Infinite Discs 3.0 is Live!

This is a big deal for us. We have spent countless hours working on our new website and now it is finally launched.

As with most new things technology, when new there are always errors and glitches. This is not just a Shopify site, but a custom built website that we have invested in designed specifically for disc golf sales.

Please be patient with us and we are working to resolve them. There are a number of images of non disc products that did not import successfully as well as other errors we are discovering.

If you have an error, please let us know by filling out the feedback form here. 

Some Exciting New Features

While browsing our new website, here are a few things to check out:

Smart Search Feature

Our new search bar is substantially more intelligent than our old site. Now if you type “Discraft” it will take you directly to the Discraft page.

If you type in a disc mold name it will take you directly to the disc model page rather show you individual listings of those discs. These new search features will save you time and make your disc golf shopping easier.

Disc Profile Images

One of the most frequent questions our customer service team is asked is “how domey is the disc”

Well, now you can look at them and see for yourself.

Because our old website did not have that feature, none of the old images feature the profile picture, but going forward you can expect newly added discs to include the profile picture.

Enhanced Flight Paths

New Infinite Discs Flight pathsThe flight paths displayed on now vary by plastic type. These flight paths are generated based on user ratings. You can now compare stabilities of different plastics in the same molds based on what previous reviewers have said when entering flight paths in their disc reviews.

With these new flight paths you can also adjust the dimensions based on throwing speed to get a better indication of how a particular disc will fly for you. You can also adjust this flight path based on if you through right handed, left handed, backhand or forehand.

Comparison Feature

New Infinite Discs Comparison FeaturesNow you can compare different discs side by side. Simply add them to your cart, and then compare helping you decided the best disc for you.

Many more to come…

These are just a few of the great new features of Infinite Discs 3.0. We will highlight more features in future posts.

Infinite Discs 3.0 is coming very soon…

Infinite Discs Circle Logo

10 years ago we sought out to create the best disc golf website. The most recent version of was really good for it’s time, but, it used some older technology and was built when we had 1/20th of our current traffic and a fraction of our current inventory.

For the last three years we have been working to create a better and more modern website version.

We are currently in the process of transferring our databases (more than 80,000 unique individual products) from our old website and server to a new, better website and faster server.

This new website will provide several advantages including:

  • Faster
  • Improved Functionality
  • Easier to Navigate
  • Ability to handle MORE Traffic at once.
  • Less likely to crash during hot releases
  • Better flight paths
  • 2nd Picture of Every Disc (showing each individual disks profile).
  • Exact scaled weight
  • And other great features to ensure that once again, is the best disc golf website.

However, transferring a database this long takes some time, and during the transfer, our retail site will be is down for a bit (we hope not too much longer).

But I NEED to shop disc golf right now!

We get it, sometimes shopping for disc golf equipment is a need.

In the meantime, you can shop at our Disc Golf Outlet Store

Wait, you didn’t know we have an outlet store?

Well we do. It’s focus is very different than with a much smaller selection, less information, and no individual pictures of every disc.

But, like the name implies. it has some really inexpensive discs. If you like cheap disc golf discs…




2023 State of Disc Golf Survey

2023 State of Disc Golf Survey

The President of the United States issued the State of the Union address last night. Now it’s time to find out the State of Disc Golf.

The State of Disc golf survey is conducted annually by Infinite Discs to help us find out trends and opinions among the disc golf community. After survey results are gathered, analysis of the results are published here weekly on our blog.

Past years surveys have discussed topics such as who we are as disc golfers, disc golfer demographics, brand popularity, how we play, practice, tournaments, disc golf clubs, favorite pros, disc golf media, discs we own, bag/cart preferences, and some controversial topics.

Take the State of Disc Golf Survey Here

Use this link to take the 2023 Survey

Why Take The State of Disc Golf Survey?

By taking this survey you are gathering fun information and helping out stakeholders within the disc golf industry. Results are valuable to disc golf companies, sponsors, tournament directors, course designers and local communities.

Win Awesome Disc Golf Prizes!

By taking the survey you’re also available for a variety of different disc golf prizes. In the past we’ve given away disc golf bags baskets carts, gift cards and lots of discs.

