Unveiling the Mysteries of Khonsu: The Ancient Egyptian God of the Moon

Unveiling the Mysteries of Khonsu: The Ancient Egyptian God of the Moon

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In the pantheon of ancient Egypt, among the myriad of deities that were worshipped, one figure stands out as a beacon of lunar majesty: Khonsu. Revered as the god of the moon, time, and healing, Khonsu held a significant place in the hearts and minds of ancient Egyptians. Translated, Khonsu means “Traveller” and we believe this signinfies the travel of the moon across the night sky.

In this brief write up, we will dive into the mythology surrounding Khonsu, unraveling the mysteries and significance of this enigmatic deity.

The Origins of Khonsu: Khonsu, whose name translates to “traveller” or “pathfinder,” was an integral part of the Theban triad, alongside Amun and Mut. He was believed to be the son of Amun, the king of the gods, and Mut, the primordial mother goddess. Khonsu’s divine parentage endowed him with immense power and significance within the Egyptian pantheon.

Depictions of Khonsu: In art and iconography, Khonsu was typically portrayed as a youthful figure, often depicted with a sidelock of youth and the symbol of the moon adorning his head. He is often depicted with the same falcon-headed god Horus, emphasizing his connection to the lunar cycle and its association with the passage of time. We have emphasized this connection in our stock stamps as you can see in this image comparison below –

Roles and Attributes: As the god of the moon, Khonsu was believed to govern the lunar cycle and its influence on the passage of time. Ancient Egyptians associated the phases of the moon with various aspects of life, including fertility, agriculture, and the cyclical nature of existence. Khonsu’s role as a deity of time also extended to matters of divination and prophecy, as lunar phases were often used as a means of predicting future events.

Furthermore, Khonsu was revered as a healer, particularly in the realm of mental and physical afflictions. Temples dedicated to Khonsu served as centers of healing and rejuvenation, where worshippers sought his divine intervention in times of illness or distress.

Khonsu in Mythology and Ritual: Mythology surrounding Khonsu often depicted him as a benevolent and compassionate deity, ever ready to assist those in need. Tales of his miraculous healings and interventions permeated ancient Egyptian religious texts, cementing his status as a revered and beloved god.

Rituals dedicated to Khonsu often involved offerings of food, drink, and incense, presented at his temples in exchange for his divine favor and protection. Lunar festivals, such as the Festival of Opet, provided opportunities for worshippers to express their devotion to Khonsu through prayer, music, and dance.

146. Tut'ankhamun in Opet – The History of Egypt Podcast

(Tut’ankhamun in Opet, History of Egypt Podcast)

Legacy and Influence: Despite the passage of millennia, Khonsu’s legacy endures, with remnants of his worship scattered throughout ancient Egyptian archaeological sites. The enduring fascination with Khonsu serves as a testament to the enduring power of myth and the human quest for meaning in the cosmos.

In the pantheon of ancient Egyptian gods, Khonsu occupies a unique and revered position as the god of the moon, time, and healing. Through his association with the lunar cycle and its influence on human affairs, Khonsu offered ancient Egyptians a source of solace, guidance, and divine protection. Today, the legacy of Khonsu continues to captivate the imagination, reminding us of the enduring allure of ancient myth and the mysteries of the cosmos.

NEW Flippy Midrange from Infinite Discs

The Khonsu is an awesome, understable, beadless addition to Infinite’s midrange line up.  Throw the Khonsu on hyzer and it will go super straight, or give it a little anhyzer and it will hold the line when trying to get around something.  This disc feels excellent and is a must for anyone needing an understable midrange.

Team member Andrew Leahy said this about the new mold: “The Khonsu has a ton of glide! And provides effortless distance and control with a midrange! They can handle a lot more torque than I would have guessed and they really love to stay on whatever line you throw them on!!”

This new mold is now available in I-Blend plastic. We are confident you will love this disc, so as we always say…

Love what you throw, and throw what you love!

