Old Main Hill Trilogy Challenge

The 2015 Trilogy Challenge is now FULL

The Trilogy Challenge is a great event for disc golfers of all skill levels.

Beginners will get an ideal starter set with high quality golf discs.
Intermediate players get to try new discs from different companies, and get a taste of the disc golf tournament atmosphere.
Advanced players get three unreleased PDGA approved discs and can compete for a valuable prize package that includes the Dynamic Discs Soldier bag and premium Trilogy discs.
Everybody has fun and gets to play the stellar Old Main Hill disc golf course at the campus of Utah State University. This course has long holes, short holes, technical holes, mature trees, and lots of elevation changes.

Old Main is located at: 500 North 700 East, Logan UT 84321

All players receive a players pack valued more than $45 that includes:

  • (1) Westside Discs Elasto Sampo
  • (1) Dynamic Discs Fuzion Evidence
  • (1) Latitude 64 Retro Macana
  • (1) Trilogy Challenge Mini
  • (1) Mini Clipboard
  • (1) Mini Sharpie
  • (1) Trilogy Scorecard and Pencil

In addition to the Awesome players pack, Infinite Discs will be sponsoring additional prizes ithat can be won throughout the event.

The overall winner will win a Trophy Disc, Dynamic Discs Soldier Bag, and a selection of new Trilogy discs:

Based on registration, there may also be prizes for winners of Women’s and Junior’s divisions.

Tournament Format

The Old Main Course will have 18 holes. Players can choose to play in the recreational division (one round of disc golf on a fun temporary course with awesome new discs), or play two rounds and compete against the best disc golfers in Cache Valley for the grand prize.

Trilogy Challenge Options:

Recreational players can play 18 holes during the morning with their awesome new discs and be done with their disc golf round by noon.

Competitive players who want to compete for the grand prize will return to the course after lunch and play a second round of 18 beginning at 12:30. The lowest score (combined from both rounds) takes home the grand prize.

Card winners during the second round will win an Infinite Discs T-Shirt.

Players must use only the three new Trilogy discs provided in the players pack for all throws in the Trilogy Challenge.


To help raise funds for the Cache Valley Classic, players may purchase up to 5 Mulligans for $1 each. These Mulligans may be used during either round. When using a Mulligan, the player must use a different Trilogy challenge disc than was used for the first throw.

Trilogy Challenge Schedule

8:00 AM – Check In/Instructions
9:00 AM – First Round Tee Off (Everybody)
11:30 AM – Lunch Break
12:30 PM – Second Round Tee Off (Competitive Players)
3:00 PM – Awards


Registered Players

Recreational: (One Round)
Caleb Topham
Curtis Allen
Dan Caldwell
Derek Simmons
Eric Holt
Derek Stauffer
Joseph Carley
Jake Webb

Competitive: (Two Rounds)
Alan Barker
Bob Davies
Bobby Salazar
Brad Dicks
Brian butler
Carl Perkins
Chet Pettingill
Corban Perkins
Dalton Augustus
David Ekenstam
Drew Flitton
Dylan Durrant
Ethan Williams
Greg Steindorf
Jace Smellie
Jacob Serio
Jesse Long
Joshua Bryner
Kedrick Perkins
Keith Barker
Lorenzo Long
Matt Dicks
pj jones
Porter Long
Reuben Talbot
Robert Davidson
Shawn Wagner
Ted Hegemann
Terry Adams
Tony Pirtle
Tyler Murdoch
Barry Marks
Brandon Portlock
Andrew Jensen
Kevin Dyslin
David Cowan
Cameron Curtis
Adrian Toledo
Seth Worf
Brandon Clark
Troy LaMont
TJ LaMont

Stephanie Talbot

Course Map

USU Old Main Hill Disc Golf Course

Basket Assignments

1. Terry
2. Troy LaMont
3. Jacob Serio
4. Brandon Hart
5. Brandon Hart
6. Ted
7. Ted
8. Ted
9. Ted
10. Jace
11. Alan
12. Jimmy Hall
13. Alan
14. Alan
15. Dylan
16. Greg
17. Ted
18. Alex

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