All 2015 Ledgestone Edition Discs Are (Really) Here!

********UPDATE********* More Ledgestone Insurance Open discs have been announced! In addition to these original 7, We now have in Titanium FLX plastic the Discraft Buzzz, Buzzz SS, and Drone. In Crystal FLX plastic we have the Discraft Crank. And in Crystal Sparkle we have the Discraft Mantis. Over the next few weeks we will be receiving more of these highly collectible discs and will add them to this page. So check back often!

********LATEST UPDATE******** Here are the discs from the latest batch of Ledgestone Insurance Open discs: CT (Crazy Tough) Challenger, Titanium FLX Meteor, Crystal FLX Predator, and Crystal Sparkle Surge.

*******LATEST UPDATE AGAIN!****** The latest batch of beautiful LIO Limited Edition discs: Titanium FLX Challenger, Nuke, Nuke OS; Crystal FLX Buzzz SS; ESP Wasp; and Glo FLX Buzzz OS.

*******FINAL UPDATE******* It is official: We (really) now have ALL of the 2015 Ledgestone Insurence Open Limited Edition Discs. Here are the final additions to the collection: Glo FLX Banger GT, Big Z FLX Buzzz, Titanium FLX Buzzz OS, Titanium Crank, Titanium FLX Force, ESP Glo Nuke, Crystal FLX Sparkle Ringer, Crystal FLX Tracker, and Titanium FLX Zone. A special note on the Trackers–This limited run of the Discraft Tracker came out of the factory super flat and crazy overstable. Discraft has given these a stability rating of +3!

It’s official! We now have all 31 of the Discraft Ledgestone Limited Edition discs! We again are so excited to be a part of the Ledgestone Insurance Open, and so excited to be able to bring these beautiful and highly collectible discs to you for a killer deal!

To add to the 4 Titanium molds we received last week (Flick, Banger GT, Comet, and Zone), we received 3 new FLX molds! And these aren’t your average Discraft FLX discs! We have the Force in beautiful Crystal FLX plastic. Also in Crystal FLX is the Zone.

Of course, it wouldn’t be a Discraft Limited Edition release without a Buzzz! And this isn’t just any Buzzz, it’s the Discraft Buzzz in Glo FLX plastic. And this isn’t just any Glo FLX plastic, this limited edition Buzzz is available not just in standard Glo White, but Glo Blue, Glo Pink, and Glo Green as well!

The Ledgestone Edition discs are a must have for any disc collector, but also these special plastics are sure to find a home in any disc golfers bag. I personally am excited to throw one of the Titanium Flicks out on the course! So whether you want to hang them on the wall or try them out on your favorite course, grab yours while you can!

Each Ledgestone Edition Disc is available for just $19.99! (Crystal FLX $22.00, Glo $22.99)

Discraft_Glo_FLX_Banger_GTDiscraft Ledgestone Edition Glo FLX Banger GT

Discraft_Big_Z_FLX_BuzzzDiscraft Ledgestone Edition Big Z FLX Buzzz

Discraft_Ti_FLX_Buzzz_OSDiscraft Ledgestone Edition Titanium FLX Buzzz OS

Discraft_Ti_CrankDiscraft Ledgestone Edition Titanium Crank

Discraft_Ti_FLX_ForceDiscraft Ledgestone Edition Titanium FLX Force

Discraft_ESP_Glo_NukeDiscraft Ledgestone Edition ESP Glo Nuke

Discraft_Crystal_FLX_RingerDiscraft Ledgestone Edition Crystal FLX Sparkle Ringer

Discraft_Crystal_FLX_TrackerDiscraft Ledgestone Edition Crystal FLX Tracker(+3)

Discraft_Ti_FLX_ZoneDiscraft Ledgestone Edition Titanium FLX Zone

Discraft Ledgestone Edition Titanium FLX Challenger

Discraft Ledgestone Edition Titanium FLX Nuke

Discraft Ledgestone Edition Titanium FLX Nuke OS

Discraft Ledgestone Edition Crystal FLX Buzzz SS

DSC07301Discraft Ledgestone Edition ESP Wasp

DSC07299Discraft Ledgestone Edition Glo FLX Buzzz OS

Discraft_CT_ChallengerDiscraft Ledgestone Edition Crazy Tough Challenger

Discraft_Ti_FLX_MeteorDiscraft Ledgestone Edition Titanium FLX Meteor

Discraft_Crystal_FLX_PredatorDiscraft Ledgestone Edition Crystal FLX Predator

Discraft_Crystal_Sparkle_SurgeDiscraft Ledgestone Edition Crystal Sparkle Surge

 Discraft Ledgestone Edition Crystal FLX Crank

Discraft_Crystal_FLX_Mantis Discraft Ledgestone Edition Crystal FLX Mantis

Discraft_Ti_FLX_Buzzz Discraft Ledgestone Edition Titanium FLX Buzzz

Discraft_Ti_FLX_BuzzzSS Discraft Ledgestone Edition Titanium FLX Buzzz SS

Discraft Ledgestone Edition Titanium FLX Drone

Discraft Ledgestone Edition Titanium Flick

Discraft Ledgestone Edition Titanium Banger GT

Discraft Ledgestone Edition Titanium Comet

Discraft Ledgestone Edition Titanium Zone

Discraft Ledgestone Edition Crystal FLX Zone

Discraft Ledgestone Edition Crystal FLX Force

Discraft Ledgestone Edition Glo FLX Buzzz


  • Order discs and 2 days later they were at my front door will definitely have to do business with again. Thanks for the super fast shipping.

  • Love this site always answer my questions fair prices and I shamelessly promote this site to all my league buddies! If you need it they probably have it

  • Disc selection tool was very easy to navigate through and narrowing down to the right disc was a breeze.!!

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