Products For Left-Handed Players

As all disc golfers know, left-handed players have it tough. I mean, sure, lefties have an unfair advantage because most courses are designed to be difficult for righties, making it easier for lefties. But, they more than pay for that advantage with all the grief they have to endure from the rest of us. “Cheating lefty” is a common nick-name for our left-handed brothers and sisters. Furthermore, all of the equipment associated with disc golf is made for right-handed players. From discs to carts to retrievers, lefties have to adapt to a righties world. That is, until now.

Equality For All

Infinite Discs is stepping up to introduce the world to disc golf gear designed specifically for left-handed players. We’re calling it the Southpaw collection and it is designed to help left-handed players play on equal footing, as it were, as the rest of the disc golf world! Well, except for the advantage they have of playing right-handed-designed courses. But, I digress. Here are the items being released:

The Southpaw Disc

This unique disc was not only designed by and for left-handed disc golfers, it was also manufactured in a way that is beneficial to lefties. Our top, left-handed scientists at Infinite Discs discovered that the Coriolis Effect was responsible for the favorable flight of discs for right-handed players. That effect made discs manufactured in the northern hemisphere naturally rotate in a clockwise direction, favorable to right-handed players. Our solution was to have the Southpaw manufactured in the southern hemisphere, ensuring the discs had an innate tendency to rotate counterclockwise, being favorable for southpaws.

picture of an orange disc golf disc

The SouthPaw Disc

In addition to production location, our team has developed a top-secret mold that injects the plastic in a counterclockwise direction. This technology and manufacturing location, along with Infinite’s policy of only selling the disc to documented left-handed players, will create a disc so effective that left-handed players will dominate the sport at every level. Move over Isaac, James, and Paul because Chris Clemons, Nathan Queen, and Zach Melton are your future World Champs! Infinite anticipates that the PDGA will eventually make these discs illegal, so get them while you can.

Port-Side Basket

Every disc golfer knows that when you’re putting at a basket, hitting the chains on the right side is better and more efficient that hitting the chains on the left side. That is why the right chains are called the ‘strong’ side or the ‘pro’ side. And the left chains are called the ‘weak’ side or ‘am’ side. Unfortunately, left-handed players naturally come in on the left side of the basket, drastically increasing the odds that the disc will kick out of the basket. The engineers at Infinite solved that problem, and the Port-Side Basket was born.

Image of a disc golf basket

The Portside Basket

Using engineering, physics, and a bit of sorcery, our researchers were able to reverse the strong and weak sides of the chains. This proprietary technology makes the left side strong and gives lefties a better chance of hitting their putts. Now Southpaws don’t need to settle for missed putts and chain outs because of the design of the basket. Left-handed players will watch their putts drop and their confidence soar with the Port-Side Basket by Infinite Discs!

Left-Hook Retriever

There are few things sadder than a left-handed player attempting to retrieve a disc while using a right-handed retriever. The frustration, depression, and humiliation has left (pardon the pun) many lefties looking for another sport. The grip is awkward, the tip is angled in the opposite direction, and many times discs have to be abandoned because the retriever is ineffective in the wrong hand.  Compounding the problem, retriever manufacturers have no desire to make products for lefties, saying that ‘the market is too small’. At Infinite, we disagree! Introducing the Left-hook Retriever.

A left hand holding a disc golf retriever

The Left Hook Retriever

Our crack team of product developers, after month of failed experiments, concocted a way to physically reverse the handle orientation and hook angle to accommodate the needs of the left-handed player. No more frustration of not being able to retrieve a disc! No more physical awkwardness and pain trying to force a right-handed handle into a left hand, much like a round peg in a square hole. Pick up a Left-Hook Retriever for the lefty in your life!

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Be sure to check out all of the left-hand products at Infinite Discs and remember our motto, “Throw what works for your dominant hand!”

Best Glow in the Dark Discs

A disc golf basket at night that is lit up with a light.

One of my favorite types of disc golf occurs in the dark. I get my glow discs ready, gather my disc lights and flashlights, and wait for the sun to set. I’m talking about a glow round, or night round. This type of disc golf is played with lighted discs and lighted baskets, and is a blast!

Watching glowing discs fly through the air is amazing, and a lot different than watching the flight during the day. In the dark you’ll see the lighted disc bounce off invisible trees, get knocked down by unseen obstacles, and skip at seemingly random places in space. You can even see a disc that gets buried in a bush much better than during the daylight hours. If you haven’t played a night round, do yourself a favor and put in on your list for this year. And keep reading to learn about glow rounds and the best glow discs.

Glow-in-the-dark disc golf discs

It is difficult to show the actual glow of a disc in a picture. These all look like they are glowing the same brightness. They are not.


Glowing Discs

Although there are many different ways to light up a disc, which we will discuss later, having a glow in the dark disc to play with is a great way to play at night. That does not mean EVERY glow disc is good for hucking in the dark. Not all glow discs are created equal. Some are barely visible in the dark, even after charging the plastic with a bright light. Others will maintain a bright glow long after playing a hole. When it comes to glow plastic, there is a wide variety of glow brightness. Disc color, manufacturers glow formula, and plastic type can all affect how bright the disc will glow.

Let’s look at some of the best glow discs and talk about what to do if you have a disc that is supposed to glow in the dark, but isn’t very bright when you charge it. Or if you prefer to throw discs in the dark that aren’t glow plastic.

Several glow-in-the-dark discs

Best Glow In The Dark Discs

I grabbed a UV flashlight and headed to a dark room to test a bunch of glow discs. A good glow plastic will appear bright immediately after the light hits it, and stay glowing for quite a while after you shut off the light. That quality is necessary because your disc needs to stay glowing long enough to find it after your shot. Fortunately there are several brands that have amazing glow plastic. Here are the top discs that I tested:

1 – (Tie) MVP Eclipse 2.0 and Innova Proto Glow (their new glow plastic)

Innova reformulated their glow plastic and it turned out great! It’s called Proto Glow and it debuted in their 40th Anniversary DX Aviar. That plastic glow really good, and their Champion Proto Glow plastic even better. The discs lights right up when you shine a light on it. And it stays lit for quite a while. The Proto Glow that I tested were neck-and-neck with the Eclipse 2.0 plastic. You are definitely going to want to check out Innova’s Proto Glow plastic!

MVP’s Eclipse 2.0 glow plastic is bright and long lasting. It’s been one of the best glow plastics for a while. The green glow plastic is much brighter than some of their other colors, although those other colors glow brighter than many other brands’ glow plastics. You can watch your glowing green MVP disc fly into the darkness, knowing it will hold its glow.

3 – Thought Space Athletics


TSA Glow plastic is another type of plastic that is excellent for night rounds. It stays bright for a long time, and still has a good amount of glow left after you’ve thrown the disc and go to look for it. Thought Space offers many of their molds in Glow plastic.

