie Aug-00 4
Innova Sidewinder Nov-04 8
Innova Roadrunner Aug-05 9
Latitude 64 Diamond Mar-11 10
Discraft Heat Oct-14 7
Axiom Insanity Dec-14 3
Innova Leopard3 Aug-17 6
Infinite Discs Sphinx Mar-18 1
Thought Space Athletics Mantra Oct-19 5

Just like the overstable molds, Innova has a couple discs in the top 10 that have been around for decades and have earned their way in our bags. That didn’t get them the number one spot, but they did get second in the top 10. Infinite took first with the Sphinx. While not as old as most of the Innova molds on the list, it has still been around for nearly half a decade.

Next Blog Well Look At Mid Range Discs

What are the Best Fairway Drivers for You?

What will be the best fairway drivers of 2023? Will any brands catch up to Innova or Discraft? Or will the old school molds continue to dominate? The PDGA has already approved 17 new molds for this year (as of this writing). Maybe one of them will be a top fairway driver.

What is your favorite fairway driver? What fairway drivers do you think will be the best selling in 2023?

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