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At Infinite Discs, we offer weekly giveaways of free disc golf merchandise, including discs, gift cards, accessories, bags, and more. Participation is required for a chance to win; this may involve activities such as liking and commenting on a social media post, interacting with our Youtube Channel, completing a survey, or engaging with our blog.

Disc Golf Giveaways

To find out about and qualify for our giveaways, stay informed through these six platforms:
  1. Subscribe to our Newsletter – We announce giveaways in our weekly newsletter, which also includes promotions, industry information, disc golf tips, and trends. Subscribe here. 
  2. Follow us on Instagram – We post regular giveaways, featuring new releases and other products. Stay updated by following our Instagram account here @infinitediscs
  3. Follow us on Facebook – While Facebook was previously our primary giveaway platform, scams have reduced our activity there. We used to do free disc golf discs for every new release. Once Meta is able to manage the issue with fake scam accounts is resolved, we plan to do regular giveaways on that platform again. Follow us on Facebook here. 
  4. Subscribe to our Youtube Channel – We regularly do giveaways that are exclusive to our YouTube channel. These often include new and unreleased items. Plus, our channel is really awesome and fun to watch. To know of these giveaways, subscribe to us on Youtube and be sure to click the bell to sign up for notifications as many of the YouTube promotions are time sensitive.
  5. Follow us on Twitter – All giveaways are announced on the platform once known as Twitter. We also have exclusive Twitter-only giveaways. Follow us here @infinitediscs.
  6. Follow us on Pinterest – Though not as popular for disc golf, we host at least one exclusive free disc giveaway per year on Pinterest. If you’re already a user of this platform, follow us here.

Current Offers for Free Disc Golf Merchandise

Current Free Disc Golf Promotions include:

Optic Dyes Buzzz Giveaway: To enter, comment on our instagram post here

Best Roller discs: To enter, comment on THIS blog post

Best Fairway Drivers for 2024: To enter, comment on either what you think is the best disc golf fairway driver, or what you think the  driver will be next year.

Best Distance Drivers for 2024: To enter, comment on either what you think is the best disc golf distance driver, or what you think the  driver will be next year.

Best Disc Golf Sets of 2024: To enter, comment about your best starter set

Ledgestone Giveaway: Our Instagram is offering a HUGE giveaway in collaboration with Discrafts Ledgestone Open. Get a Full Grip bag full of amazing Discraft molds, check out the giveaway HERE


Recent Giveaway Offers that Have Ended

-Best Forehand Discs Opinion – Just let us know what your favorite forehand discs are for distance, accuracy, and approach shots for a chance to win Infinite Discs gift cards.

-Christmas Gift Ideas for Disc Golfers
Simply comment on our Christmas Shopping Guide post with things you would like to give or receive for Christmas this year.
– Best Disc Golf Discs for Beginners – Comment to Win
Advise beginners by commenting on our best discs for beginners blog post here for a chance to win one of five $20 gift cards. With only 13 comments so far, the odds are in your favor.
– Best Disc Golf Bags – Share Your Opinion
Comment on our best disc golf bags post with your preferred disc golf bag or the one you’d like to own for a chance to win one of five $20 gift cards.

If you you like free disc golf discs, gift cards, and accessories come back soon as we will regularily update this post.




Alan Barker is the founder and owner of Infinite Discs and has tried more different disc golf molds than just about anyone on the planet.


  • Hi. For the “recent giveaway offers that have ended” list above, the forehand and bags offers both show the final winners on their pages, but none are shown for the other two (Christmas ideas & discs for beginners). Were winners picked or were those simply discontinued?

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