Disc Golf & Big Box Stores

I have heard recently that in order for disc golf to succeed, and disc golf manufacturers to take off, it needs to make it into big box stores, like Wal-Mart. I have two quick responses for that, and then would like to explain why Wal-Mart and other big box stores generally would not be good for disc golf.

  1. Some Wal-Mart locations and other big box stores already have disc golf gear.
  2. Second, big box stores are not good for disc golf.

Finite Amount for Discs

The heading for this section has a bit of irony, because at Infinite Discs, we understand that there is a finite (specific number) number of discs to satisfy the demand for disc golf. Meaning, just because Wal-Mart suddenly purchases 2 billion discs, does not mean that consumers are going to purchase 2 billion discs. With the finite number of discs that can be sold, those discs should be purchased at shops and stores which focus on disc golf.

On the other hand, I understand that a number of purchases are impulse purchases, and the more exposure to discs increases the likeliness for sales. So in some part, yes, disc golf sales would increase if consumers were exposed to discs more often. Disc manufacturers would benefit from the disc sales, and so would the big box stores – but what would the big box stores do with that profit?

Return for Disc Golf From Big Box Stores

Disc golf is a back-scratch community, which big box stores can’t relate to. Why? They see disc golf as nothing more than coming in the door and going back out, they maximize profit by moving product quickly and stocking what will sell now. If disc golf is not selling in 5 years, they aren’t worried.

Return for Disc Golf from Disc Golf Stores & Businesses

Disc golf stores want to maximize profit as well, there’s nothing wrong with maximizing profit. However, disc golf stores like ours will only maximize profit by helping the sport. If disc golf is not selling in five years, that’s bad news.

In every case I can think of, disc golf stores, manufacturers, and vendors are small – they not only care about the growth and expansion of the sport, their lives literally depend on it. They are invested in watching disc golf grow.

So, what do companies like us at Infinite Discs do, we go out and promote the sport. In some degrees it could be called selfish. Before my livelihood depended on disc golf two years ago, I enjoyed the sport casually. Once I became a co-owner of Infinite Discs, I started evangelizing the sport like I had never done before.

For example, the Cache County Fairgrounds which is a new course and one of the best in the state of Utah, and a large reason why it is in place is due to Infinite Discs. Many other stores do similar things. I would not claim the Fairgrounds as a project that Infinite Discs started, that thanks goes to a passionate disc golfer named Brandon Merzlock (thanks Brandon!), but it was one that we were highly interested in seeing become a reality for my love of the sport and desire to provide for my family. We did the proposal to the county advisory board, we organized a majority of the labor and money to make the course become a reality. Today, just three months in, the Fairgrounds management is amazed by the number of disc golfers who come through on a daily basis, in a town that barely knew about disc golf. Locally sales have been better because of the course, therefore we can afford to sponsor the Cache Valley Classic Disc Golf Tournament. If you live in Utah or Idaho, come the inaugural year of the Cache Valley Classic!

When capable, we also inject money and sponsorship back into the disc golf community and help tournament payouts become even better. We help fan pages when possible as well. Of course, we are not currently capable of helping every tournament, but we do what we can.

In conclusion, I once heard “every dollar you spend is a vote you cast.” So I encourage you, fellow disc golfer, go and support the stores that support disc golf and watch the sport continue to flourish. Every dollar you spend at a disc golf shop, like ours (or at ours!), you vote for improved disc golf. Not to mention, we’re actually more affordable than the chain stores.

And as a final reminder, always be courteous to others, and respectful of the courses in which you play.

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