2024 Ledgestone Season 2 Release

Ledgestone Wave 3, Season 2 Release for 2024

The 2024 season has arrived! Ledgestone presented by Discraft is starting off their first  season of discs with a bang. Get your hands on the following Ledgestone edition Discraft models.

The following twelve molds will be released on April 19th after 7 p.m. EST

All Ledgestone Discs can be found here.

2024 Ledgestone Discs – Preseason

The 2024 Ledgestone Preseason introduced us to an exciting range of discs, which included the Z Swirl Athena, Full Foil Buzzz, Z Sparkle Luna, CryZtal Glo Flx Nuke OS, Colorshift Z Raptor, and the X Swirl Zone.

This first season of discs includes the following twelve discs: ESP Challenger, X Swirl Buzzz, ESP Swirl Zombee, Litweight ESP Vulture, ESP Swirl Pulse, Z Glo Zone, UV Glo Heat, Z Swirl Zeus, CryZtal Scorch, Crytal FLX Malta, CryZtal Rattler, & Jawbreaker Swirl Nuke.

The second season of discs includes the following eleven discs: Z Swirl Anax, Z Swirl Buzzz, UV Glo Sparkle Buzzz GT, Z Swirl Cidada, TI Swirl Fierce, Jawbreaker Heat, UV Glo Meteor, Cryztal Roach, Z Swirl Stratus, TI Sparkle Thrasher, & Lightweight ESP Venom.

These releases are part of the 2024 Ledgestone Limited Edition disc program, which will see its releases spread over four different waves in the year, with the approximate release times being December 2023, February 2024, April 2024, and June 2024. Each release showcases a variety of innovative molds, showcasing unique plastic and design varieties of Discraft’s ultra popular disc molds.

These discs are not just about providing players with new gear; they also play a crucial role as fundraisers for the Discraft Ledgestone Open. This tournament is renowned as the biggest event in disc golf, attracting a wide range of players and fans alike. The Ledgestone team, led by Tournament Director Nate Heinold, has focused on creating unique and desirable discs that appeal to both collectors and players. By purchasing these discs, enthusiasts contribute directly to the success and growth of this major tournament.

In addition to the high-quality discs, the Ledgestone program also brings back less common or out-of-production molds, catering to both long-time fans and new players who are love trying different Discrafts golf discs.

Overall, the 2024 Ledgestone Limited Edition disc program unveiles a captivating array of discs, showcasing innovation in plastic types and design variations of Discraft’s renowned molds. These releases, divided into four waves throughout the year, not only provide players with exciting new gear but also serve as vital fundraisers for the prestigious Discraft Ledgestone Open.

We are happily looking forward to the rest of the 2024 season, and hope you are too!

Love what you throw, throw what you love!

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