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On January 19, 2023, Infinite Discs hosted new team member Erika Stinchcomb (Emstinchcomb7) on our Discord server where she answered your questions. Here is a transcript of most of the questions:



zin the zinny:  Do you play disc golf valley? What video games do you play?

Emstinchcomb7:  Yes disc golf valley! Getting an Erika Sword on there was a dream come true. I only have a Switch, so Mario Kart and Fortnight mostly. I’ve been playing ghosts of Tsushima on my friend’s ps4, it’s amazing

Rivalmejr: Hi Erika! Welcome to discord. For my question, how are you liking your new sponsors? Will we see more of you on tour this year?

Emstinchcomb7:  I like my sponsors a lot! I’ll be doing a similar amount of tournaments as last year (20ish dgpt), but I think my new sponsors will help promote me more

Semomu: Have you settled on any discs to replace the mainstays of your own bag? Found anything new you’re enjoying that you had nothing like that before?

Emstinchcomb7:  New stamp and my original drawing hahahaha

Lord_Mortivore:  Hello erika! Have you joined the #tombgang yet?

Emstinchcomb7:  I’ve thrown a tomb, I like the stability but I’m not sure I am into the bead. I’ll keep trying it!!!

RSP: Can we get an (Erika Stinchcomb) Aztec?

Emstinchcomb7  I’ve only thrown an Aztec a few times! I am not sure what to do for my tour series

Beef Lips:  Erika! favorite new mold??

Emstinchcomb7 Big question! Peach and Wild Honey for Clash, Praxis and Mana for TSA, Maya and Cohort for Infinite. It’s early

Myle:  You were know from your sword. sword staying bag or something else like emperor?

Emstinchcomb7:  Sword staying for now, it’s a great discs and my hybrids are my babies, I just have a lot of trust. I haven’t found a replacement immediately but I want it to happen naturally. Also being open bag means I don’t have to switch!!!

Rivalmejr:  In what ways can we support you this year? (Drop plugs!)

Emstinchcomb7:  Skybreed discs has all my trilogy stuff, so buy AmErika Swords and Tursases and whatever else!!! Later I’ll have stuff on Infinite as well!!!! I’ll be vending with Eric and James at every DGPT event too


N8rtot73: why are your Tour of Amerika and Hot Goose stamps so fire always? more of a compliment but still lol

Emstinchcomb7: My guy Levi Whitpan is a genius! He takes what’s in my brain and makes the best art!

N8rtot73:  do you have a favorite dish or something you consider your signature dish you make when you are either touring or home for the offseason?

Emstinchcomb7: I make a turkey chili type thing, a jambalaya-ish thing, a lot of stir fry, poke bowls, spam musabi, pearl cous cous with veggies, Italian sausage/kale/mushroom/potato soup


N8rtot73: have you come across any that have surprised you? maybe you were not super sure you would like or something that gave you that “whoa…” moment?

Emstinchcomb7: Kon Tiki is the weirdest shallowest disc… but I think I like it

Lord_Mortivore:  You should try a Cataclysm from Doomsday Discs.

Emstinchcomb7: I’ve got a few Doomsday to try! The Landmine looks crazy hahaha

SuperBone:  Not really a question but I think we need a GOOSE Berry from Clash!

Emstinchcomb7: OMG

Zack P:  Have you tried out any DGA discs?

Emstinchcomb7: Not yet, but doing commentary for Catrina makes me want to try a Sail and a Bonzai for starters

Deuce2223: How does the Wild Honey and Maya compare. I am still looking for a US Control driver. I have a C Blend Maya but just ordered 2 Wild Honey

Emstinchcomb7:  Wild Honey is just as flippy as a Maya but with a bit more finish. The Maya has effortless drift for me, but not much fade. They fulfill different roles I think, Maya is more touchy/woods, big turn overs, Wild Honey is big distance on open shots (without wind haha)

Rivalmejr:  Will you be featured on more videos this year? I’d love to see more of you on tour be it in competition or in videos with say Tina and Eric

Emstinchcomb7: Yes! Lots of stuff with Eric and James I think, working with Connor for Infinite and Bobby for Clash

HeroesNeverQuit: Who are your top two players to have on your card when playing?

 Emstinchcomb7:  Ohn scoggins #1 all the time. I love playing with Missy for her positivity, and Callie so I can talk smack

Baja:  favorite chip ?

Emstinchcomb7: Oh man. Ummmm do Flaming Hot Cheetos count? It’s my favorite road snack because it’s a whole activity: eat, pant, repeat, try to clean fingers, eat more


Thanks everyone! I think got most people! I’ll come back! Erika


Ted is the Chief Writer at Infinite Discs. He is responsible for the State of Disc Golf Survey articles and most of the "best discs" posts. Ted runs all kinds of local disc golf leagues and tournaments and tournaments in Northern Utah.

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