New Brighter Glowing Plastic for Innova Manufactured Discs

Glow in the dark discs

Innova recently announced a transition to a new, more effective glow solution for their glow-in-the-dark discs, promising even brighter illumination. This development is particularly exciting for those who enjoy playing disc golf at night.

Innova claims that the reason for this change is because “Our glow discs are some of our best feeling and performing flyers in the lineup, but are currently not glowing well enough to meet our customers’ needs and our standards.”

While Innova’s current glow plastic performs adequately for night games, especially when recharged with a UV flashlight before each hole, it falls short when compared to the glow offered by Kastaplast and MVP.

The Good and Bad of Brighter Glow

The upgrade means that Innova’s glow-in-the-dark plastic variants will be better suited for night play. However, the downside is the increased cost of this superior glowing plastic, leading to a slight price hike for Innova glow discs.

This might be disappointing for those who favor glow plastic mainly for its aesthetics and texture, particularly since most disc golfers use them  primarily during daytime rounds when the glow-in-the-dark feature is redundant.Glow in the Dark Disc golf Discs

What does this mean for Infinite Discs Line?

Infinite Discs is well known for our glow disc variants, particularly the Metal Flake Color Glow line. Since Innova manufactures our discs, the phase-out of the current, less expensive glow plastic means that future Infinite Discs will also adopt the trend of brighter glow, starting with new releases in the spring of 2024.

Will the New Brighter Glow Discs be marked differently?

Yes, there will be a distinction. Initially, we plan to clearly mark runs featuring the new, brighter glow plastic.

Older glow discs still in stock will be labeled as “Old Glow” plastic and sold at reduced prices.

Eventually, the new brighter glow will become the standard for all Infinite Line discs. Customers will recognize that Infinite Glow plastics are exceptionally luminous and ideal for night play.

New Disc Golf Discs of 2023

Ten years ago in 2013, when Paul McBeth was a 2-time World Champion, the PDGA approved 75 new molds. Cut to 2023 when the PDGA approved molds from 78 different brands!

So far this year, 256 different molds have been approved (including retooled molds). That eclipses last year’s record of 223, and we still have more than a month left in the year!

Check out the newest molds from lots of different brands. Then answer some questions at the end of the list for your chance to win some Infinite Discs Gift Cards!

Above Ground Level

The California brand continues to grow and expand their lineup. This year they added a putter that looks to be straight flying and shapable.


Axiom Discs

Axiom will be rolling out molds for the new Simon Line of discs. The limited edition prototype Time-Lapses sold out quickly. The The Time-Lapse was the first disc in the Simon Line, and the Pixel is the second.


Birdie Disc Golf Supply added a midrange and a high-speed driver to their lineup in 2023. The Reach will be a speed 12 disc with popular flight numbers.

Black Zombie Disc Golf

Black Zombie continues with their mission to conquer baskets around the world, adding a control driver to their arsenal.

Clash Discs

Although Clash is a young company, they are constantly adding tasty discs to their growing smorgasbord of molds. That includes every type of disc.

Disc Golf Association

DGA is a well-established name in the world of discs golf. Yet they are still coming up with new discs. The Avalanche is an overstable control driver that will sail through a headwind like it’s a calm day.


Discmania new offerings include retooled former molds and a new mold.


Discraft gave their popular Zone a little more beef with the new Zone OS. They also added a control driver, the Cicada.


The Estonian company, Disctroyer, got approved for the sixth disc. The new mold appears to be an overstable midrange.

Doomsday Discs

Doomsday Discs is another new disc golf brand that resulted from the pandemic boom. Last year Doomsday introduced 8 different PDGA approved Molds as well as a few that are not nor ever will be approved for PDGA tournament play.

The first new Doomsday Disc, the bunker buster, is like something you have never seen before. It is an ultra understable wide diameter driver. Think Condor size, but with a Leopard rim.
New Doomsday Discs this year include:

Dynamic Discs

Dynamic is continuing to expand their line and support Ricky Wysocki with some awesome discs in 2023.