Prize winners are randomly selected and all you need to do to be eligible is to take the survey!

Read Previous State of Disc Golf Results

According to the 2022 survey results, Paige Pierce was overwhelmingly the most popular FPO player. We have a feeling this years results will be much different. With disc golf trends and popularity changing so quickly it’s fun to compare the different year by year trends.

Check out previous years state of disc golf articles state of disc golf articles here:

New Disc Golf Discs for 2023

With disc golf rapidly growing the number of new manufacturers and disc molds and plastic types continues to expand.

2022 was a record breaking year for new discs and 102 new molds were approved by the PDGA.

This list is regularly updated and displays the new disc golf discs of 2023 broken up by brand.

Doomsday Discs

Doomsday Discs is another new disc golf brand that resulted from the pandemic boom. Last year Doomsday introduced 8 different PDGA approved Molds as well as a few that are not nor ever will be approved for PDGA tournament play.

The first new Doomsday Disc, the bunker buster, is like something you have never seen before. It is an ultra understable wide diameter driver. Think Condor size, but with a Leopard rim.
New Doomsday Discs this year include:

Dynamic Discs

Dynamic is continuing to expand their line and support Ricky Wysocki with some awesome discs in 2023.

Elevation Disc Golf

Elevation Disc Golf is expanding their line of super soft rubber discs with what appears to be a new fairway driver, the Gecko.

Finish Line Discs

Finish Line Discs saw immediate success last year with the introduction of their first disc the ERA. Late in 2022 they also introduced the new Supra midrange. They have plans of releasing 5 new discs in 2023 beginning with the Pace Putter in February.


Full Turn Discs

Full Turn Discs, a company out of Branson Missouri who partners with Prodiscus to make their own line, will be releasing a new midrange called the Glide in 2023.



The #1 Manufacturer of Disc golf already has just about every possible disc you can think of, yet they still manage to come out with a few new molds each year. Their newest release the Charger is a high speed driver described as a mix of the Destroyer and Shryke (two of their best selling drivers). This disc has already been released and is now available.

Legacy Discs

After a relatively long break in new mold releases, the Legacy Disc Rebel was approved by the PDGA recently and will likely be released sometime in 2023.

Lonestar Discs

No other disc golf manufacturer has introduced so many discs in such a short period of time. In 2022 alone Lone Star introduced 22 new disc molds! This rapid growth of the Lonestar line doesn’t seem to be slowing with their increase of sponsored players.

Pie Pan Discs

Pie pan is a new disc manufacturer out of Ohio that Infinite Discs just discovered and first started selling the discs of this year. Thus far Pie Pan has the Grunt Driver and the Bagger Putter.

Premier Discs

Premier Discs is another new disc golf brand. Their new fairway driver the War Bear was recently PDGA approved.


Prodiscus has announced their first new release in several years with the PDGA approval of the Empire.

Terminal Velocity

The second disc in the Terminal Velocity Line is a driver called the Cervini. This disc was PDGA approved January 9th, and we expect a 2023 retail release.

Wild Discs

Wild Discs continues to expand their line and the manufacturers they use for their brand. New Wild releases for 2023 include:

Wing It Discs

Up and coming brand Wing It Discs will add a second disc to their arsenal early this year.  It appears it will be a new high speed Driver.

Other New Discs?

Do you know of any other new disc golf discs of 2023 that haven’t made our list? Comment below and we will do what we can to add them to

Will My Package Arrive By Christmas?

With Christmas drawing near, we have a lot of customers who want to know if their package will arrive by Christmas.

Our staff at Infinite Discs is doing all we can to ensure that your package will arrive by December 25th. All orders received by 4:30 PM MST, are shipped out the same day. With that said, we have to rely on the different parcel carriers for the actual delivery. We cannot guarantee any delivery by a certain date. Here are some guidelines for the last days you will want to order different items, if you want to make sure* they arrive before Christmas. Read this article if you’re looking for good Christmas Gift Ideas.

Small_PackageSmall Packages:

Safe Order Deadline to arrive by Christmas: Friday, December 16th.

