2016 State of Disc Golf Giveaway Prizes

Infinite Discs State of Disc Golf Survey 2016

Alright, time to give away some goodies! We first want to thank everyone who participated in this year’s survey. We appreciate all the responses we got and we look forward to analyzing the data and putting together more articles for everyone to enjoy. This sport we all love is growing, and we are excited to be a part of it.

Now we want to thank all the manufacturers who donated prizes for this year’s giveaway. We were overwhelmed by the awesome support and prizes that these folks were willing to give away in support of this survey! Now without further ado, here are the prizes!

Big Prizes


Black_Hole_ProMVP Black Hole Basket (GONE!)


IMG_1421Discmania Grip Bag (GONE!)

Ranger_Bag2 Dynamic Discs Ranger Bags (GONE!)

Innova_Heropack2 Innova Heropack Disc Golf Backpacks (GONE!)



Discmania Discs:

DSC03572C-Line P2 175g

DSC03573D-Line P1X 175g

DSC03574S-Line DD 175g (GONE!)

DSC03575P-Line FD 175g (GONE!)

DSC03576Glow C-Line PD 175g (GONE!)

DSC03577S-Line DD2 175g

DSC03578G-Line TD2 175g

DSC03579C-Line PD2 175g

DSC03580C-Line MD 180g

DSC03581P-Line MD3 180g (GONE!)

Gateway Discs:

DSC035895 Eraser Voodoo (2) 174g, (3) 175g

DSC035885 OG Voodoo–(1) 173g, (3) 174g, (1) 175g

DSC035953 OG Warlock–(2) 170g, (1) 171g

DSC035962 OG Warlock 170g

DSC03583OG Magic 175g (GONE!)

DSC035824 OG Magic (2) 173g, (1) 174g, (1) 175g

DSC035852 OG Wizard 175g

DSC03586OG Wizard 175g

DSC03587OG Wizard 175g

DSC035845 SSS Wizard 175g

DSC035925 RFF Wizard 172g

DSC03593Eraser Wizard 175g

DSC035944 Eraser Wizard 175g

DSC035915 (4 LEFT!) SB Wizard 175g

DSC035905 SB Wizard 175g

Again, thank you Discmania, Dynamic Discs, Gateway, Innova, and MVP for your very generous donations to this giveaway! So this is how the giveaway will work! We will contact winners and they will be able to select one big prize (Basket or Bag) or any combination of 5 discs.

If you participated in the survey, watch your email inbox over the next few days to see if you have been selected as a winner!


  • Been throwing since 84. Love this sport

  • Love winning

  • So pumped!

  • Disc golf is at the proverbial tipping point. We need new golfers, new courses and more outreach to the non playing public. They decide the fate of our sport without ever playing a round of disc golf. All disc sports have to reach out to the public and invite them to play our disc sports with us providing the helping hand!

    • The best sport I ever picked up and l will teach and play as long as my body will let me.I never met anyone that didn’t like disc golf that tried it so get out there just throw and have fun.

    • It would be great to offer not only tournaments, but trailer those tournaments to newcomers. Prizes could be given to brand new players, etc.

    • Film crews. Competent active film crews. And live stream broadcasts of major pro events. Not kidding this would bring our sport to another level within a year. Be honest with yourselves you would pay a few bucks to watch a pro tournament live wouldn’t you. I WILL make this happen. Be ready

  • Thanks to you and all the companies that donated. It’s such a great sport and hope it continues to grow

  • I agree I love disc golf but I have to travel a long way to the nearest course. I wish there was one closer to Me.We need more new courses.

  • Have started a new page on Facebook, it is called, friends who love South Jersey Disc Golf. Have posted a few pictures, and a good article when I find one. Our motto Respect the grounds, Respect the rules, Respect the people. Further the sport. Teach the young.

  • I never win anything, so hearing the news yesterday that I was chosen put me in an eternally good mood. Bring on the MVP Black Hole Basket!
    Thanks Infinite Disc folks!

  • Just got the email today. Thanks infinite discs. I’ll take the Discmania Grip bag.

  • Bummer… looks like I never got the email for this. You can still pick me if you like!! 🙂 Great giveaway guys!

  • Cool prize. Took it up last year

  • Top notch-class from infinite discs. Another reason why they are my go to site for the largest and most affordable discs. I’ll take the Glow C-line PD 175G.

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