Elevation Disc Golf

Elevation Disc Golf is expanding their line of super soft rubber discs with what appears to be a new fairway driver, the Gecko.

Finish Line Discs

Finish Line Discs saw immediate success last year with the introduction of their first disc the ERA. Late in 2022 they also introduced the new Supra midrange. They have plans of releasing 5 new discs in 2023 beginning with the Pace Putter in February.

Full Turn Discs

Full Turn Discs, a company out of Branson Missouri who partners with Prodiscus to make their own line, will be releasing a new midrange called the Glide in 2023.

Gateway Disc Sports

Gateway has some new discs this year, and some variations of existing molds. The new molds are all high-speed drivers.

Goliath Discs

Located in Iowa, this Christian-based brand had a big year for new discs, with seven additional molds now in their lineup.

Hooligan Discs

This young brand got a couple more molds approved this year. We are looking forward to testing them out.

Infinite Discs

We started selling our own molds several years ago, and our disc offerings haven’t slowed down. We added several more new Infinite molds to our lineup, including control drivers, a distance driver, and a putter.


The #1 Manufacturer of Disc golf already has just about every possible disc you can think of, yet Innova still manages to come out with a few new molds each year. Their newest release the Charger is a high speed driver described as a mix of the Destroyer and Shryke (two of their best selling drivers). This disc has already been released and is now available.

Jester Disc Golf

Jester disc golf is a new brand that released three new molds this year. Their ‘Peace and Love’ theme is something the world could use right now!


With a name that translates to “throw plastic”, Kastaplast continues to produce some of the best plastics in the industry. They had several new molds approved this year, including a variation of one of their popular discs, the Berg.


Loft  Discs

This Danish brand added a couple new molds to their library of premium discs.

Legacy Discs

After a relatively long break in new mold releases, the Legacy Disc Rebel was approved by the PDGA recently and will likely be released sometime in 2023.

Lonestar Discs

No other disc golf manufacturer has introduced so many discs in such a short period of time. In 2022 alone Lone Star introduced 22 new disc molds! This rapid growth of the Lone Star line doesn’t seem to be slowing with their increase of sponsored players.

Millennium Golf Discs

A midrange and control driver will be the next molds offered by Millennium.

Mint Discs

Mint Discs is just a few years old now, and they continue to create new molds for their brand. This year they got three new molds approved.

Momentum Discs AB

A couple new putters were added to Momentum‘s list of molds available. That brings their total to five molds.

MVP Disc Sports

Already well established in the disc golf world, MVP still creates new molds for overmold fans around the world. The Trail and Detour are James Conrad series discs.

Neptune Discs

A new company out of Virginia, Neptune released their first three molds this year: a putter, a midrange and a control driver.

Osuma Disc

Headquartered in Finland, Osuma Disc is another brand that just started selling discs, and got all of their available molds approved this year.

Pie Pan Discs

Pie Pan is a new disc manufacturer out of Ohio that Infinite Discs just discovered. We first started selling their discs this year.

Premier Discs

Premier Discs is another new disc golf brand. Their new fairway driver the War Bear was recently PDGA approved.

Prodigy Disc

Prodigy is known to support some of the top pros, and their two approved discs this year have those pro fingerprints all over them. World Champion Isaac Robinson helped design the Archive, while Kevin Jones collaborated on the Feedback


Prodiscus has announced their first new release in several years with the PDGA approval of the Empire.

Reptilian Disc Golf

Two new discs from Reptilian were approved and are awaiting manufacture.

RPM Discs/Disc Golf Aotearoa

Out of New Zealand, RPM has local wildlife themed molds. This year they created a new high-speed driver and a retooled midrange

Sacred Discs

Getting its entire lineup approved this year, Sacred Discs infuses their product line with uplifting essences of plants and minerals.

