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Here at Infinite Discs, we encounter a lot of customers who buy discs for different reasons. Some are looking for very specific discs that they feel are perfect for their game. Others are building a stockpile of their favorites. Others want special edition stamps, specific colors, or specific weights. Others are collectors who like to snap-up the rare discs that show up on our website, like pre-flight discs, first runs, or swirly plastics, etc.

Sometimes we hear things like “I check your site every day to see if you get more Disc X in stock…” But did you know that you actually don’t have to check our site every day to find that specific disc that you want? Or, if you collect a certain model, or a certain color, etc. you don’t have to worry about hitting our website at the precise moment to get what you want.

Infinite Discs has a built-in Inventory Alert system that will notify you by email the moment the disc you want shows up in our inventory. Let’s say that you collect Star Destroyers, or Swirly S-Line DDX discs, or Moonshine Rivers. Or perhaps you’re waiting for us to get in a better selection of max-weight putters of your favorite mold. Or you want to know when that hot new disc shows up in our inventory? Whatever your motivation, you can set up an email alert so that you’re the first to know that we just got it in stock!

Here is an instructional video to walk you through the easy process:

Of course, you’ll want to make sure that your email service recognizes emails from Infinite Discs as “approved” rather than as spam or “promotional” so that you see the alerts right away.


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Happy Disc Hunting!


  • John-Patrick Ryan

    Great feature that would be even better if alerts included particular foils/stamp colors!

    • At this point, a stamp color feature isn’t possible, because stamp color isn’t a an input variable when we enter discs into the inventory. We enter the weight, disc color (up to 3 colors), and special edition stamps. But we don’t enter in a foil color, so there would be no way for the system to search it. So, shoppers just have to eyeball the disc photos for the stamp color at this point. Sorry 🙁

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