Small packages (2 or less discs), towels, small accessories, mini’s, physical gift cards, etc. weighing less than 16oz will ship by USPS first class mail with a 2-5 day delivery.

Because we are located in Utah, areas in the Western United States are likely to receive packages in less transit time than those in the Eastern US. For those in the West there’s a good chance that you still might receive your package by Christmas if you order it before Dec 21st.

Assuming the worst with a 5 day delivery (in most instances it will be less), unless you make a Priority mail upgrade you will want to make sure your order is in by 4:30 on Friday, December 16th, 2022.

With Priority Mail Upgrade

If you pay extra for the “Shipping Upgrade” (2-5 day delivery), your likely safe date to receive by Christmas is extended two additional days to Monday, December 19th. The package will most likely arrive in time if the order is placed early in the day by Friday as well, but if your order is made after 4:30 PM on the 20th, and you NEED it by Christmas, contact and we can give you a quote of what the cost will be for expedited shipping.

MediamPackage_5890Medium Sized Packages:

Safe Order Deadline without Priority Upgrade: Monday, December 16th

For medium sized packages 5-11 discs and economy bags, we usually ship UPS Ground to Easern states and USPS Priority mail to Western States. Depending on your proximity to Utah, and the size of your package, these packages may also go USPS Priority Mail.  Orders received by 4:30 on Friday, December 16th, should arrive by Christmas.

UPS offers a service to estimate your approximate shipping time. Use this tool to see what they estimate for a shipment from Logan, Utah 84321 to your address with this tool.

If your order is made after December 16th, and you NEED it by Christmas, contact and we can give you a quote of what the cost will be for express delivery.

Large Packages

Safe Order Deadline: Friday, December 13th

IMG_5887Large packages including baskets, large backpacks, and 11+ discs are typically shipped by UPS ground, which can take up to a week to arrive depending on your location and proximity to Utah. It’s also important to know that many of these products are drop shipped directly from the manufacturer, who may not process your order as quickly as we do in house. If you want a large package to arrive by Christmas, you’ll likely be fine if your order is in by December 16th, but to be safe, you’ll want them in by 2:00 on Wednesday the 14th.

Unless you want to specifically arrange to pay a small fortune for expedited shipping, make sure you have them in early. Large packages are not eligible for USPS priority upgrade shipping. When shipping upgrades are made on our website, you receive expedited processing, but there are often no 3 day shipping options. Shipping large packages overnight or priority mail can literally cost you hundreds of dollars. If you need an expedited order for a large package, contact for a quote on your different shipping options.

International Orders

Safe Order Deadline: It Might Be Too Late

If you want something internationally, it might already be too late to get to you by Christmas. For international shipping we use UPS Mail Innovations which usually arrives to Canada and Europe within two weeks, but not always. So if you order before December 9th there is a good chance you will receive it by Christmas, but there is no guarantee.

There are expedited international shipping options, but they are very costly. Contact our support team if you would like a quote for expedited International delivery.

If you’re too late for a disc golf Christmas gift, There is always next year right? Or, consider a Happy New Year gift… But you don’t really need a reason to give somebody a great disc golf gift do you?

Gift Cards

Deadline to Arrive By Christmas: December 25th

The safest bet (and arguably the best Christmas gift for an avid disc golfer) is an E-Gift card. An email gift card code will be sent to you (or directly to the recipient) within seconds. The other nice thing about an electronic gift card is that you can personalize it any way you want. Print it up and put it in a card or a picture with an original poem you wrote, or a picture of yourself. Who doesn’t like a personalized gift? Or to make things super simple, just email the code directly to the recipient.

Overnight Shipping?

Safe Order Deadline: Nonexistent

What if I wait until the week of Christmas to make my order? Overnight and rushed 2 day shipping options are available, but these can get pricey and there are no promises on delivery time. This is not a safe option, however, if you would like to give it a try, email or call us before you make the order. The shipping price on these are determined case by case. Again, at this point, the best ordering option may be a gift card.

*In rare instances (less than 1% of all orders), packages get misplaced or lost by the individual carriers, or bad weather slows pickup or delivery, and packages do not arrive by the estimated time frame. We cannot guarantee that any package will actually arrive by Christmas.