Streamline Discs

Part of the MVP family, Streamline discs don’t have the overmold technology that MVP and Axiom are famous for. Instead, they create discs with amazing plastic and a variety of flights.

Terminal Velocity

The second disc in the Terminal Velocity Line is a driver called the Cervini. This disc was PDGA approved January 9th, and we expect a 2023 retail release.

Thought Space Athletics

TSA is known for the amazing stamps that adorn their molds. They have added two more molds this year that are approved, but unreleased.

Trash Panda Disc Golf

Jesse from Trash Panda had a goal and a dream: He wanted to make a disc out of recycled plastic, which was also completely recyclable. It took a couple years, but he achieved his goal. Last year Trash Panda released the Inner Core, this year they released the Dune. Congrats!

Wild Discs

Wild Discs continues to expand their line and the manufacturers they use for their brand. New Wild releases for 2023 include:

Wing It Discs

Up and coming brand Wing It Discs will add a second disc to their arsenal early this year.  It appears it will be a new high speed Driver.

Did you see any discs that looked tantalizing?

Let us know which brand or molds you’ve tried, or are looking forward to trying. We’ll select a few random commenters and send them an Infinite Discs gift card!

Disc Golf X-Outs, Misprints and Factory Seconds

Misprint and X Out Golf Discs on a Shelf

In this post we will cover what these terms mean, when you should use them, and how to find them. In disc golf, factory seconds, x-outs, and misprints are basically discs that didn’t make the cut for regular retail sales. These discs are typically of good quality but may have small defects that make them unacceptable for “normal” sale.

X-Out Discs

X-out disc golf discs (also known as factory seconds) have slight factory defects that don’t meet manufacturer standards. Because the quality of these discs is not good enough to be sold at full price, you can save some money by purchasing factory second discs.

Reasons Discs Get Classified as X-Out Factory Seconds

There are several reasons why certain discs get classified as factory seconds. The most common defects come from unwanted air bubbles in the rim, black specs that somehow end up in the disc, small bumps, gouges in the rim, and errors in color configuration.

  • Air Bubbles
  • Poor Flashing Removal
  • Unusual indentations in rim
  • Overly Domey
  • Puddle Top
  • Wavey Flight Plate
  • Foreign Particles in the Plastic

With certain factory seconds, it’s baffling why they didn’t meet manufacturer standards because they appear identical to their full-price counterparts. Manufacturers sometimes detect minor imperfections in a batch, leading them to classify the entire lot as X-Outs, even though many discs within it are perfectly sound. It’s a bit of a mystery sometimes, but it means snagging a great deal on discs that might be virtually indistinguishable from the regular ones.

Downside of Factory Second Discs

While factory second defects are primarily cosmetic and are not supposed to have a significant effect on flight characteristics or durability.

With that said, some factory second defects do substantially alter the flight of the discs. If you notice a visual bulge, extra dome, or indention in your factory second disc, this disc will fly a little bit differently than the unblemished variety. For this reason, buying factory seconds is not always the best way to try new discs if you’re looking to replace a disc with a specific flight path.

To make things slightly more confusing… When golf discs have serious defects that will alter flight, manufacturers like Innova and Latitude 64 recycle and regrind the plastic rather than try to resell blemished discs. Discs made from this “recycled plastic” are sold as a unique plastic blend called “echo star” or ” recycled.” These discs aren’t actually factory seconds, they are simply a different plastic blend made from recycled materials — and usually priced less.

We do carry several recycled discs available for sale. This plastic is an option for many of the common Trilogy Discs. These plastic types are known respectably as “recycled”, “reprocessed” and “Bio Fuzion” and are found under the individual disc pages. Infinite Discs I-Blend plastic is made partially of recycled plastic parts.

Click this link to search from our assortment of X-Out Factory Second Discs

Factory Second Disc with extra dome

Misprint Golf Discs

Misprint discs meet manufacturer standards during production, but the flaws occur during the hot stamping process. In many cases these discs were stamped multiple times. This Dynamic Discs Trespass was stamped twice in slightly different places.

