Midranges – A Complete Guide to Disc Golf Midranges

Midrange discs serve as the middle ground between drivers and putters, offering players a reliable option for shots that require control and accuracy. They are designed to fly straighter and have less fade than drivers, while still providing more distance potential than putters. The average disc golfer will use midrange discs for shots between 200-300 feet of distance, but this really all depends on how much power you have and how far you can throw.

With their versatility and dependable flight characteristics, midrange discs have become a favorite choice among disc golfers of all skill levels. Midrange discs are essential for various shots on the disc golf course, including approach shots, tunnel shots, and controlled middle distance drives. For a beginner, a midrange will generally provide you with a straighter flying shot than a driver, and you will notice less end of flight fade.

In this guide, we’ll explore everything you need to know about midrange discs in disc golf, from their characteristics to selecting the right disc for your game.

What are Midranges in Disc Golf?

Midrange discs are the jack-of-all-trades in a disc golfer’s bag, designed for medium-distance throws that require control and accuracy. Their flight characteristics usually include a balance of stability and glide, with less speed and fade compared to drivers, but more distance potential than putters. If you are going to only play disc golf with one disc, you’re usually going to want to select a midrange.

These discs are typically larger in diameter than drivers and putters which gives them more high speed stability. The rim width of midranges falls between a driver and a putter. This design allows for a comfortable grip and improved control during throws. Midrange discs often have a straighter flight path, allowing players to hit specific lines and navigate obstacles on the course with precision.

Discraft Buzzz, top rated midrange disc

Selecting the Right Mid-range Disc

Selecting the right midrange disc can significantly impact your game. Factors such as disc weight and plastic type play a crucial role in the disc’s flight and durability. Additionally, a player’s skill level and throwing style should also be considered. For example, a beginner might opt for lighter, more understable mid, while an experienced player may prefer heavier, more overstable discs. Trying out different midrange discs to find the best fit for your game is always a good strategy.


When selecting a midrange disc, consider the following factors:

  1. Weight: Midrange discs come in various weights, typically ranging from 160 to 180 grams. Lighter discs tend to be more beginner-friendly and offer increased control, while heavier discs provide additional stability and can handle stronger throws.
  2. Plastic Type: As mentioned earlier, midrange discs are available in different plastic types, each offering unique characteristics. DX plastic is affordable and provides excellent grip, but it may wear out faster. Pro plastic offers a good balance of grip and durability. Champion and Star plastics are more durable and provide increased stability.
  3. Stability: Midrange discs have different stability ratings, ranging from understable to overstable. Beginners may benefit from more stable discs, as they tend to fly straighter with less turn. More experienced players may prefer discs with some understability for specific shot shapes.

Experimenting with different midrange discs and weights is essential to finding the disc that feels comfortable in your hand and suits your throwing style. It’s also worth considering seeking advice from experienced players or pro shops who can provide recommendations based on your skill level and brand preferences.

While we can’t be sure of what midrange discs will be best for you, we can show you what our most popular top selling, highest rated, and most recommended for beginner midranges are.

Top Selling Midrange Discs

A great way to select a good midrange is to look at what others are already buying. This list below shows our top selling disc golf midrange discs.

Most Popular Mids from Top Brands

Innova Roc3 Mid-range disc

Highest Rated Midranges

Another criteria to look at when choosing which midrange to buy is to see what our reviewers say about each disc. This list shows our highest rated mids based on star rating. Within each individual disc listing, we highly recommend you to look at the individual reviews, based on players with a similar skill level as your own. Use these links to find the best rated midranges based on your desired criteria.

Highest Rated from Top Disc Golf Brands

Best for Beginners

If you are a new player, or one with lower arm speed you should consider selecting a midrange disc from one recommended for beginners. When reviewers on our website rate a disc, they also select how “beginner friendly” they think the disc is. This list shows the highest rated mids for beginners.

We hope this guide will help you in selecting your next midrange disc!