Custom Disc Golf Discs

So You Want a Custom Disc Golf Disc?

You’ve seen them before. Those colorful discs with intricate designs that make them stand
out from the rest. Perhaps you’ve even been tempted to purchase one, but you weren’t quite sure what they were all about. Well, wonder no more! We’ll explore the world of custom disc golf discs and everything that goes into making them. From UV printing to fabric dyes, there’s a lot that goes into making these discs unique. And with so many professional dyers out there, the possibilities are endless!

The first step in creating a custom disc is starting with a premium plastic disc golf disc. If
you’re looking for a premium disc golf disc, look no further. We have the largest selection of premium plastic discs available. Use the advanced search tool to isolate white premium
plastic discs or select from already dyed discs you can purchase immediately.

Fabric Dyes

The most popular method for customizing discs is through the use of fabric dyes. This
method allows for a wide range of colors and designs to be applied to the discs. Fabric dyeing is often done by professional dyers who specialize in this type of work.

We’ve worked with several different dyers over the years to provide a unique selection of completely custom disc golf discs.

If you’re looking to create a custom disc golf disc, look no further than Jory Reid. He’s a professional dyer with years of experience in the industry and a large selection of colors and designs to choose from. His discs are made with high-quality materials and attention to detail, ensuring that your disc will be one-of-a-kind. Check out current Jory Fly Dye discs for sale here.

Hot Stamped Discs

At Infinite Discs we have two different hot stamping machines. A traditional single foil machine and a custom built three foil machine that allows us to have three different foil colors on each disc. This allows us to create some unique custom options. Anyone can order custom stamps as part of our custom stamp program here.

The disadvantage of hot stamping is that their is a substantial cost to each stamp plate. It currently costs about $100 for each stamp plate, which means an up front cost of $300 for a triple foil job. Because of this significant up front cost, custom hot stamping doesn’t make a lot of sense unless you plan to do large quantities of discs.

Custom Hot stamping is an excellent choice for tournaments and special events. To be cost effective, you typically want to order at least 100 hot stamp discs.

UV Printing on Discs

Another popular method for customizing disc golf discs is UV printing. This involves using a
special printer to apply a design to the disc. The design is then cured with UV light, which
makes it permanent. This method is great for complex designs or for reproducing logos and other images on discs. Innova uses this popular method to create their latest full color
InnVision stamps. Check out the Invision Wraith here.

Some sites allow you to create and upload a specific design or photo for a full-color custom disc golf disc. Infinite Discs has plans to make this an option on a variety of different blank discs in 2023. We should have lots of fun possibilities available at low quantities with this exciting technology.

If you’re looking for a truly unique disc golf disc, there are plenty of options available to
you. From UV printing to fabric dyes, there’s a lot that goes into making disc golf discs one-of-a-kind. And with so many professional dyers out there, the possibilities are endless!

Find or create your perfect custom disc today!

PDGA Worlds Week – What to Look For

PDGA Pro Worlds Logo 2022

This is arguably the biggest week of the year for the disc golf world. It is THE week when a World Champion will be crowned.

Now, the reality is that the PDGA Disc Golf World Championship is basically just another disc golf tournament. It’s a little bit longer than most pro events, but the only thing that matters is how an individual player plays this week. It doesn’t matter how well they’ve played the rest of the season, what matters is how they perform right now. The different between Worlds and any other tournament is the history of the event and the Title associated with the winning it.

If you don’t think there is anything different between this and other tournaments, ask Paul McBeth or Paige Pierce what they think. Even better, watch the documentaries on the Disc Golf Network.

To help you prepare for the drama of Worlds, Jace (used to be our main blog writer, now the editor at Disc Golf Reviewer) has broken down the narratives of who and what to watch among the MPO field.

MPO Players and Narratives to Watch For

Today the 2022 PDGA Disc Golf World Championship kicks off in Emporia, Kansas. Worlds is the biggest event in our sport, and after last year’s “Holy Shot” and phenomenal playoff finish, there is a tangible buzz in the air leading up to this year’s MPO event. The drama of last year’s
event and the pandemic have drawn a lot of new eyes to professional disc golf. So whether you are new to Worlds or you’ve been following since the Ken Climo days, here are some names and narratives to follow as you take in all 5 rounds of the high disc flying action this week.