In other instances, the foil didn’t set properly and created a flaw in the print.  Sometimes these print blemishes are very minor. In this Misprint Latitude 64 Halo, you can see how the O is slightly faded, and how part of the Gold Line emblem is blank.

Once in a while, discs are simply given the wrong stamp. While it may have the Ape stamp, it’s actually a Valkyrie. Always look at the handwritten or engraved disc name on the bottom of the disc to determine the actual mold.

The reality is, after a few throws disc stamps are going to get scratched anyways. Discs that are double stamped are unique, and sometimes create even more impressive artwork. The double stamp of this Westside Stag gives it a unique 3D effect.

If you’re the type of person that likes high quality discs, but not high prices, misprint and factory seconds are your best bet for low-cost discs.Disc with stamping error and foil on the rim

Best Way to Find Misprints and X-Outs for Sale

When adding products to InfiniteDiscs.com our employees have a field called “additional input” where they label additional information about each specific disc they manually add to inventory.

If the factory second disc also has a special “Factory Second” stamp, it will also be found under our Factory Second Stamp type page here.

We have a large team and because it is humans who do our inventory adding errors do occur. It is not uncommon for you to find misprints or x-outs that were not labeled and are found in other locations on our website. In general the “plastic type” (and lower price) will help you to determine if the disc is indeed an X-Out.

For consistency and ease of entering the data, we enter all misprints or factory second discs into our system with the term “x-out” listed after the plastic name in the plastic type field. If you see the plastic type is “Star x-out”, then the price has been discounted and the disc you will receive is a misprinted or factory second version of Star plastic.

To view the misprint and factory second golf discs we have on our “additional input” and stamp type pages, the links below will take you directly to all the search results.

Another way to find  X-Outs on InfiniteDiscs.com is by using our “Advanced Discs Search

Under “Stamp” you can select “X-Out Factory Second” and then narrow down your factory second search by disc brand, type, color, or flight ratings.  (Note: We don’t always enter in the stamp type properly, so while this search can pull up some specific misprint discs, not all factory seconds will necessarily show up under this search.)

Tournament Sponsor disc with a double stamp

Why Should You Buy X-Outs and Misprints?


There are a number of different reasons to buy Factory Second, X-Out, and Misprint Discs. The primary reason is price. Because of the manufacturing or stamping errors, you get a price break.

Losable Discs – That aren’t heart breaking to replace

Factory Second discs are your go-to when you’re not a stickler for a specific flight path. They’re perfect for those days when you just want to hit the course without worrying too much about precision. These discs shine as “losable discs,” especially if your regular disc golf playground is adorned with water hazards or dense vegetation. Losing one won’t break the bank, and you won’t lose sleep over it either.

Great for Practice

Now, let’s talk practice. Picture this: you’ve found your favorite molds, and you’re itching to hone your skills on the field. Enter Factory Seconds. Why buy one when you can grab a bunch? Load up with 10 Factory Seconds, and you’ve got yourself the perfect arsenal for field work and practice sessions. It’s cost-effective, efficient, and lets you focus on perfecting your game.

Character and Collectability?

On the other hand, Misprint discs offer a different kind of charm. The visual quirks and unique misprints give these discs character. And let’s be honest, who doesn’t want a disc with a story to tell? Misprints are the way to go when you’re more about saving money than obsessing over the visual aesthetics of your disc. Misprints, being one-of-a-kind, frequently command high prices in the secondary collectors’ market.

The best part? Misprints maintain the same flight characteristics as their full-priced counterparts. So, when you’re tackling courses where disc loss is practically inevitable, these are your saving grace. You get to keep your “go-to” without breaking the bank or your heart when it takes an unexpected detour into the unknown.

In a nutshell, Factory Second and Misprint discs are the savvy disc golfer’s secret weapons. They’re practical, economical, and add a dash of personality to your game.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are Infinite Discs with double stamps x-outs or misprints?

