Disc of the Week-Westside Harp

Two more weeks of Disc of the Week!

And for this week’s feature, we go back to our traditional format featuring just one disc. This week, the disc is one that we got to see Ricky Wysocki fling around quite a bit on his way to sealing up the win at the Gentlemen’s Club Challenge yesterday. The Westside Harp is the disc of the week.

The Harp is a putt and approach disc that gets used more for approach shots than putts. It has a nice flat profile and a beadless rim that fits perfectly in the hand for both backhand and forehand shots. It also offers a smooth and predictable overstable flight that any disc golfer could afford to have in their repertoire. It is one of our highest rated approach discs. 

The Westside Harp has grown into one of our top selling discs as more and more golfers have given it a try and fallen in love. If you haven’t tried one yet, now is the time to do it! This week only, take 15% off the Westside Harp by using discount code: DWHARP17. Also be sure to watch our Facebook page for your chance to win a Harp of your choice from our inventory!

Jace Smellie is a poetry expert, writer, and editor at DiscGolfReviewer.com

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