Prodigy Return Form

You may return any overweight Prodigy disc which you received from us.

In order to reduce the cost and complexity of this operation, we would like to send the discs to Prodigy in one batch. Please let us know if you will be sending your Prodigy disc back by completing the form below.


  • I would like to return my Prodigy D4 for a legal weight replacement. If possible, I would prefer one in the 168-170 weight range.

    Dylan Magouirk

    • For sure Dylan! Send it back to:

      Infinite Discs
      1125 W 400 N #120
      Logan, UT 84321

      We have already spoken to you directly, so no need to complete the form above – we’ve got you down. As soon as all of the defective discs arrive, we will send it to Prodigy so they can send us the replacements. Prodigy will not send any replacements until they have received the discs.

  • Please note – in the e-mail which we sent out there was a typo. The legal PDGA weight for discs is 174.3 grams. We had stated the legal was 178 grams. We wrote 178 because that was the weight of many of the discs which arrived.

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