They could be both, but most of the times a double stamp will be a misprint. If there is a stamping error where there was dropout or the disc wasn’t wasn’t aligned properly, to ensure that our inventory team knows it’s a misprint, the stamp team simply stamps the disc again a second time. Other brands like Dynamic Discs seem to do the same thing to signify a misprint.

What does X Out mean in disc golf?

X-Out is simply a term used for a factory second. There is no universal term used among the different disc golf brands so in some cases the terminology will vary. When Innova manufactures a disc that doesn’t meet their quality guidelines, they manually mark it with an X on the top of the flight plate. An X-Out is a disc that meets the criteria for sale but falls short of the full retail standard, resulting in a discounted price and designation as an X-Out.

How can I tell if an X-out Infinite Disc is actually just a Misprint?

When we get factory second discs from Innova, they are always marked with a small X on the top of the flight plate. While we often stamp these F2’s with fun stamps, the X marked  underneath the stamp indicates that the disc didn’t pass the manufacturing guidelines.

The nice thing is that whether it’s a factory second or a misprint, it’s always going to be less expensive than the blemished version. 

Are MVP “Factory Misprints” factory seconds or Misprints?

MVP has two different blemished discs stamps that they use. When the discs has the “lab seconds” stamp, it is a manufacturing error.

When the discs have the “Factory Misprint” stamp, from what I can tell, these are misprint errors rather than manufacturing. MVP’s 3 foil machine has a very high dropout rate and so the rate of misprint MVP discs seems to be higher than with other brands.

Because MVP does the second “factory misprint” stamp on top of the original fallout stamp, it’s sometimes hard to see the original stamp blemish. This is the case for MVP, Axiom, and Streamline discs I’ve viewed wit

Are Factory Seconds as durable as other discs?

Yes. At least usually. Factory second discs share the same plastic variations as their standard counterparts. However, there are instances where manufacturers may switch between plastic varieties, resulting in occasional differences. These unique blends might not match the durability of pure polymers.

Are Factory Seconds PDGA Approved?

Yes. Factory Second discs are PDGA approved, meaning they meet the standards set by the Professional Disc Golf Association for disc golf size, weight, dimensions, and flexibility. While factory seconds may have minor cosmetic blemishes or variations, their approval shape aligns with the regulations, allowing disc golfers to confidently use them in PDGA-sanctioned events without any concerns about compliance. If a disc a manufacturer makes will not align with PDGA standards, then they should not release them to the public.

What is an Innova F2?

Innova often uses a F2 stamp on their factory second discs. The Innova F2 is not actually a disc but can be any number of Innova discs that are signified as factory seconds. We often get confused customers who receive a disc with an Innova factory second stamp and wonder what disc the Innova F2 is.

Why are there so many Misprints?

The hot stamping technique employed in disc golf is grounded in rather dated technology, with few companies producing hot stamp machines today. At Infinite Discs, both machines in use are actually refurbished units from the past. This method relies on a marriage of temperature and pressure to bond foil to plastics.

Aligning the stamping process is no small feat due to the diverse shapes, dome varieties, and plastic options of each disc mold. The intricacies don’t stop there—different foil types react distinctively to various plastic compositions, and variations in flight plate thickness demand constant adjustments. Setting up our hot stamp can be quite a process, often taking up to half an hour, involving ample trial and error and lots of painters tape to find that sweet spot where the disc stamps just right, applying the correct pressure without any dropout. It’s a meticulous process to achieve disc stamping perfection. This is the reason there are so many misprints in disc golf.

Why do some discs have double or even multiple stamps?

Stamping discs is a bit of an art. When our creative team at Infinite Discs set up the stamp machines, they often use a factory second disc for practice runs. It ensures the settings are spot-on and that each stamp plate hits just right before pulling out the full price discs. This is why you might spot certain stamps on factory seconds that don’t match the actual disc. It’s also another reason you can get some unique collectable discs by shopping through X-Outs.

