Tour Storylines – The Open at Austin

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In the heart of TX, there’s no better pairing than cowboy hats and frisbees. We’re only 3 events into the season, and it’s shaping up to be the best yet.

The 1st Major’s in 48 hours, and there’s no time to catch your breath. In no particular order, here are the storylines you should remember or may have missed:

1 – They found a way to make a mostly great golf course.

For the Tour, the city of Austin is a perfect location to offer top disc golf. But last year, the obstacle to the match made in heaven was the course.

After an overhaul, Harvey Penick was notably better. For both divisions, the layouts were scorable with stroke swings found on every hole.

This created difficulty, separation, high ratings, and drama around every corner. Unfortunately, the drama was heightened by the poor weather.

Like last season, thunderstorms seem to follow the Tour. And with that unwanted guest, poor tee pad conditions are now a weekly conversation.

@simon_lizotte‘s 10ft drive

Without a standardized surface, players continue to complain and worry about injury. But outside of the things they can’t control, the Tour is doing what they can.

Complaints on Friday turned progress on Sunday

2 – The Tour forgot its green on Sunday.

Another week, another event ended in near darkness. Even with the luck of the Irish, the Tour struck out with thunderstorms, but all this could be changing next year.

During the press conference, Jeff Spring (DGPT CEO) hinted they’re in talks with the PDGA to allow pushed rounds by modifying the rule: “Under no circumstances should players be expected to return on a day following the last day of the regular scheduled rounds.”

This change sounds reasonable, but logistically, it’s a recipe for disaster. Whether it’s this option or more cuts, the weather will continue to be a storyline.

As for a positive change, Des Reading made her debut on live commentary. The 13x Major winner was met with high praise and requests to bring her back.

3 – Welcome to FPO 2024.

When you take a step back, it’s impossible to deny that this current era of FPO is the most competitive. And up even higher is Ohn Scoggins who laid a smackdown on the field.

Not only did she win by the biggest margin since 2021, but she also led in strokes gained tee to green, C2 putting, holes parked, and the highest FPO event rating in PDGA history.

At 42 years old, Scoggins is a fan-favorite inspiration. And now, she has half of the top 8 rated FPO events of all time.

It turns out the recipe for the highest ceiling is flex FH Destroyers and big putts.

4 – “I wanted to win so bad that normal life was difficult.”

The scriptwriters outdid themselves on Sunday.

  • Started as a showdown between Discmania’s young stars
  • Midday delay shortened MPO to 15 holes
  • Kyle Klein attempted a never before 3rd card win
  • Lead card pushed darkness
  • Niklas Anttila missed a 20-footer with 2 to go, clutched a barely visible 46’ putt on 17, and played 18 perfectly
  • His dramatic final putt prevented a glow-round playoff
  • History was made for Finland

For 2 years, Anttila made it his one goal to become the 1st MPO Finn to win a DGPT. And with that immense pressure, he went through so many close calls to finally achieve it.

Anttila is him. He’s the Nordic Phenom.

It was one of the most significant days in European disc golf history. And his legendary journey is just starting.


away from home like 6 months of the year, every year, and I sacrifice so much for this sport.” – Anttila (JomezPro)

5 – There were too many storylines.

It was a whirlwind weekend that eventually became a sprint. From broken records to sunset shootouts, there was action all over.

Here are some quick hitters:

  • Kristin Tattar had a 1000 event rating to continue her consistent march toward 1000 rated
  • With 4 months left of her pregnancy, Catrina Allen finished in the Top 10 for the 1st time since the 2023 European Open
  • Calvin Heimburg is back and doesn’t need a FH
  • Discmania’s three-headed dragon is scary: Anttila (23 years old), Klein (21), & Buhr (18)
  • Joey “Buckets” Anderson is no fluke and should’ve been the 2023 Rookie of the Year
  • Paul McBeth is showing signs of a return. At 22nd, he finally cashed and flexed some BH distance with a parked eagle on Hole 11
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