Tournament Sponsorship

You’re running a disc golf tournament, here is how we can help sponsor your event:

Custom Stamps:

We offer affordable prices for purchasing custom stamped discs from a variety of different brands.

Discount Prices for Gift Cards.

The best prizes for amateur player packs is the merchandise that the player actually wants. As a TD, it’s hard to know what each winner wants or needs. The way to give the best prizes is with disc golf related gift cards. This way the player can get exactly the disc golf products they want.

For leagues or tournaments, when we are mentioned as sponsors, we will sell gift cards at at a discounted price. We can make the gift cards any value you would like. If you want a $47 gift card for the first place winner and $38 for second place…. our system can do that.

For information about tournaments sponsorship opportunities, visit:


  • Hello infinite disc team! I plan on holding tournament series in 2020 across I-20 in the state of Georgia that include 5 different tournaments between March and October, 4 c their and 1 B tier. I love the idea of gift cards along with practical items for the players, as a players pack. I would love if infinite would be the title sponsor of the series of the 5 tournaments. My question was, am I able to purchase infinite banners for advertising of the tournament? Also would you be able to do custom stamp disc? Thank you for your time and all yall do!

  • I am looking to run my first tournament. I was wondering if you guys provide player packs? and is there a minimum that I’d have to order?

    thank you the up-and-coming Moonwalkers Disc Golf club Grand Rapids Michigan

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