4 – Lone Star Disc

The Bravo Glow from Lone Star Disc is a shining example (sorry, couldn’t resist) of a great glow plastic. As a nice bonus, Lone Star makes the Bravo in pretty much every mold they make. You’ll be delighted in the disc selection and the quality of the glow.

5 – Kastaplast

Although the Kastaplast Glow discs that I tested weren’t as bright as the others I listed, they are still better than other discs on the market. I’ve read and heard a lot of people say the Kastaplast Glow is their favorite glow plastic. You won’t be disappointed if you pick Kastaplast for your night rounds.

Other Ways To Light Up A Disc

If you want to skip the glow plastic altogether, there are other ways you can get in a round of disc golf at night. They involve taking your go-to discs and adding some light to them. This is accomplished with actual LED lights, or glow-in-the-dark tape or stickers.

disc golf glow tape

Glow Tape

Attaching tape or stickers that glow to your disc is a quick, easy, and relatively inexpensive way to be able to play in the dark and still see your disc. It attaches directly to the disc and gets charged up with a flashlight. After the round the stickers can be easily removed for regular play. They add a negligible weight to your disc, and shouldn’t affect the flight. They are NOT legal for use in a sanctioned tournament, but most glow rounds are casual and/or unsanctioned.

disc golf disc light

Disc Lights

You also have the option of attaching an LED light directly to your disc with tape. Clear packing tape is a great option. I’ve seen lights come off a disc before, so make sure you are generous with the tape. Mine never come off because I use 6-7” of tape.

The lights have a switch that can be turned on and off as needed. Or you can just leave it on the entire round. The batteries will last for a couple glow rounds. Turning off the multicolor lights take a bit longer because you have to scroll through the colors. However, the different colors come in handy if there are several people playing who have lights with one color and you need a different color to distinguish your discs.

Disc Light Visibility

One thing to keep in mind with the lights or the stickers is that you might place them on one side of the disc, and it will land on the other side, making the tape or light difficult to see. It isn’t as bad with translucent discs, such as Champion plastic. But with opaque discs it can be difficult to see. It’s nice to put a sticker or light on both sides, just to make sure.

Other glow round enhancers

UV Flashlight for disc golf

UV Flashlights

Most people have a flashlight or two lying around that they could use to charge their glow discs. However, they are blinding and take a bit of the fun out of a glow round. A better alternative is a UV(Ultra Violet) flashlight. The UV light charges up a disc faster and is easier on your eyes. When the light hits the glow disc, it’s still pretty bright, but overall it’s much better than a flashlight.

Light for a disc golf basket

Basket Lights

What good are amazing glow discs if you can’t see your target? Basket lights illuminate the target and give you something to aim at. They install easily and the batteries last a few rounds.  Grab a few lights and head to your local course to experience the fun of a glow round!

Check out all of our Night Round Accessories HERE

Check out all of our Glow Discs HERE

Best Disc Golf Discs For Women

Female disc golfer carrying a bag of discs

Like many of you, I frequently find myself exploring the world of disc golf discs, looking for the perfect discs to improve my game. However, as a male disc golfer, I also know that the disc preferences of female disc golfers may differ from my own. Knowing the importance of inclusivity and representation within the sport, in this blog I wanted to examine the disc selection specifically tailored to meet the needs and preferences of women players.

I will highlight the best disc golf discs for women, acknowledging the unique considerations and nuances that might influence their choices. Whether you’re a seasoned pro or just getting started, finding the right discs can significantly impact your performance and enjoyment on the course. So, let’s dive in and explore the best disc options for women disc golfers.

Why Different Discs?

Let’s start by clearing up the reason that we should discuss different discs for women versus men in the first place. On average men are stronger, have longer arms, and have bigger hands than women. In many circumstances, these traits affect one’s ability to throw a disc with more power, which gives men a wider variety of discs and weights that will work for them. The skill level of a disc golfer also affects their disc selection, but all things being equal, men have a physical advantage in the sport of disc golf. Therefore, certain discs will help women throw farther.

Throwing with less power, whether it is for physical reasons or because of skill level, affects the flight of the disc. There are several disc characteristics that cause a disc to fly a certain way. Throwing with the proper power for those characteristics is important. Let’s look at those characteristics and talk about a discs flight numbers.

Briefly, the four-number flight rating system that disc golf has adopted to describe the flight of a disc is the best way we have to categorize our discs. The four numbers represent (in the order they appear on the disc or a website):

  • Speed – the relative speed you need to be able to throw the disc in order for it to fly correctly.
  • Glide – How long the disc will stay in the air
  • Turn – The amount the disc will drift to the right (RHBH throw) at the fastest parts of its flight
  • Fade – The amount that the disc will drift to the left as it starts to slow down


Which Flight Numbers Should You Consider

Each of the numbers have a range that affect whether or not the disc will work for you, your skill level, and how you want to disc to fly. Here is the number range women should consider for the four categories listed above:

Speed (Range 1 to 14)– It is important to get the disc speed to match your power/skill. Unless you are a more advanced player, stick with discs that have a speed of nine or less. Any faster and your disc won’t fly like it should. Again, this is because the disc needs to be thrown at certain speeds, and unless you have the power to hit those speeds, you will not be able to get the distance you need.

Glide (Range 1 to 7) For the most part, you should look for with the most glide as possible. Look for 5-7 glide for the longest distances possible. As your skill improves, you might want a disc with less glide. Until then, maximum glide!

Turn (Range -5 to 2) Getting a disc with a lot of turn will help you get big S-curve throws for maximum distance for your power. The further the turn number is away from zero, the more it will turn. Look for discs that have -5 to -2. A 2- or even -1 disc would be better for throwing in a headwind than a -4 or -5.

Fade (Range 0 to 5) If you don’t have the skill or power to throw faster discs, you really don’t need anything with more fade than 2. Throwing discs in the 0 to 2 range will serve you well.

The Importance Of Weight

It is important to include a weight range to help find discs for someone with less power or skill. It takes less effort to throw a lighter disc, so it is easier for someone who doesn’t have the power to still throw the disc fast enough to fly like it should. Look for discs in the 150-165g weight range, where possible.

Best Drivers For Women

Latitude 64 Diamond disc

Drivers are the disc of choice for getting the most distance out of a throw. They have the widest rims of all disc types. That wider rim means they need to be thrown at faster speeds than slower discs. Drivers can be used after people develop a certain level of skill.

Latitude 64 Diamond – Ladies, if you’re looking for a disc to help you get good distance on your drives while you work on your form, check out the Diamond. This mold is part of the ‘Easy-to-use’ series and is made for players who don’t have as much power or skills. The Diamond comes in lighter weights, which helps you be able to get good drives and upshots. Check it out today!

Innova Leopard – If you look at which discs are found in many Innova beginner sets, you’ll find the Leopard. This low-speed fairway driver has a little bit of turn to assist in achieving longer flights. If you get this mold in DX plastic, it will season to a great flight for people who don’t have the power necessary for faster, more stable discs.

