Doppelganger Headbanger2 Harrisville Doubles Tournament

Doppleganger Headbanger

Doppelganger2 Results:

Rec Division

Jim Packard Mark Fawson 67
Brandon Nelson William Price 67
Casey Songer Mike Malmborg 68
Andy Schofield Nick Johnson 71
Guy Gilbert Garrett Frost 73
Fraser Fraser 74
Justin Head Brian Allen 81
John Shelton Cole Phillips 84


1 Casey Lee Nick Lopez 50
2 Alan Barker Jace Smellie 56
3 Joel Langford Kellan Doom 59
4 Kevin Cook Derek Delgado 60
4 Cameron Curtis Curtis Pressler 60
6 Jake Hanks Rex Harris 61
8 Shawn Christopherson Dustin Messerly 62
8 Jake Songer Joey Hale 62
10 Shane Hill RJ Rodgers 63
10 Taylor Pingree Kaden Schleiper 63
12 Josh Kirby Dustin Kirby 64
13 Dylan Durrant Ted Hegemann 65
13 Matt Wischmann Chad Mucha 65
15 Derek Cheswick Damon Cheswick 66
15 Terry Adams Rich Alexander 66
17 PJ Ones Teamate 69
18 Dustin Beier Justin Elliot 71
19 Nat Arendtsen Dave Hoggan 76


1 Steve Suhaka Bob Davies
1 Sean Kelly Hank Storey
3 Jim Gerdes Jade Sewell
4 T2 Brodey Sewell


Doubles tournament. Scramble style. (Both players throw, best shot is selected, repeat)

Cash prizes for Open division.

Amateur divisions will be paid generously in Infinite Bucks (In-store credit at Infinite Discs). All amateur players will receive a disc voucher good for any stock disc available at Infinite Discs. Infinite Discs will have a healthy selection of discs available that can be redeemed the day of the event.

Thanks to all who participated in April for the ‘Antarctica’ version of this event.
We had about 60 players and nobody sniveled about the freezing wind or driving snow. (freak storm)

The Harrisville 9-hole course will be altered to accommodate team style play. 3 new temporary holes will be added for this tournament.

12 holes, 2 consecutive rounds (24 holes total).
Watch for our sign-up website to become activated.
$30 per player

Teams will be categorized based on the most skilled member (for example: If an open pro joins with an intermediate player, the team will be slotted into the open category). Both team members must be female to qualify for women’s category.
Younger players are welcome but will compete against int/rec category. (no alt tees, no junior category)

Open players will not get a players pack. Winners will be paid out 100% cash money.
The remaining categories will be paid generously with Infinite Bucks from Infinite Discs of Utah.

This tournament will include In-round side games such as ctp, and straightest long drive.
Prepare to be challenged and entertained.

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This event is FULL.

Tournament will include In-round side games such as ctp, ace pot, and straightest long drives.
Prepare to be challenged and entertained.
Sponsor-Added cash and prizes


Infinite Discs

Vibram Disc Golf


Doppelganger: noun ‘An apparition or double of a living person’
Headbanger: noun ‘A well thrown disc golf shot that lands under the basket putting the thrower in danger of injuring their cranium on the basket cage when bending to retrieve the disc.’


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