New Discmania Discs

Last week, we announced on Facebook that our disc of the week was the very popular Discmania FD. As part of our giveaway, we asked our Facebook family to tell us their favorite Discmania molds. As the responses came in, we were surprised by how many people said that they haven’t thrown any Discmania yet. Discmania is the primary sponsor of the Disc Golf World Tour that kicked off last weekend in La Mirada, California, and they have been doing a lot over the years to help grow the sport.

Also last week, we got in a huge Discmania restock featuring a handful of discs in new plastics that we have not had available before. We wanted to provide for everyone a list of all the new Discmania discs in new plastics that we just got in. If you haven’t tried out Discmania before, now would be a great time. We have a huge selection available, with a lot of different colors and weights. Here are all the discs that are now available in new plastic types.

All new Discmania Discs:

GLine_MD3G-Line MD3

GLine_PD2G-Line PD2

GLine_P2_LoveG-Line P2–Crush LOVE Series

GLine_TD2G-Line TD2

Glow_FDGlow C-Line FD

Glow_FD2Glow C-Line FD2

Glow_PDGlow C-Line PD

Glow_P3Glow C-line P3

PLine_FDP-Line FD

PLine_MD3P-Line MD3

SLine_FD3S-Line FD3

Signature_FDSignature C-Line FD

Signature_PDSignature C-Line PD

Signature_PD2Signature C-Line PD2

Signature_P2Signature S-Line P2

Swirly_PDSwirly S-Line PD

XLine_P1XX-Line P1X

XLine_P2X-Line P2


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