Infinite Discs Sphinx – Not only does the Sphinx have a lot of turn for longer flights, but it is available in very low weights. The Sphinx is also available in I-Blend plastic, which is a bit cheaper than other premium plastics.

Other great drivers for women:

Innova Shark

Discmania Essence

Divergent Discs Kraken

Innova Mamba

MVP Signal

Dino Discs Pterodactyl

Innova Sidewinder

Best Midrange Discs For Women

Discraft Buzzz Disc

Midrange discs are used for shorter drives and approach shots. They are usually speed 4 or speed 5. They are also used for more controlled and precise shots. Their reaction when they hit the ground is much less pronounced than with drivers, making them easier to hit the area you’re aiming for.

Discraft Buzzz – One of the best-selling discs of all time, the Buzz is a straight-flying disc that is great for learning to shape your shots. Its rim size makes it easy to grip and comfortable to throw. The Buzzz is a great disc for people of all skill levels.

Infinite Discs Kon Tiki – This understable midrange is a great one for women to consider. It has a low profile and small rim depth. That makes it easier to grip for people who don’t have big hands. As your skills improve, the Kon Tiki can be used for finesse shots.

Latitude 64 Fuse – The Fuse flies straight and has minimal fade. Not only does the Fuse come in a variety of plastics, it also comes in a variety of weights. If you need to start with a lighter weight, including 150-class, you have that option.

Other midrange discs to consider:

Axiom Paradox

Infinite Discs Anubis

Doomsday Discs Scavenger

Latitude 64 Pearl

Dynamic Discs Truth

Discraft Meteor

Discraft Stratus

Best Putters For Women

Innova Aviar disc

Although putters are usually the only disc you will be using for shots inside the 10-meter circle, they are also used as approach discs and even drives off the tee. They fly for the least distance of any disc type, due to their round nose and slow speed.

Innova Aviar – The Aviar was PDGA approved for play in 1984. It remains popular today. Many other brands have produced their own ‘versions’ of the Aviar.

Dynamic Discs Judge – A beaded putter, the Judge flies straight with minimal fade. If you prefer a beadless version of the disc, check out the Dynamics Discs Warden. Both are available in a variety of plastics.

Infinite Discs Alpaca – Only a few years old, the popular Alpaca is a great mold that has found favor among pros and amateurs alike. This versatile mold is just as effective as a putter or an approach disc.

Infinite Discs Tomb

Latitude 64 Ruby

Dynamic Discs Warden

Latitude 64 Pure

Axiom Proxy

Discraft Fierce

Discmania P2


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Best Disc Golf Sets of 2024

Banner "Best Disc Golf Sets 2024" Background image of Dino Discs Glow set


Getting a starter set is the perfect way for beginners pick up of some awesome discs at a great price. Most of them have molds that are geared toward newer players, with flight numbers that favor less skilled players, so newer players can start playing with discs that they can actually throw.  Once players gain a little more experience, they will find sets that cater to people with intermediate and advanced skill levels. Let’s look at the best starter sets of 2024.

Best Starter Sets of 2024


1- Infinite Starter Set – This starter set from Infinite Discs is wildly popular, Infinite Discs I-Blend Set: Sphinx, Anubis, and Alpacaand for good reason. All three of the molds are amazing! The putter is the Alpaca. It has been a hot seller since its release. And it is one of the highest rated discs, as determined by all the customer ratings. The midrange is the Anubis, a disc with a neutral flight that is easy to shot-shape. The driver is a speed-9 fairway driver. The Sphinx has a lot of turn for a nice S-curve flight.


Dino Discs Glow set2- Dino Discs Glow Set – Dino Discs found a great niche designing and manufacturing discs designed for kids and beginners. Their molds are extra light weight, making them suitable for even younger players. Their dinosaur-themed discs and stamps are a perfect fit for kids of all ages. The starter set includes a Triceratops putter, Stegosaurus midrange, and Pterodactyl fairway driver. As a nice bonus, this set glows in the dark! Perfect for glow rounds.


3- Divergent Discs Starter Set – This three-disc starter set includes Divergent Discs Starter Set: Narwhal, Leviathan, and Krakenthree discs in a durable plastic that feels amazing. All three discs are understable, making them good for beginners. The Kraken is their fairway driver with flight numbers that could also be used by more advanced players. The midrange in this set, the Leviathan, is a very understable. Beginners should have no problem throwing the disc and learning how to get it to turn during their shot. The Narwhal is the beadless putter included in the set.



X-Com Starter Set in box4 – X-Com 3 Disc Starter Set – Another great brand that makes a variety of discs favorable to beginners is X-Com. The discs in their set are lighter than most starter sets, making them easy to throw for beginners and even kids. They come in nice colors and interesting stamps. The set includes the Helios, their low-speed, understable fairway driver, the Griffon midrange, and the Bennu putter.


5 – Innova DX Starter Set – This Innova set features classic discs that Innova DX Starter Setmany of us started throwing as beginners. Many people kept throwing the same molds in different plastics as their skills improved. These discs are proven winners! The Innova started set comes in DX plastic. That is their base plastic which costs less than premium plastics. And it has the added benefit of getting the discs ‘seasoned’ for optimal flight. The Aviar is a popular putter that is used by beginners and pros. The Shark has a little more overstability, but not too much for beginners. The last disc in the trio is the Leopard, a speed-6 fairway driver. Beginners may be surprised at the distance they get with the Leopard!


Get Your Set


For beginners, the selection of discs available can be overwhelming. There are so many brands, molds, plastic types, weights, and flight numbers that someone new might not know where to begin. Starter packs are a simple way to get the discs that are right for you and your skill level. Fortunately, Infinite Discs has a few starter sets to choose from. Use this blog to help you find the set that right for you!


Check out all of our Starter Sets HERE


Other kinds of sets


Disc Dye set with blank discs


Disc Dye Sets


Disc Dye sets – A popular activity among many disc golfers is dyeing their discs. It’s a great way to unleash your creativity and end up with unique discs. Disc dye sets are blank discs, so you don’t have to wipe the stamp. These are bottom stamped, leaving the top unblemished and ready for the dye of your choice. Plus, they are all white! That gives you a perfect blank canvas.


Check out all of our disc dye options HERE


Mystery Boxes


Mystery Boxes – A mystery box is a fun way to check out new discs that you might not even be familiar with. They come in a variety of sizes for every budget. Some are brand specific, so you can get a good deal on a brand you like. Check out a blog about our best mystery boxes.


Infinite Deals Box


Infinite Deals Box (7 Disc) – One of our most popular deals boxes, this Mystery Box includes molds from at least three different brands. You will get a putter, a midrange or two, at least one understable driver and at least one overstable driver. The brands might be well-known companies, or smaller ones. These discs are all premium plastics, and will include an assortment of x-out, misprint, and stock stamps. And there is the potential to get a limited run, special edition, or tournament stamped disc. All of that at a bargain price!


