State of Disc Golf Survey: 2015

As disc golfers we like to know how our sport is doing from year to year. This annual survey was created to answer questions and help us all see our sport more clearly. The results will help us track growth, changes, and opinions about discs, manufacturers, and the evolution of the sport.

The results of this survey will be published in 2015, as a series titled “The State of Disc Golf 2015.” Results from the 2014 survey were beneficial

Share for Statistical Accuracy

To maximize statistical accuracy, we need your help spreading the word. Last year this survey had a margin of error of +/- 2.5% with 1,400 respondents. To get a margin of error of +/- .5%, we need 9,000 people to take this survey. After completing the survey, please share it with as many people who have ever thrown a disc that you know. Share it via social media, word of mouth, emails, etc.

This survey takes 10-15 minutes.

Survey Availability

On December 14th at midnight, this survey will close. Once closed, results and analysis will be compiled by an independent party, unaffiliated with disc golf manufacturers or retailers.

Survey Giveaway: $1320 in merchandise

Infinite Discs will be hosting a giveaway with more than $800 worth of prizes. The prizes are donated by companies who will be identified after the survey has completed; to avoid bias, sponsors and prizes are not identified at this time. Simply put, the prizes are worth your 10-15 minutes.

If you have any questions, please e-mail

If you have any feedback, please e-mail Thank you!


  • Fun survey. Thanks for allowing me to review my own disc golf history!

  • love that you guys are doing the state of disc golf again…the sport needs a solid base of player input to help keep it growing in the right like this is a great tool for presenting to park boards and city administrators that are interested in learning about disc golf and the benefits of having a course or two in their area…thanks Infinite and keep up the good work..KF

  • Good stuff!!

  • As a new player myself I’ve noticed the scene, in and around my club, has changed dramatically over the last year. I think the newer manufactures need to target the incoming players like Innova does if they want to see an increased market share. Honestly, starting with Innova’s 3-peice starter set taught me how the numbering system works. I’m afraid to branch out with new discs because every time someone tries to describe a new disc to me, it is always “It throws like _____ Innova disc.” Why wouldn’t I just get the associated Innova disc since I know the company?

  • I love the fact my cousin talked me into trying it best thing that I ever did sports wise

  • Thanks for doing the survey keep it up!

  • Anything to grow the sport!

  • You need 9600 to get a margin or error of +/-1% not 0.5%. Still pretty good!

    • It does depend on the sample size, which is also difficult to measure. This survey, will also be acknowledged as a non-scientific survey, as respondents are self-selecting. However, non-scientific or not, as long as the methodology is acknowledged, results will be accurate!

  • As everyone knows not a lot of females play disc golf so I would love to get this sport well known across the world! I play tons of tournaments and can’t imagine playing any other sport. Love the Florida courses!! Check them out 🙂

  • Even if I was introduced to Disc Golf in 2001, this year was the time for me to transit from expensive ball golf to Disc Golf as it afforded me more rounds of game cost wise. I love Disc Golf and the sense of comrade that entails the sport. Beginning in 2015, i’m going to work on my throwing skills and start playing in PDGA sanctioned tournaments under Grandmaster category. Maybe Open just for the fun of it.

  • This survey took a full 10 extra minutes just to help disc sellers get data that most of us cannot even supply. You really needed us to check off ‘I don’t know’ over 100 times?

    Here are few of many more important issues.
    -Getting women, kids, seniors to play.
    -Getting better courses.
    -Saving good courses that are threatened.
    -Easier, more affordable Am events.
    -Do players need to clean up our act?

  • It would be very helpful if there was a survey to rate the effectiveness of the state coordinators.

  • Love disc golf

  • Good survey, I would have asked more questions about drug use on the course.

  • Veronica Jefferson

    Would love to have TD’S in tournaments have to allow females and all juniors to join tournaments even when a tournament fills up quick…we are always out numbered and many times there are 4 or less competitors in these divisions and we are turned away due to no spots left in a tournament…This is a growing sport and I feel we need to get more women into this sport and a junior should never be turned away in any tournament no mater what the numbers are…My 12 year old found out late about a tournament in Tahoe so we drove up hoping to get a spot and he was turned away even though they only had 3 juniors in the tournament registered so he ended up Caddying for his friend who was a junior in the tournament. We also need to have more PDGA Sanctioned tournaments for women and juniors to compete in…The women’s global was amazing this year with the Daisy Chains and also the Monarch Series we need to have more sponsored events like these…Thank you 🙂

  • Looking forward to reading the results.

  • Interesting survey. I would like to see some questions about youth disc golf

  • This sport is amazing!!

  • Thanks for the chance to put my 2 disc worth in. Good survey…I agree a few more Q’s about drug use would be helpful. The base of the sport is with the youth and I wish they had some great local players to look up to who are drug free. So many positive aspects to this sport. Go play!!

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