Latitude 64 Easy-Go Backpack and Dynamic Discs Captain America Aviator Released Today

Today marked the release of two new exciting products from the Trilogy family. First of all, a brand new and very uniquely designed backpack bag from Latitude 64, the Easy-Go Backpack.


The Latitude 64 Easy-Go Backpack looks to have been designed with the semi-casual players in mind. If the heavy duty backpack category is just a bit to much for you, but the smaller bags aren’t enough, the Easy-Go could be just right for you. This bag is lightweight as well, so it is easy on the back and shoulders. A few of the highlighted features include:

  • The main storage compartment holds 12 discs in individual sockets.
  • Top and bottom compartments are suitable to store towels, clothes, etc.
  • Top compartment can also be used to store an extra 3-4 discs.
  • Two 1.5 liter bottle holders at both sides.
  • Four elastic side pockets, two at each side. Made to store smaller items like minis, keys, or your phone.
  • Umbrella holder.
  • Premium YKK Zippers.
  • The bag comes with a cover that protects your gear in case of rain.

The Latitude 64 Easy-Go Backpack is available now at Infinite Discs.


Next up we have the Dynamic Discs Captain America Aviator. This is the first Ultimate disc that Dynamic Discs has made. With a design featuring the Captain America Shield, this is a disc that everyone can appreciate. Whether you are playing catch in the park, warming up for your round in a tournament, or even organizing a competitive Ultimate match, the Captain America Aviator is a disc that all throwers can appreciate. It also makes a perfect gift for the ultimate superhero fan or collector. The Dynamic Discs Captain America Aviator can be ordered now at Infinite Discs.

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