Infinite X-Out Mystery Box


Infinite Discs X-Out Mystery Box – If you want to enjoy the fun of getting some new Infinite Brand discs to try at an amazing price, The X-Out Mystery Box is for you. This Mystery Box includes at LEAST 2 Halo S-Blend discs, and ALL of the discs made with premium plastics. These discs come with a variety of stamps, including multiple stamps.


Check out all of our available mystery boxes HERE


Putter Packs


Infinite Discs Myth Putter Pack


Putter packs are a great way to get a bunch of putters that you can practice with. A stack of discs and a practice basket are just what you need to take your putting game to another level. Consistent putting practice using the same mold that you will use in a disc golf game will help you develop the consistent motion and feel necessary for accurate putting.


Check out all of our putter packs HERE


Tell Us About Your Starter Pack, And WIN!


We want to hear about YOUR starter pack experience. Answer one of the questions below for your chance to win an Infinite Discs gift card.

1 – Did you use a starter set when you began playing disc golf? If so, which set did you start with?

2 – If you didn’t use a starter set, which one would you recommend to a beginner?

Let us know if the comments below. We’ll select five random commenters and send them an Infinite Discs Gift card (make sure you leave a valid email address!) You can keep track of all current Infinite giveaways HERE


Best Disc Golf Discs for 2024

Banner showing the most popular disc golf discs of 2024

Throughout this month we’ve checked out the best discs for 2024. We looked at the sales data and the customer ratings so you can have a list of discs to check out when you’re in the market for a disc. We started with the Best Distance Drivers of 2024, then looked at the Best Fairway Drivers, then the Best Putters, and finally the Best Midrange discs. Now we’re going to compile the best of those into one list. We’ll also include some lists of the highest rated discs in those same categories. Let’s go!

Highest Rated Discs: Finding Out Which Discs People LOVE The Most

Highest Rated Discs Banner

The Infinite Discs rewards program includes incentives to give reviews about discs and accessories that we offer. We show the results of those ratings on every product page. The rating system allows customers to rate a disc/product on a scale from one to five stars, as well as give brief reviews about the item. This valuable feedback gives seeking customers insights to what their fellow disc golfers think about the disc/product.

Infinite discs has pages which show the highest rated discs on a single page, to give you an overview of the top rated discs. Bookmark these pages and refer to them next time you are shopping, to help guide your purchases.

Top Selling Feature: The Discs That Are In Demand

Top Selling Discs Banner

Since we sell hundreds of thousands of discs at Infinite, we like to share with you which ones are the top sellers so you can see which discs are the most popular. We’ve compiled a list of the top-selling overall discs of 2023. Check out these molds when you are in the market for a new disc.

Best Disc Golf Discs of 2023         

Overall Best Discs

Disc Rank Manufacturer Disc Name Disc Type
1 MVP Glitch Putt & Approach
2 Discraft Buzzz Mid Range
3 Innova Wraith Distance Driver
4 Infinite Discs Alpaca Putt & Approach
5 Infinite Discs Emperor Distance Driver
6 Innova Destroyer Distance Driver
7 Axiom Hex Mid Range
8 Discraft Zone Putt & Approach
9 Axiom Envy Putt & Approach
10 Infinite Discs Tomb Putt & Approach
11 Infinite Discs Dynasty Control Driver
12 Infinite Discs Pharaoh Distance Driver
13 Innova Pig Mid Range
14 Kastaplast Berg Putt & Approach
15 Infinite Discs Maya Distance Driver
16 Gateway Wizard Putt & Approach
17 Innova Mamba Distance Driver
18 Axiom Proxy Putt & Approach
19 Infinite Discs Sphinx Control Driver
20 Infinite Discs Centurion Control Driver
21 Dynamic Discs Judge Putt & Approach
22 Discraft Luna Putt & Approach
23 Innova Firebird Control Driver
24 Axiom Crave Control Driver
25 Latitude 64 Pure Putt & Approach
26 Innova Aviar Putt & Approach
27 Innova Leopard Control Driver
28 Infinite Discs Aztec Distance Driver
29 Innova Mako3 Mid Range
30 Innova Teebird Control Driver
31 Axiom Insanity Control Driver
32 Innova Valkyrie Control Driver
33 Thought Space Athletics Construct Distance Driver
34 Discraft Athena Control Driver
35 Infinite Discs Anubis Mid Range
36 Latitude 64 River Control Driver
37 Innova Tern Distance Driver
38 Innova Rollo Mid Range
39 Innova Leopard3 Control Driver
40 Latitude 64 Diamond Control Driver
41 Discraft Heat Control Driver
42 Thought Space Athletics Mantra Control Driver
43 Innova Beast Distance Driver
44 Thought Space Athletics Votum Control Driver
45 Innova Thunderbird Control Driver
46 Innova Shryke Distance Driver
47 MVP Watt Putt & Approach
48 Infinite Discs Roman Control Driver
49 Clash Discs Wild Honey Distance Driver
50 Innova Roadrunner Control Driver

Best of the Best Discs

1. MVP Glitch – If you take a great throwing disc and mix in MVP Glitch - Top Selling Disc of 2023a pinch of endorsement by a popular pro and you have a recipe for a lot of sales. The putter is easy to throw, popular among all skill levels, and comes in some cool stamps. The Glitch had hot sales when we could keep them on the shelf. I anticipate the Glitch being a contender for the best-selling disc of 2024, too. Check it out if you haven’t had a chance and see why it is so popular!

2. Discraft Buzzz – The popularity of the Discraft Buzzz has been consistent since the mold was introduced. The midrange has a beautiful, reliable flight that can be used in a variety of scenarios. It is a disc that professionals, amateurs, and everything in between, can put in their bag and know it will be thrown a lot.

3. Innova Wraith – Another historically popular mold, the Innova Wraith is a regular top seller. With a flight similar to the amazing Destroyer, the Wraith has a slightly lower speed rating, and is a great distance driver when you are looking for maximum distance. Its slight turn can result in effective hyzer-flips, while its fade is reliable, but not overbearing. It can be purchased in most every plastic so you are sure to find it in one that suits your skill level and grip preference.

4. Infinite Discs Alpaca – Ever since its release, the Infinite Discs Alpaca Infinite Discs Alpaca Hathas been a hot-selling putter. It has the stability that makes for a great throwing disc and the controllability that makes it good for putts and approaches. It has been available in a ton of really cool stamps, adding even more character to the popular mold. The Alpaca would find a good home in any bag.

5. Infinite Discs Emperor – The Emperor has been a hot seller for Infinite since it came out half a decade ago. Like the best distance drivers, the Emperor has a precise combination of turn and fade. That combination translates to crushing drives and shapeable shots. The Emperor continues to sit on the throne of the top discs that we sell.

Top Disc Golf Brands

Nearly three-fourths of the discs in the top 50 were made by three brands: Innova, Discraft, and Infinite.

Innova started in 1983 and has 14 different molds in the top 50. They have the largest selection of discs and have sponsored many of the top world champions since they began.

