2016 State of Disc Golf Survey

Infinite Discs State of Disc Golf Survey 2016

It’s that time of year again! Time to reflect on the past year and add your contribution to the biggest survey in disc golf. This survey is extremely valuable to us and everyone involved in disc golf. The results will provide beneficial data for disc golf manufacturers, tournament directors, promoters, and parks departments that need evidence of the growth and potential of disc golf. This is your opportunity to make your voice heard.

This survey takes about 15-30 minutes to complete and will close the last day of January.


Over $1,000 of prizes given away to those who fill out this year’s survey. Prizes include discs, backpack bags, and a brand new disc golf practice basket. Last year we had over 9,000 responses, and we hope that number will continue to grow this year. Please share this survey with all of your disc golf friends and social media disc golf groups. Again, the results to this survey are invaluable to disc golfers everywhere, and everyone’s input matters.

If you have trouble scrolling through the format of the survey on mobile devices. Click this link to go directly to the survey.


  • Wow, great survey. I could go on…but I won’t. Great survey, enough said. 🙂

  • I think legacy and Westside are my favorite brands right now.

  • Age discrimination should be addressed. If a protected division isn’t offered during online registration. You can’t sign up. Drive to tournament to find “you have to play up”. Why? The division wasn’t offered during sign up. PDGA has said “we offer protected tournaments”, yeah, like 6 hours away. B tier and above should offer all divisions. Also, why are non members able to play and members excluded in lower tournaments. Membership should have it’s privileges.

  • I would have included questions about course design in the questionnaire. The biggest problem in my area is drainage. If it rains, you will be playing in mud for days.

    Perhaps, too, a question about, “What do you intend to purchase?” I’m waiting out for a pair of shoes with a protected toe.

  • Ray "Sunny" Stout

    I’m glad we found this game. It has given my family something we can do for light exercise and outdoor activity.

  • Much better than last year, but it’s still a ‘By and For the Manufacturers’ survey. A ‘State of the Game’ survey would include questions about course quality, course pros and local instruction, player behavior etc.

  • Enjoyable. I second everyone else who said more info about 2nd choices. My first choices are oldies but goodies but many of my 2nd choices are newer up and coming companies like MVP and Axiom.
    I also don’t like the elite-ness of the PDGA. I really havnt seen them do much for the sport other than “run things” and many locals “run things” better.

  • cool survey, but it would of been nice to have a “blank” question at the end asking what other areas we feel are crucial going forward … a few of mine would be what effect(s) all of the competing tours are going to have on the evolution of the sport & the inconsistencies between runs of the same disc model in the same (supposed) plastic by a majority of the manufacturers

  • Disc golf is now an official sport!!! Very exciting for the community, hopefully the sport does increase popularity tremendously in this next year, hope that others will share this very fun game with there friends…

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