Ricky Wysocki


Ricky Wysocki enters Worlds as one of if not the presumptive favorite to win the event and make himself a 3x World Champion. He has had an excellent 2022 season on tour with wins at Texas States, Ledgestone, and DDO, the latter was of course played on the same courses he will be navigating this week in Emporia.

There are lots of narratives to keep tabs on when watching Ricky this year. Emporia, Kansas hosted Worlds just six years ago in 2016, which is the year Ricky broke through the glass ceiling to finally win his first World Championship after finishing as runner-up in 3 of the previous 4
years. And let’s not forget whose plastic he was throwing and will be throwing now—For the 2016 season, Ricky left his long time sponsor Prodigy Disc to join Team Latitude 64 and switch his bag over to Trilogy (Latitude 64, Westside Discs, and Dynamic Discs). Dynamic Discs is headquartered in Emporia, Kansas.

After winning another World Championship with Latitude 64 in 2017, in 2019 Ricky Wysocki switched disc sponsors again and joined Team Innova, only to switch sponsors again at the beginning of this 2022 season. What team does Ricky represent now?

Dynamic Discs, meaning Ricky is back to throwing the same plastic he was throwing when he won his two previous Worlds. Oh, and perhaps you’ve heard of his rival…

Paul McBeth

Paul McBethYou can’t spell Disc Golf World Championship without Paul McBeth. While McBeth hasn’t
been as dominant in recent years (BTW, I’d take 2015 McBeth over peak Jordan or Woods any
day of the week, but especially on Sundays), he is still the biggest name in the sport, and it would
be a tragic mistake to overlook him. In every Worlds since 2012, Paul has finished as either the champion or the runner-up. He is a 5x World Champion for a reason, and I guarantee McBeast is one of if not the biggest concern for anyone who has hopes for taking home the crown this week.

Some folks might try to make a big deal about Paul’s poor performance in Emporia earlier this year at DDO where he missed the cut for the first time ever in his career, but this feels negligible to me for a player of Paul’s caliber. He also finished runner-up at Worlds in Emporia just six years ago.

Rather, the biggest narrative I’m following this week with Paul is the revenge narrative. He knows as well as the rest of the world that he was one miraculous “Holy Shot” away from taking home his sixth world title last year. The James Conrad throw in has overall been framed as a positive for the world of disc golf—it brought eyes and attention to disc golf and has been a resource to “grow the sport” as we say. But all of this growth and positivity has been at Paul’s expense, and not a day goes by that he isn’t reminded of it.

The comment he made off the cuff about losing worlds to an only backhand player when he was asked at the European Open about Eagle McMahon only throwing backhand shots due to injury shows me just how present last year’s Worlds are in McBeth’s psyche.

Will he be able to reign that emotion and energy in and perform when it’s go time? Looking at how Worlds has gone for the past decade, I think the odds are in his favor.

Read full article here. 

Live Coverage begins at on the Disc Golf Network at 2:30 PM Central Time. Post production coverage (hopefully next day) will be provided on the YouTube channels of JomezPro, GK Pro, Gatekeeper Media and Ace Run Productions.

Photos courtesy of Disc Golf Pro Tour.

Drew Gibson’s Finish Line Era Available for Pre-Order

The very first disc in Drew Gibson’s new Finish Line is under production. Everyone who has thrown Era prototypes is very excited about this new disc and its potential.

This fast, far flying fairway driver has an ability to stay straight longer than just about any driver on the market. It is easy to control, works for players of all skill level, and works well both backhand and forehand. The initial run of Era’s is in Finish Lines Forged plastic blend.

The Era will be released for retail sale by major disc golf retailers in March, but a limited number of pre-release discs are available for pre-order now. These discs will feature a special “Launch Edition” stamp and there will be no more than 500 of each color. This rare first disc in the new Gibson line will likely become collectible in the future.

Pre-Order Era’s will ship out in mid February.

*Note, if you order the Era along with other products, the entire shipment will be sent together. If you need other products now, please make the Era as a seperate order.

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