Discmania PDx Finally Available

The stock release of the Discmania PDx has been anticipated for a long time! It first made it’s debut in November of 2015 as a 2016 World’s Fundraiser disc. However, these sold fast and were not easy to get one’s hands on.

Their next appearance was in the form of a McBeast Fundraising disc- equally hard to acquire. Since these teaser releases, the public has been waiting anxiously for the stock release of the PDx.

Now, the wait is over! The PDx has been officially released in C-Line plastic and is now available to the public for purchase. Here at Infinite Discs we have a couple hundred ready to take to the skies!

The PDx has the speed and overstability of Discmania’s meat hook driver PD2 and the control and versatility of Discmania’s possibly best known all-around driver, the PD. The PDx is the perfect combination of these two Discmania favorites. It’s flight rating is shown as 11, 4, 0, 3.

To see our stock of PDx’s, click here!

Stock C-Line PDx

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