Best Midrange Golf Disc?

Which Midrange Disc is The Best?

Many disc golfers primarily throw their mids on short courses. These discs can be used for drives, fairway shots, approach shots, and sometimes even putts – no wonder many golfers favorite discs are their mids.

Every disc golf manufacturer makes at least one mid range disc. On our site alone, there are 71 different midrange options.

New Midranges Hitting the MarketRecently a handful of new midrange golf discs hit the market. We have new midrange discs from Westside, Prodigy, and MVP, Dynamic Discs, and Latitude 64. Innova will be releasing new midrange discs like the Shark3 and Mako 3 soon as well. For extreme disc golfers that like testing all the latest discs, this is a lot of midrange to digest all at once.

Will these new mids be better than the ultra popular Innova Roc and Discraft Buzzz? The technology of drivers over the last few years, has made great strides, but midrange discs really get better? Or will Roc’s and Buzzz’s reign supreme for another decade?

From professional disc golfers to those who casually throw Frisbee’s around, we have asked the question, what mid-range golf discs are best?

The Buzzz Remains Supreme


Our site visitors have spoken, and despite so many different midrange options, the Discraft Buzzz is clearly the highest rated.

If disc golfers used other mids as much as the Buzzz, it is possible that this dominance wouldn’t be as pronounced. The Buzzz has been around for more than a decade, and is likely the most common golf disc. The fact is that disc golfers continue to like it, and use it.

While player skill has a bigger impact on one’s game than disc selection, confidence and scores improve by using good discs. Disc golfers perform better with discs they know and are used to.

As of March 22, 2013, 36% of our poll participants said that the Buzzz is the best midrange disc. It is versatile, consistent, and reliable for beginners, intermediate players, and professionals.

In second place, 19% said they liked Innova midrange discs other than the Roc. The Innova Shark had a high number of votes, likely because it is a very common Innova disc, available in starter sets. Many new players who begin playing with the Shark get used to it and stick with it.

Ten percent of respondents like at least one of the many different variations of the Roc, while another ten percent think that “other” Discraft midrange discs such as the Meteor, Hawk, and Wasp are best.

The Vibram Obex and Ibex ranked fifth (7%), followed by Gateway midranges (6%), Latitude 64 midranges (4%), other midranges (4%), and Westside midrange drivers (3%).


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Which midrange discs do you think are best and why?
State your opinion. Present your argument. Share your experiences.


  • No disc will ever top the Buzzz! The Flx ESP is hands down the best midrange disc out. I hear the new Roc is gonna change my opinion but I doubt it. I chuck this off the pad, midrange and put. Best disc! KCCO!

  • I tend to prefer understable midranges. My favorite midrange is definitely the Innova Shark. I throw it RHBH and it follows a beautiful and consistent hyzer line. It has become a bit understable over time and will even turn over if thrown hard, but put a nice medium amount of power on it (no run up) and it will do whatever I want it to. I can even throw it anhyzer, and it will have a nice fade back to the hole. It doesn’t skip much when it lands so its great for nestling right up to the basket. Anything within 40 yards and I’m reaching for my Shark.

  • I picked up and never let go of my kc pro roc! I love it and use it for fairway to mid range back handing and can bang chains from quite some distance (for me at least). Love it

  • I like the Buzzz since I have been able to consistently throw great RHBH. I am fairly new to the sport and have enjoyed learning new throws with all my discs.

  • Buzzz has got to be the best midrange ive thrown….. so far. I do find it a bit more stable then i would like at times, but its been true to me when i throw it like its meant to be thrown. I am however curious to try Prodigy and MVP midranges…. Why i said “so far” I throw forehand, i do not know how to flick YET

  • I have to give the win to the Buzzz. There is know mid range I own other than the Buzzz that I have 100% faith in that it will never let me down.

  • Buzzz this, Buzzz that. There is no other midrange in the game that can beat a Roc. My Crystal Buzzz is not reliable, too understable, and cannot handle any wind at all. Rocs are the best utility disc for all midrange shots. I haven’t found another disc that can be manipulated as much as the Roc and still give consistent results. I can throw it at any angle (hyzer/flat/anhyzer) and it’ll hold its line and drop. There are no surprises when I release this disc. I can throw this backhand or forehand and it will not flip over or fade out too quickly. I couldn’t ask for a more straight flying disc. Occasionally, if the situation calls for it, I can even roll my Roc too. I have a DX, KC Pro and XG Champion Roc and they fulfill any and all purposes that call for a midrange.

  • I’ve been playing disc golf for six years, the buzzz has been my go to midrange for most of my disc golf career. . Lately I’ve picked up the new roc 3 and I gotta say it’s a force to be reckoned with. . It flies straight has a very predictable fade at the end of its flight stays consistent at high speeds and also holds up in all different types of wind conditions. . New and seasond players can choose one roc rather than looking for that specific one for that specific shot. … innova has made a really good midrange and is the roc 3 watch out discraft here comes the roc…peace, Ray Calero, kenosha Wisconsin…

  • Ive had 3 buzzes, the ss, z buzz, & esp buzz. Funny how everyone loves their buzzes so much, so I kept trying diff versions. Never got anything special outa them. Granted my buddy is a surgion w/ his! Picked up a C line md2 last spring, & its pure money for me…
    Definition of a line holder. Accells at true hyzerlines. Throw it low & get a nice skip, throw it high & it sits down nicely. Throw it straight & thats how it flies. Be carefull though, its sneaky long. Sooo glidey. Ill throw my roc if im afraid of goin to long. My friend got my buzzes after I found that sweet thang… md2 has got my vote

  • Wasps (into the wind)…. King Cobras….Lycan (anhyzer)…. and Fiend…. havent tried any midranges that have come out since 2011… But certainly Not the Buzzes never liked any of them much.

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