Black Friday Week Deals Begin! – Infinite Day – November 27th

Infinite Discs Black Friday Sale

Our Black Friday Disc Golf Deals week officially begins with Infinite Discs Day.

We’ve been holding out on some pretty epic releases to kick Black Friday week off with a bang. All Infinite Line Discs will be on sale beginning midnight Wednesday, November 27th. Unlike our other daily deals, the Infinite line will stay on sale all week through December 4th so you can get a great deal on Infinite Discs while taking advantage of all of our other daily deals.

What’s On Sale Today (And ALL WEEK)

Mystery Box Deals and Package Sets

Disc Golf Bags on Sale

Black Friday New Releases

Infinite Discs Aztec

This all new driver is designed to provide more distance for the average player. We’re releasing this new disc in three different plastic blends:

  • G-Blend Aztec – This is the most understable version of the Aztec and flat out bombs. Only 400 were made with this first release limited edition stamp.
  • I-Blend – This ultra affordable domey version provides maximum glide. The limited edition I-Blend stamp is a modified version of our popular classic Aztec stamp from the original stamp wars.
  • Metal Flake Glo – Keeping the tradition alive, we release the third edition of the Alien Takeover Series with the Alien Aztec. 500 discs feature this Thought Space Athletics stamp. An additional 500 Metal Flake Glo Aztecs are also available with a simple bottom stamp enabling the entire topside to glow brightly in the night.Infinite Discs Aztec

Special Edition XXL Hieroglyphics Pharaoh

Our #1 selling disc the Pharaoh is now available in S-blend plastic with a special edition XXL Hieroglyphics stamp.

Other Items on Sale ALL Week

DGA Baskets!

Discounted price on DGA Mach Lite $119.99 + Mach Shift Basket $134.99

DGA Baskets Black Friday Sale

$20 Gift Card with the purchase of Backpack or Cart

Receive an online gift card code for $20 with the purchase of any Disc Golf Cart or Disc Golf Backpack Bag priced at more than $70. Your gift card code will be emailed to you within a few days of your order. (We will be really busy trying to package all of the orders up, so it might take a couple of days).

Black Friday Backpack and Cart Deals $20

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