Discraft had 11 molds in the top 50. They began in 1979 in Canada, before moving to Michigan to set up shop. Discraft discs are popular in Ultimate and Freestyle, as well as disc golf.

Infinite Discs tied with Discraft at 11 molds in the top 50. Infinite started in 2012 as a retailer. After several years and a lot of growth, they started selling their own molds. Some of those molds have become top selling discs.

Best Distance Drivers 2024

Putter Rank Manufacturer Disc Name
1 Innova Wraith
2 Infinite Discs Emperor
3 Innova Destroyer
4 Infinite Discs Pharaoh
5 Infinite Discs Maya
6 Innova Mamba
7 Infinite Discs Aztec
8 Thought Space Athletics Construct
9 Innova Tern
10 Innova Beast
11 Innova Shryke
12 Clash Discs Wild Honey
13 Infinite Discs Czar
14 MVP Wave
15 MVP Tesla
16 Axiom Time-Lapse
17 Discraft Hades
18 Discraft Nuke
19 Innova Charger
20 Discraft Avenger SS
21 MVP Photon
22 Thought Space Athletics Synapse
23 Innova Corvette
24 Thought Space Athletics Omen
25 Innova Boss
26 Discraft Force
27 Lone Star Disc Tumbleweed
28 Infinite Discs Slab
29 Discmania Cloud Breaker
30 Innova Katana
31 Discraft Thrasher
32 Discraft Zeus
33 Lone Star Disc Curl
34 Discraft Scorch
35 Latitude 64 Sapphire
36 Thought Space Athletics Animus
37 Innova Orc
38 Latitude 64 Grace
39 MVP Inertia
40 Discraft Nuke SS
41 Finish Line Discs Interval
42 MVP Octane
43 Dynamic Discs Trespass
44 Axiom Fireball
45 Discmania DD1
46 Discraft Venom
47 Clash Discs Vanilla
48 Dynamic Discs Sheriff
49 Lone Star Disc Warbird
50 Discmania DD3

Brands in the top 50


Lone Star Disc logo


In addition to some of the larger brands you see in the top 50, there are several smaller brands that Infinite carries that are selling enough molds to land in the top 50. A couple of them have been featured by Infinite Discs in our ‘Smaller Brands’ series.

Lone Star Discs was featured in March of 2021. That blog can be found HERE.

Clash Discs was featured in March of 2022. That blog can be found HERE.

These two brands have grown so much in the last couple of years that they may not be considered small brands any more!

Check out the Best Distance Drivers of 2024 here.

Best Fairway Drivers 2024

Rank Manufacturer Disc Name
1 Infinite Discs Dynasty
2 Infinite Discs Sphinx
3 Infinite Discs Centurion
4 Innova Firebird
5 Axiom Crave
6 Innova Leopard
7 Innova Teebird
8 Axiom Insanity
9 Innova Valkyrie
10 Discraft Athena
11 Latitude 64 River
12 Innova Leopard3
13 Latitude 64 Diamond
14 Discraft Heat
15 Thought Space Athletics Mantra
16 Thought Space Athletics Votum
17 Innova Thunderbird
18 Infinite Discs Roman
19 Innova Roadrunner
20 Infinite Discs Exodus
21 Innova Sidewinder
22 Discmania FD
23 Discraft Undertaker
24 Infinite Discs Scepter
25 Discraft Raptor
26 MVP Volt
27 Westside Underworld
28 Finish Line Discs Era
29 Innova Hawkeye
30 Innova Eagle
31 Innova TeeBird3
32 Axiom Rhythm
33 Discraft Passion
34 Kastaplast Falk
35 Discraft Anax
36 Doomsday Discs Blackout
37 Latitude 64 Saint
38 Thought Space Athletics Coalesce
39 Innova IT
40 Dino Discs Pterodactyl
41 Lone Star Disc Mockingbird
42 Discraft Cicada
43 Innova TL3
44 Dynamic Discs Escape
45 Discmania Essence
46 MVP Servo
47 MVP Terra
48 Westside Hatchet
49 Lone Star Disc Lariat
50 Axiom Trance


Picture showing Dino Discs, one of the fastest growing disc golf brands.

Dino Discs made the top 50. The brand has a variety of molds tailored to young players who might be just starting out. If you have a young disc golfer in your life, or someone who struggles with heavier discs, have them check out the discs as Dino Discs.

Check out the Best Fairway Drivers of 2024 here.

Best Midrange Discs 2024

Rank Manufacturer Disc Name
1 Discraft Buzzz
2 Axiom Hex
3 Innova Pig
4 Innova Mako3
5 Infinite Discs Anubis
6 Innova Rollo
7 Thought Space Athletics Pathfinder
8 Discraft Buzzz SS
9 Innova Roc
10 Infinite Discs Chariot
11 Innova Roc3
12 MVP Reactor
13 Discraft Buzzz OS
14 Latitude 64 Fuse
15 Innova Toro
16 Discraft Meteor
17 Kastaplast Kaxe Z
18 Finish Line Discs Supra
19 Axiom Paradox
20 MVP Uplink
21 Thought Space Athletics Mana
22 Lone Star Disc Texas Ranger
23 Dino Discs Stegosaurus
24 Innova Wombat3
25 MVP Matrix
26 Discmania MD1
27 Dynamic Discs EMac Truth
28 Streamline Echo
29 Clash Discs Berry
30 Dino Discs Brachiosaurus
31 Discraft Comet
32 Infinite Discs Kon Tiki
33 Discmania MD3
34 Doomsday Discs Frag
35 MVP Deflector
36 Discraft Sol
37 Kastaplast Svea
38 Lone Star Disc BB6
39 Latitude 64 Claymore
40 RPM Discs Piwakawaka
41 Prodigy M4
42 Kastaplast Kaxe
43 Discraft Malta
44 Axiom Pyro
45 Clash Discs Peach
46 Innova Jay
47 Discraft Archer
48 RPM Discs Kotuku
49 Dynamic Discs Justice
50 Discraft Drone

Innova Rollo Midrange - Top Selling new release of 2023

The Innova Rollo was introduced last year as a roller disc for everyone. Apparently everyone wanted a roller disc, but because their sales took off and landed them in the top 10. We’ll have to see if the disc can sustain those hot sales.

Check out the Best Midrange Discs of 2024 here.

