2021 State of Disc Golf Survey

The Covid 19 pandemic caused havoc for disc golf during 2020. Its effects strained the supply chain, disrupted tournaments, and even closed many courses. But the effects of the pandemic also caused unprecedented growth for the sport.

With disc golf growing at an unprecedented pace, your input matters more than ever. The results this survey provides are beneficial for sponsors, tournament directors, disc golf companies, and parks departments considering adding disc golf.

This survey takes about 15-30 minutes to complete and will close on January 31st.

To review topics covered in past State of Disc Golf surveys, click the “State of Disc Golf” category in the sidebar for any appropriate year, or just click this link here.


Disc golf related prizes of all types will be given to random winners who fill out the survey. Past years prizes have included discs, bags, and portable disc golf baskets.

Please share the survey with your disc golf friends and disc golf social media groups. The results to this survey are valuable to disc golfers everywhere, and everyone’s input matters.

If you have trouble scrolling through the format of the survey within this blog post, click this link  https://forms.gle/FxYv3w5zDfL9pC9R8 to open the survey in a new tab.


  • @706 – Enjoy participating in the survey – get an ‘old timers’ viewpoint. I’m actually just the usual DG addict. Love the game. Started 1976 – Oak Grove, Pasadena Ed’s first course. Looking forward to the results. Still playing and going to tournaments – getting harder to find tournaments that offer age divisions. I understand – not many of us. Keep on playing it keeps you young.

  • The purchasing disc question was tricky. I get store funny money from AM tournaments. So technically I am not buying them, but they are from player pack awards. And if I’m lucky enough I get tournament winnings in store credits to spend.
    A better survey question might be along the lines of: How many new discs did you acquire in 2020? Of those discs, how many did you purchase from a local store? How many did you buy online? How many did you receive from tournament player packs or tournament winnings? How many did you receive as gifts or presents? **AND a funny one to add would be “How many discs did you find on the course?..and did you return them to the owner?”

  • Cool survey! First time taking it, but good idea, & good questions! Glad to be part of it!

  • Good survey, I think the questions could have been better as they related to play and Covid, and the tourney scene and Covid. Otherwise a fun survey to take. The results are always interesting.

  • Survey failed to ask and consider that I chose to isolate and avoid crowds. I avoided minis and bigger tournaments because of the risk of being in a crowd. As DGs learned how to provide tournaments with minimal crowd interaction I began coming back to play in a small group that could distance.

    Would really like to know if manufacturers are really overwhelmed with new business or the distancing requirements for employees is slowing down production or some combination of both.

  • Could yous come up with the results about which professionals are most liked

  • Any knowledge if the winners have been selected yet?

  • I am trying to get a disc golf course opened in my town. I did not see this survey, but would love to know some of the questions asked to see if they would be helpful in ascertaining how much interest is in my town.

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