Free Infinite Discs Towel

Do you want a free Infinite Discs Golf Towel?
– Ultra Absorbent
– Micro Fiber
– Waffle Weave
– Durable
– Black

Of course you do.

The Infinite Discs 2.0 website is nearing an official launch! For the new site to provide everything disc golfers want, we need YOU to update your Infinite Discs Reviewer Profile.

Complete these 4 Steps to get your free towel promo code.

1. Log in to your Infinite Discs account

If you have written reviews on Infinite Discs before, you should already have an account under the email address used when you submitted your review. You don’t know your password because the old system didn’t have passwords.

To reset your password go to our beta test 2.0 website at

Then select “forgot password” with the email address you previously reviewed with. You will be emailed a new password.

If you have never reviewed discs on before, then simply register for a new account.

2. Update Your Reviewer Profile (Including your profile picture and a new password you can remember).

3. Edit Your Reviews Including Both Star Ratings and Plastic Type

Our old system did not tie the ratings to the review so the listed star rating is probably not how you would rate the disc.

If you’ve have YouTube footage with a video review of your disc, you can actually upload a video review here too using the film strip icon.

***Note, when you update your review make sure you update your star rating. The default star rating is set as 1. So if you don’t click the star amount you want to give, you will probably be rating the disc lower than you mean to.

Discs should be rated according to the following criteria:

  • 1 Star – Waste of Plastic. Not Recommended for Anyone
  • 2 Star – Below Average
  • 3 Star – Average Disc
  • 4 Star – Good Disc, Above Average
  • 5 Star – Must Have


If you haven’t written any reviews, now is the time to do so. Simply create an Infinite Discs user profile, rate and review five products you’ve used, and you to are eligible for a free towel.

4. Complete This Form

Once you have completed all these steps, simply complete the form below, we will review your profile and email you your promo code for your free towel.

Everyone who updates their reviewer profiles by Oct 31st, 2014 will be eligible to receive a free Infinite Discs towel.

To redeem your free towel promo code, simply add the towel to checkout on the beta site when you place your next order. Enter the promo code under “discounts” and it will make the cost of the towel $0. You will still be responsible for paying the shipping. Only one free towel per reviewer. If you want more than one Infinite Discs towel, you will need to purchase additional towels using a separate transaction without the promo code.

Be sure to follow this post for more information on Infinite Discs free disc golf giveaways.


  • Edit buttons ae not working on the disc reviews from my mobile. Is this another form that need to be done on a computer? Trying to get my towel:-D. Thanks

    • What device and browser were you using Troy?

      I know it works from my Iphone. It looks like you were able to submit new reviews for the World, Tresspass, Fuse and Fury.

      • Yes I can post new just not able to edit exisiting from the old site. Wasnt sure if doing 5 new reviews would qualify me. Usi g an android and used crome, firefox and explorer. None got edit button to work. Guess i try laptop when time allows this weeked.

  • This is is an amazing site

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