Top Selling Disc Golf Putters 2024

1 MVP Glitch
2 MVP Watt
3 Infinite Discs Alpaca
4 MVP Glitch
5 Innova Aviar
6 Infinite Discs Alpaca
7 Discraft Luna
8 Discraft Zone OS
9 Discmania Rainmaker
10 Discraft Luna
11 Discmania P2
12 Dino Discs Triceratops
13 Kastaplast Berg
14 Innova Aero
15 Infinite Discs Alpaca
16 Innova KC Pro Aviar
17 Kastaplast Berg
18 Viking Discs Rune
19 Kastaplast Berg
20 Infinite Discs Tomb
21 Infinite Discs Alpaca
22 Thought Space Athletics Muse
23 Discraft Zone
24 Innova Alien
25 Axiom Envy
26 Discraft Zone
27 Discraft Zone
28 Gateway Wizard
29 Innova Polecat
30 Axiom Envy
31 Axiom Envy
32 Thought Space Athletics Praxis
33 Infinite Discs Tomb
34 Infinite Discs Tomb
35 Prodigy PA-3
36 Discraft Zone
37 Discraft Luna
38 Kastaplast Reko
39 Infinite Discs Alpaca
40 Discraft Zone
41 Latitude 64 Pure
42 Discmania P1
43 Infinite Discs Tomb
44 Discmania P2
45 Infinite Discs Tomb
46 Axiom Proxy
47 Kastaplast Berg
48 MVP Anode
49 Gateway Wizard
50 Latitude 64 Pure

Kastaplast Falk and Berg. Top 50 Discs.

Kastaplast is a smaller brand that has amazing plastics and popular putters, the Berg and Reko. The Berg is the disc used by Infinite’s team member, Eric Oakley. Kastaplast is a Swedish company and the names of their discs are Swedish words: Berg = mountain, Falk = falcon, Reko = good, reliable or decent.

Check out the Best Putters of 2024 here.

More Best Disc Features

This is just a sample of the many best-selling disc features we have. Bookmark these links to find the best disc golf discs for you.



Best Midrange Disc Golf Discs for 2024

Best Disc Golf Midrange Discs of 2024 Banner

If you are in a disc golf scenario where you need more distance than a putter, but not the distance you need with a driver, you are in a perfect situation to use a midrange. The midrange, or ‘mid’, is a great tool for approach shots where minimal ground action is desired. They come in a variety of flight ratings so they can be used for a variety of different shots. Their slower speeds make them good starting discs for beginners.

In this blog, we’ll look at the best midrange discs for 2024. Just like similar blogs about the best putters, best high speed drivers and best fairway drivers, we’ll look at the top 50 based on sales at Infinite Discs. Then we’ll look at the highest rated mid’s. Finally, we want YOUR feedback. Comment below for your chance to win a gift card!

TOP 50 Midrange Discs

Graph showing the top midrange discs by sales percentage

Topping the list of the Best Midrange Discs of 2024 is the perennial champion, the Discraft Buzzz. The beadless buzz has been around for decades and is one of the most popular discs of all time. It has a neutral flight and can be thrown on a slight hyzer, which will flip to flat and cruise for a long, straight flight. The Buzzz is the choice of many top pros. It is available in pretty much any plastic made by Discraft. One out of every six midrange discs that Infinite sells is a Buzzz.

Second on the list is a newer mold, the Axiom Hex. The Hex has a flight similar to the Buzzz. Although it is a relatively new mold, its sales are boosted by Simon Lizotte. His popularity contributes to a lot of Hex sales. That’s what happens when you have popular flight numbers on a disc being used and promoted by a popular player.

Rounding out the top three is another ‘older’ mold, the Innova Pig. The overstable Pig experienced a resurgence a few years ago when Ricky Wysocki threw the mold as an Innova team member. The Pig has a different flight than the other two, being very overstable. It makes a great driving/approach disc, particularly in a headwind.

Top Buzz Plastics

Discraft Buzzz sales by Plastic Type Graph

The Discraft Buzzz in a variety of different plastics


The 20th anniversary of the Buzzz occurred last year, and a special edition of the mold was released. It came in Elite Z plastic, a variation of their popular Z plastic. The disc sold a bunch and the Elite Z was the number one plastic for the Buzzz. It accounted for 18% of all Buzzz’s sold. Discraft’s ESP plastic was second place at 15.4%. Their Signature ESP was third. It is the same plastic as ESP, but supporting a touring pro like Paul McBeth and Paige Pierce.

Top Midrange Brands

Top midrange brands graph showing disc golf brands that feature mids in the top fifty.

Although Innova and Discraft have the most molds in the top 50, this time Discraft takes the top spot with 9 molds. Innova is right behind them in second with 8 molds. MVP and Lone Star tied for third with 4 each. There was a four-way tie for fifth with Axiom, Infinite, Kastaplast and Dynamic Discs each having 3 molds in the top 50.

Highest Rated Midrange Discs

As part of its rewards program, Infinite Discs encourages customers to leave reviews for the discs and accessories they purchase. Along with a review, people can rate the products on a scale from one to five stars. We will now turn to those ratings to see which midrange discs rated the highest.

Highest Rated Midrange - Discraft Buzzz

Not only did the Buzzz sell the most, it is also tied for the highest rated. The Buzzz holds an average rating of 4.8 stars, which ties the Prodigy M4. The M4 is a slightly understable midrange. RPM’s Piwakawaka was just a bit behind the other two with 4.79 out of five stars

Highest Rated Very Overstable Midrange Discs

These beefy discs have massive amounts of fade, and are not for everyone. If you have enough skill and arm speed, you may be in the market for one of these discs and want to check them out. Because these discs are all rated high, I didn’t include them in the overall ratings. Otherwise it would look exactly like this section. If you get one of these molds, you are looking for something extra beefy, and they all deliver. That may be why the high ratings.

Legacy Pursuit, highest rated overstable midrange disc.

The highest-rated very overstable midrange disc is the Legacy Pursuit. The Pursuit has a fade rating of three and an average rating of 4.89 out of five. The Yikun Crossbow has even beefier fade of 4. It is rated just below the Pursuit with a rating of 4.88. Legacy has two molds in the top three, with the third place going to the Legacy Recluse.

Highest Rated Overstable Midrange Discs


RPM Kotuku

Looking at the highest rated overstable midrange discs we see the RPM Kotuku. RPM is a New Zealand brand with a decent number of available molds. Check out their discs with their unique naming structure HERE. The Kotuku has a rating of 4.83.

The Innova Roc takes the second place with a rating of 4.74. Two Trilogy discs tied for the last podium spot. Westside Discs Gatekeeper and the popular Dynamic Discs EMAC Truth both have ratings of 4.70.

Highest Rated Understable Midrange Discs

Prodigy M4 - Highest rated understable mid

If you want a midrange that will give you a little (or a lot) of turn in your its flight, you will want an understable mid. They are also good for beginners because they help with a longer flight while beginners develop their form. They are also great for approaches or drives in a tailwind.

The highest rated understable midrange comes from Prodigy. It is their slightly flippy mid, the M4. The M4 has a rating of 4.80 out of five stars. The next highest rated disc is another mold from New Zealand, the RPM Piwakawaka. Two molds tie for the last spot on the understable mid podium. Dynamic Discs Bounty and the Discraft Meteor both tied with a rating of 4.73.

