Quick Tip Tuesday – Crafting Better Hyzer Lines


For your Quick Tip Tuesday this week, Infinite team member Eric Oakley shares his expertise on throwing more accurate hyzer lines.

First, each disc has a different level of stability, which means each is going to react to a hyzer line differently. Understanding your discs in this way will help you better craft the hyzer line you are looking for.

Second, practice releasing each disc on different height angles. This will give you a lot more unique and particular lines to help you achieve the shot you are looking for.

And Third, get out into the field and test your own discs! How beat in your discs are can also determine their hyzer flight path. Let us know in the YouTube video comments which disc you like to release on hyzer the most!

See the full tip by watching the video on our channel –>


Tara is the Infinite Discs social media marketing manager and communication specialist. She appreciates the chance to share her expertise and skills with the disc golf community.

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