Finish Line Disc with Double Stamp

What Brands Does Infinite Discs Stamp?

We hot stamp a number of different disc golf brands in house which may result in misprint discs. We stamp all or almost all the discs for the following brands:

  • Infinite Discs
  • Finish Line Discs
  • Dino Discs
  • Wing-It Disc Golf

In addition to stock stamps, we also have many of these discs available as blanks for event and tournament sponsorship. Because we do all the stamping for these brands, there is a good chance that we have actual misprint discs for them.

In addition, we do special runs or stamping for some molds for the following brands. When we do custom stamping “in house” we will likely have at least a few hot stamping errors where these products will be listed as misprints. If you find a three foil stamp version of any of these brands, we likely did the hot stamping.

  • Birdie Disc Golf
  • Clash Discs
  • Discmania
  • Discraft
  • Doomsday Discs
  • Dynamic Discs
  • Divergent Discs
  • Kastaplast
  • Latitude 64
  • Legacy
  • Lone Star Disc
  • MVP
  • Prodigy
  • Prodiscus
  • RPM Discs
  • UPlay
  • Viking
  • Wild Discs
  • Yikun


In conclusion, factory seconds or x-outs, with their slight defects, offer an affordable alternative for disc purchases. Misprints add character with flaws arising during the stamping process. Our guide has not only explained the nature of these discs but also provided practical insights into finding and purchasing them. From economic advantages to suitability for practice and the allure of collectability, factory seconds and misprints emerge as valuable choices for players, practitioners, and collectors alike. Delve into the world of disc golf X-Outs and misprints with our easy to search pages on InfiniteDiscs.com.

National Disc Golf Day!

FOCUS FRIDAY – Disc Golf Day

Welcome back to another Focus Friday, where we look at a certain mold or brand, and give you a discount so you can try it out for yourself. This weekend is one of the most special weekends of all time.. Saturday the 5th is National Disc Golf Day!

5 years ago, it was decided that the first Saturday in August would always be known as National Disc Golf Day. But disc golf has slowly been growing ever since the official creation of the PDGA in 1976.

During the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic of 2020, the desire for disc golf products exploded as families and friends alike were trying to find ways to interact with others while outdoors. Live streaming of disc golf events, increased amount of professionals, and the creation of the pro tour has only increased the popularity and love of disc golf.

You can read more about this holiday from PDGA HERE

Leave a comment below telling us when you found the sport of disc golf!

DISCOUNT -> This weekend, you can enjoy a 10% off discount code that will work *storewide! The code is ‘NATDGDAY’

This deal will end Monday night, so get yourself this mold while you can!
Check out this page to see all the items that are on sale this week.
*Exclusions apply to best selling disc golf carts, baskets, racks, and bags. Discount codes will not stack

Infinite Discs 3.0 is Live!

This is a big deal for us. We have spent countless hours working on our new website and now it is finally launched.

As with most new things technology, when new there are always errors and glitches. This is not just a Shopify site, but a custom built website that we have invested in designed specifically for disc golf sales.

Please be patient with us and we are working to resolve them. There are a number of images of non disc products that did not import successfully as well as other errors we are discovering.

If you have an error, please let us know by filling out the feedback form here. 

Some Exciting New Features

While browsing our new website, here are a few things to check out:

Smart Search Feature

Our new search bar is substantially more intelligent than our old site. Now if you type “Discraft” it will take you directly to the Discraft page.

If you type in a disc mold name it will take you directly to the disc model page rather show you individual listings of those discs. These new search features will save you time and make your disc golf shopping easier.

Disc Profile Images

One of the most frequent questions our customer service team is asked is “how domey is the disc”

Well, now you can look at them and see for yourself.

Because our old website did not have that feature, none of the old images feature the profile picture, but going forward you can expect newly added discs to include the profile picture.