Highest Rated Stable Midrange Discs

Mako 3 Highest Rated straight flying midrange

Stable midrange discs have little or no turn, and little or no fade. The fly straight or whatever line you put them on. Stable mids are valuable work horses that get used a lot. The highest rated of this type of mid is the Innova Mako3, with a user-rating of 4.74. Next up is the Infinite Discs Anubis. It has an average rating of 4.71. The Latitude 64 Compass takes the last spot in the category, with a rating of 4.67

What are Your Favorite Midrange Discs?

Give Us Your Opinion for a chance to Win a Gift Card!

Those are our lists of the best midrange discs with sales and ratings data. Let’s add to the data by hearing from YOU! Answer one or more of the following questions:

1 – What is your favorite midrange?
2 – What is your favorite over/understable midrange?
3 – What do you think will be the best midrange for next year?

Let us know if the comments below. We’ll select five random commenters and send them an Infinite Discs Gift card (make sure you leave a valid email address!) You can keep track of all current Infinite giveaways HERE

Best Disc Golf Fairway Drivers for 2024

Best Fairway Drivers of 2024 Image

Disc golf drivers can be broken down into two categories: Distance drivers and fairway drivers (also called ‘control drivers’). For longer shots most disc golfers reach for their distance drivers. For more controlled or technical shots, control drivers are the go-to type of driver. They have slightly slower speeds, more narrow rims, and are easier to throw at a speed that will allow shaping your shot.

Top Selling Fairway Drivers

Much like our Best Putters of 2024 and Best Distance Drivers of 2024, this week we will look at the Best Fairway Drivers of 2024. We’ll look at the top selling molds, the most popular brands, and the highest rated discs. Let’s start by checking out the top 50 according to Infinite Discs sales:

Graph Showing the Top Selling Disc Golf Fairway Drivers During 2023

Infinite Discs took the top three spots on the list, rounded out with the third-place Centurion. One place in front of the Centurion is the popular understable fairway driver, the Sphinx. Taking the top spot by a sizable margin is the Infinite Discs Dynasty. The Dynasty represents over 6% of all fairway drivers sold, and is coming up on its two-year birthday (Approved Jan. 2022). It is a signature disc for a couple touring pros. Both Eric Oakley and Maria Oliva throw the speed 9 Dynasty.

Infinite Discs Dynasty in a Basket - The #1 Fairway Driver of 2023

Top Dynasty Plastics

Checking out the Dynasty sales we see that nearly one in four discs sold was in Signature Halo S-Blend. That is Eric Oakley’s signature disc. The second-most popular plastic is the more overstable C-Blend Glow. Third and fourth were close, with Signature Swirly S-Blend and C-Blend taking about 9 percent of the sales each.

Graph showing the sales of Dynasty Fairway Driver

Top Fairway Driver Brands

Although Infinite’s mold took all three spots of the podium, there were two other brands that had more discs in the top 50. Once again, Innova and Discraft are number’s one and two for the most molds, and combined they have 20 percent of the molds in the top 50. Innova is in first with a whopping 13 molds, nearly doubling Discraft’s seven molds. Infinite has 6 molds. Smaller brands such as Dino Discs and Finish Line joined Doomsday, Dynamic Discs, and Kastaplast, all having one mold in the top 50.

Graph showing most popular disc golf brands for fairway drivers

Highest Rated Fairway Drivers

Shifting from the best disc golf fairway drivers based on sales, we look at the highest rated fairway molds. Infinite Discs allows customers to rate individual discs and products to help other disc golfers see how other people feel about discs and accessories. If you would like to contribute YOUR reviews you can earn points that can be redeemed for gift cards.

A quick check of the highest rated fairway drivers and we see that the Infinite Discs Sphinx is the highest rated with 4.89 out of five stars. The second place Centurion is just a tick behind the Sphinx with 4.88. Taking third place for the highest rated fairway driver is the first mold from Thought Space Athletics, the Mantra. It has an average rating of 4.86. It’s easy to see why these three sell so many discs. Based on the reviews, people really love them!

Highest Rated Overstable Fairway Drive

Innova TeeBird3 Highest Rated Overstable Fairway Driver

Our website has two different classifications of Overstable. The “Overstable” classification is used for slightly overstable discs, while the “Very Overstable” classification is used for the real meat hooks of disc golf, those discs that are overstable for players of all abilities.

The highest-rated overstable fairway driver is a mold that has been part of the disc golf scene for a couple of decades. That mold is the Innova TeeBird. It tops the list with a rating of 4.76 out of five stars. Just behind the TeeBird is the second-place Discraft Raptor, with an average rating of 4.75. Discraft also holds third place with its slightly overstable Undertaker. The speed 9 Undertaker is rated 4.73

Highest Rated Stable Fairway Driver

Infinite Discs Centurion, best straight flying neutral driver

Fairway drivers that have minimal high-speed turn and fade are considered ‘stable’.  These discs can be shaped to suit the needs of a particular situation. The mold with the highest rating in this category is the Infinite Discs Centurion. The speed 7 Centurion has a little bit of turn at high speed, and a relatively mild fade at the end of its flight. It has an Infinite rating of 4.88, making it one of the higher rated discs of any category. In second place for fairway drivers is the Discmania Essence, rated at 4.79. A couple tenths behind the Essence is the Innova TL3. The TL3 is a faster version of the TL, which is a less overstable version of the TeeBird. It has an rating of 4.59

Highest Rated Understable Fairway Driver

Flight ratings of understable Sphinx

Sometimes you need a bit more turn on your throws in order to either shape the shot you want, or keep turning over until you get a roller. In other words, you need something understable. Here is a list of some of the highest-rated molds that have a bit more understability in their flight.

Sitting at the top of the list as the highest rated and top selling understable fairway driver is Infinite Discs’ Sphinx. It is a flippy speed 9 disc that can definitely give you some turn in your flight. The Sphinx is rated at a whopping 4.89 out of five stars. Second place is another speed 9 mold, TSA’s Mantra. It is rated at 4.86. In third place with a pretty high rating is the Axiom Insanity. The Insanity is rated 4.71.

What are Your Favorite Fairway Drivers?

Let us know your favorites!

Those are our lists of the top fairway drivers with sales and ratings data. Let’s add to the data by hearing from YOU! Please answer one or more of the following questions:

1 – What is your favorite fairway driver?
2 – What is your favorite over/understable fairway driver?
3 – What do you think will be the best fairway driver for next year?

Let us know if the comments below.

We selected five random commenters and gave them an Infinite Gift Card. Congrats to the winners:

Drew H – Is favorite fairway driver is a TSA Votum. He likes its reliability.

Kevin M – Tops on his fairway list is the Latitude 64 Explorer

James V – He likes both the Birdie Strike and the Discmania FD

Morgan L – A disc golfer after my own heart, chooses the Infinite Discs Sphinx

Matt Y – He is bagging the Discmania FD

Find out about current giveaways HERE

Best Disc Golf Distance Drivers for 2024

Emperor Distance Driver - Best Selling Driver of 2023

When you want to get the most distance from your drives, you’re usually reaching for your high-speed drivers. Also called distance driver, this type of disc has the widest rim of all types, and the usually require the most skill to maximize the achievable distance. They are the super-athlete of the disc golf world, since they hold distance records, and are used by pros and amateurs alike. Much like our Best Putters of 2024 blog (HERE), we will look at the sales data to find the best disc golf distance drivers for 2024, and give you some ideas of discs you might want to try.

