Quick Tip Tuesday – Putting Speed


This week for your Quick Tip Tuesday, Infinite team member Joel Freeman shares his thoughts on the speed at which you putt, and how it can make or break your game

First, figure out at what speed you like to throw your putt. Do you putt fast/hard? Slow/soft? Or a mixture? This will help you determine if you need to adjust things.

Second, Joel recommends that you try putting softer than harder because if you do miss the basket, you can easily make the comeback putt rather than having another 40-foot putt that you need to cash for par or bogey.

And Third, putting is something you should be practicing the most often, so make sure you are doing all the right things so you can make it count on the putting green!


Check out the full video of Joel breaking down this tip for you –>

Tara is the Infinite Discs social media marketing manager and communication specialist. She appreciates the chance to share her expertise and skills with the disc golf community.

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