Focus Friday – Clash Discs on Discount

FOCUS FRIDAY – Clash Discs

Welcome back to another Focus Friday, where we look at a certain mold or brand, and give you a discount so you can try it out for yourself. This week, we are taking another look at an entire brand of discs… Clash Discs

Salt, Pepper, Ginger, Spice… these just sound like common household food items you would find in everyone’s pantry. But when disc golfers hear these words, they think of the up-and-coming brand – Clash Discs!

Clash Discs has made an extra big splash this year due to their high-profile touring pros. These pros include  James Proctor, Erika Stinchcomb, Eric Oakley, Jacob Courtis, and MORE amazing players!

They have also recently come out with a new plastic – Sunny. This plastic is stiffer and therefore more stable than its other plastics. But we have heard that their other plastics are amazing as well!

They have a wide assortment of molds, each great for beginners and professionals alike. You are bound to find a Clash Disc that will work great for you!


DISCOUNT -> To get a FREE Clash Disc with your order this weekend, all you need to do it order at least 3 Clash Disc molds, and we will include a 4th Clash mold for FREE.

No Discount code is required. 

Your order needs to be in by Monday night (May 1st) to capitalize on this deal. 
Check out this page to see all the items that are on sale this week.

Tara is the Infinite Discs social media marketing manager and communication specialist. She appreciates the chance to share her expertise and skills with the disc golf community.