Top 50 Best Disc Golf Distance Drivers for 2024

Graph showing the top 50 distance drivers based on sales in 2023

The very top distance drivers for sales were similar to last year’s list. A couple molds changed position though. Taking the top spot for sales is the Innova Wraith. The Wraith is a speed 11 disc from Innova that has a flight similar to the other top discs on the list. Taking second is the Infinite Discs Emperor, followed by the most popular driver of all time, the Innova Destroyer.

Checking out the top plastic sales for the number one Wraith we find that the most popular Wraith plastic sold is Star plastic. Star plastic outsold second place Gummy Champion by three times! It was responsible for over a third of all Wraith sales last year. The third place most popular plastic is GStar.

Here are links to the top 10 discs on the top 50 list.

  1. Innova Wraith
  2. Infinite Discs Emperor
  3. Innova Destroyer
  4. Infinite Discs Pharaoh
  5. Infinite Discs Maya
  6. Innova Mamba
  7. Infinite Discs Aztec
  8. Thought Space Athletics Construct
  9. Innova Tern
  10. Innova Beast

Check out the top selling drivers HERE

Most Brands In The Top 50

There are twelve different brands who have a disc in the top 50 best discs. Let’s take a look at which brands are represented, and how many molds they have.

Disc Golf brands with best selling drivers. Innova tops the list with 11 other disc golf companies having at least one disc that made the top 50.

Two brands make up 40% of the entire list of top 50 distance drivers. Innova and Discraft are two of the biggest brand on earth, and are staples in the disc golf world. It’s never surprising to see those two on the top of any list.

Taking the last podium spot is Infinite Discs, but MVP and Thought Space Athletics were nipping at their heels. Several other smaller brands also made the top 50 list: Lone Star Discs, Clash Discs, and Finish Line Discs also had at least one mold each in the top 50. Lone Star is the most senior of those three brands, but has still only been selling discs for a little over three years.

Top Rated Drivers

We’ve looked at the sales data for the top distance drivers, and now we’ll look at the top RATED discs. The infinite discs website allows customers to leave feedback and ratings on discs and accessories, and is a good resource for finding highly rated disc products. Let’s look at some of the distance drivers with the highest ratings.

Highest Rated Distance Drivers

Infinite Discs Emperor - Highest Rated Distance Driver for 2024

Taking the number one spot with the highest consumer rating for distance drivers is Infinite Discs’ popular high-speed driver, the Emperor. The speed 12 driver has a popular flight that features a little turn with a reliable solid fade. It is available in numerous plastic types. It is also the signature disc of some of the top pros. The Emperor has a 4.83 rating out of 5.

Two discs tied for the second place spot, both with an average rating of 4.78 out of five, are the Streamline Trace and the Infinite Discs Aztec. Both the Trace and the Aztec have similar flight ratings, the Trace being a speed 11 and the Aztec a speed 10.

Highest Rated Overstable Distance Drivers

Discmania Power Driver - Higest Rated Overstable Driver of 2023

Since the Emperor is considered an overstable driver and is the highest rated driver, it is obviously going to be the highest rated overstable driver. Since we talked about the Emperor above, let’s explore the next-best rated disc. In second place with 4.71 stars out of five is Discmania’s PD. The popular PD is a great disc for headwinds, or when you need a strong fade at the end of its flight. It is also the signature disc of several pros. The third highest rated overstable distance driver is the Innova Wraith, rated at 4.68 out of five.

Check out the top 20 overstable disc golf distance drivers HERE and you can see all the top molds and what’s on sale!

Highest Rated Understable Disc Golf Driver

Infinite Discs Maya - Best Understable Driver of 2024

Looking at the other end of the stability spectrum we have the highest rated understable drivers. Topping the list are discs from Infinite, Innova, and Discraft. The currently highest-rated disc is the Infinite Discs Maya. Currently with a 4.68 rating, the Maya is a great high-speed disc golf maximum distance. With its understability the Maya is capable of giant turnover shots for some crushing drives. Or it can pick up some long distances on the ground as a roller.

The Innova Tern is the second-highest rated mold in this category with a rating of 4.63. The Tern has been a popular disc since it was released a decade ago. Like the Maya, it gives disc golfers a flight that can carve a lot of distance out of a long hole. It is available in most Innova plastics. Taking third place in the category is the Discraft Thrasher, with 4.57 out of five stars.

Check out the top 20 understable disc golf distance drivers HERE and you can see all the top molds and what’s on sale!

Highest Rated Stable & Straight Flying Drivers

Best Stable flying drivers of 2024 Infinite Dsics Aztec and Streamline Trace

Checking out distance drivers with a more neutral flight, meaning little turn and a less aggressive fade, we find the stable Aztec and Trace in a tie for the title of Best Stable Distance Driver. As mentioned above, the Aztec and the Trace have different speed ratings, but the same general flight. They both have a slight turn in flight, followed by a consistent, but not hard fade.

Having a nearly identical overall Infinite rating as the Aztec and Trace is the Discmania Enigma. Also nearly identical in flight numbers to the Aztec and Trace, the Enigma is slightly faster than Trace. The three discs that are the highest rated represent a similar flight at three different speed ratings. They would be excellent for a variety of skill levels.

Check out the top 20 stable disc golf distance drivers HERE and you can see all the top molds and what’s on sale!

Let Us Know About YOUR Favorite Drivers!

Those are our lists of the top distance drivers with sales and ratings data. Let’s add to the data by hearing from YOU! Answer one or more of the following questions:

1 – What is your favorite distance driver?
2 – What is your favorite over/understable distance driver?
3 – What do you think will be the best distance driver for next year?

We chose five random commenters to win an Infinite Discs gift card. Here are the winners, and their disc choices.

Caleb D – Caleb’s favorite distance driver is a Wraith. When he wants more stability, he reaches for his Destroyer or Slab. He predicts the Wraith will remain on top.

Marc H – A GStar Innova Corvette is at the top of Marc’s list of favorite drivers. For understable drivers, he throws a Viking Berserker. For overstability her prefers a Pharaoh. He thinks the Time Lapse will be the best driver next year.

Landon B – His favorite driver is a Ballista.

Ismael L – Ismael’s favorite driver is an I-Blend Emperor. For stability he’ll grab a Emperor. He plans on keeping the Emperor in his bag, along with a Trespass.

Jake Z – Favorite Driver: Valkyrie. For overstability he likes a Roman. When he needs a little turn, he throws a Hades. Jake thinks the Zeus will be number one next year.

1 2 3 9