Answers to Questions Disc Golfers Ask Online

We get asked some good, as well as some pretty stupid questions. I’ve decided that I might as well compose a blog post that answers some of the questions that disc golfers ask online. Here are a few of the questions we’ve had over the last few months:

What is the #1 rated maximum distance driver in disc golf?

While everyone has different throwing styles and opinions, according to reviewers on our website, the top rated Max Distance driver is the Latitude 64 Bolt.

How do I beat in Innova star plastic?

… Play lots of disc golf. Throw your disc against trees, rocks, and buildings that don’t have windows.

What is the best Millennium disc for beginners?

The easiest Millennium disc for beginners to throw is probably the Omega. It’s a putt and approach disc which won’t get as much distance as a driver once arm speed is developed. When it comes to best Millennium driver for beginners, I’d recommend the Polaris.

Which discs are the fastest, thinnest, sharpest, disc golf drivers?

There’s no doubt about it. The Gateway Ninja is the sharpest (possibly fastest as well) disc golf on the market. There’s a reason this thing isn’t PDGA approved. When it comes to thinnest, the Discraft Flick, Discmania CD and Gateway Diablo are only 1.3cm tall.

What is the most expensive golf disc?

Some golf discs become collectors items and are very valuable. These can sell for hundreds of dollars. When it comes to actual “retail” value of discs, Vibram discs are the most expensive discs we sell. They are all the same price ($15.88 from us). The X-link compound these discs are made of is more durable than any plastic out there. If you want your disc to last, choose Vibram.

What is the best Prodigy disc for beginners.

There is really only one prodigy driver I’d recommend for beginners, and that’s the F7. If there were a Prodigy starter set, it should be the F7, M4, and PA4 in 300 series plastic.

What are the best selling disc golf discs for 2013?

New golf discs sell really well thanks to the newness factor. Distance drivers sell better as well. Our top selling discs so far this year are:

  1. Prodigy D4
  2. Prodigy D1
  3. Vibram Lace
  4. Prodigy D3
  5. Discraft Buzzz
  6. Prodigy D2
  7. Gateway Wizard
  8. Prodigy M4
  9. MVP Anode
  10. Prodigy M3
  11. MVP Ion
  12. Discraft Nuke SS
  13. Prodigy PA-4
  14. Discraft Nuke
  15. Latitude 64 River
  16. Prodigy PA-1
  17. Innova Tern
  18. MVP Volt
  19. Latitude 64 Saint
  20. Discraft Avenger SS

What is the best midrange golf disc?

We asked this question to our customers. While there are lots of great mids available, the Discraft Buzzz is by far the most popular.

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