Enhanced Flight Paths

New Infinite Discs Flight pathsThe flight paths displayed on InfiniteDiscs.com now vary by plastic type. These flight paths are generated based on user ratings. You can now compare stabilities of different plastics in the same molds based on what previous reviewers have said when entering flight paths in their disc reviews.

With these new flight paths you can also adjust the dimensions based on throwing speed to get a better indication of how a particular disc will fly for you. You can also adjust this flight path based on if you through right handed, left handed, backhand or forehand.

Comparison Feature

New Infinite Discs Comparison FeaturesNow you can compare different discs side by side. Simply add them to your cart, and then compare helping you decided the best disc for you.

Many more to come…

These are just a few of the great new features of Infinite Discs 3.0. We will highlight more features in future posts.

Infinite Discs 3.0 is coming very soon…

Infinite Discs Circle Logo

10 years ago we sought out to create the best disc golf website. The most recent version of InfiniteDiscs.com was really good for it’s time, but, it used some older technology and was built when we had 1/20th of our current traffic and a fraction of our current inventory.

For the last three years we have been working to create a better and more modern website version.

We are currently in the process of transferring our databases (more than 80,000 unique individual products) from our old website and server to a new, better website and faster server.

This new website will provide several advantages including:

  • Faster
  • Improved Functionality
  • Easier to Navigate
  • Ability to handle MORE Traffic at once.
  • Less likely to crash during hot releases
  • Better flight paths
  • 2nd Picture of Every Disc (showing each individual disks profile).
  • Exact scaled weight
  • And other great features to ensure that once again, InfiniteDiscs.com is the best disc golf website.

However, transferring a database this long takes some time, and during the transfer, our retail site will be is down for a bit (we hope not too much longer).

But I NEED to shop disc golf right now!

We get it, sometimes shopping for disc golf equipment is a need.

In the meantime, you can shop at our Disc Golf Outlet Store DiscountDiscGolf.com

Wait, you didn’t know we have an outlet store?

Well we do. It’s focus is very different than InfiniteDiscs.com with a much smaller selection, less information, and no individual pictures of every disc.

But, like the name implies. it has some really inexpensive discs. If you like cheap disc golf discs…

Shop DiscountDiscGolf.com



The End of Infinitediscs.com

The End of Times is Here

We have a HUGE announcement… we have all but completed the creation of our new website, and it is ready for launch. This means the end of our current site is near, and a rebirth of our new site will begin!

Our team has worked tirelessly to bring you a whole new Infinite Discs shopping experience with this updated version of our website. 

To help make the transition as smooth as possible, we have put LOADS of products on sale. In addition to the sale, you will find a discount code down below that you can use to take an additional 15% off select items!

This sale will end the night of Sunday the 5th (midnight EST)

On the night of Monday the 6th (midnight EST), both websites will be shut down to begin the online inventory transition. You will be unable to shop online with us during this time.

Approximately 24-48 hours after this shutdown, you will see our new site go live and ready for your orders! If any of this approximate timeline changes, we will use our social media to keep you informed. The URL for the new site will be the same as the current site –  Infinitediscs.com

During this shutdown period, we encourage you to check out our outlet store: Discount Disc Golf. You will find a wide variety of molds available there on some AMAZING deals! It is called Discount Disc Golf for a reason 😉

And as always, we are open to any questions or issues you run into while using our updated website through our support channels, though we ask that your inquiries/feedback be respectful and understanding to our staff who have worked tirelessly to make this all happen.

We are beyond excited about this transition, and hope you are too!


DISCOUNT -> To get ANY item* (on sale or not on sale) for an extra 15% off, use this code at check out: “ENDOFTIMES”

This will end Sunday night, so get on this amazing deal while you can! 
Check out this page to see all the items that are on sale for this event.

Note: After placing your discs/items in the shopping cart and before checking out, click on the “Discount Code” box under the shopping cart and enter that code. Then proceed to checkout.

*select items

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