Spectacular Sunday Sale – Gateway, Legacy, Prodigy & Vibram

Small but popular brands on saleFor spectacular Sunday, all Gateway, Legacy, Prodigy, and Vibram discs will be on sale. These “mid major” brands make excellent discs that the casual disc golfer may not be familiar with.

  • Gateway – Gateway has a full lineup of discs, but they are most well known for their top selling putters. The Gateway Wizard is one of the most popular selling putters on the market and is available in dozens of plastic blends — the most popular being Super Stupid Soft. One fun thing about Gateway putters is that they are available in a variety of different stamp types including popular the Infinite Bomber and Illuminati stamps. Gateway putter plastics are on sale today for just $8.99.
  • Legacy – Legacy discs also offers a full selection of discs. They regularly release unique limited edition stamps and beautiful plastic blends. If you’re interested in trying out Legacy discs while they are on sell, their most popular selling discs are drivers including the Outlaw, Enemy, Rival, Cannon, and Patriot.
  • Prodigy – Prodigy discs offers premium plastic discs with easy release technology that provides a comfortable feel and in many cases — more distance. For an even better deal on Prodigy discs, be sure to check out our huge selection of Prodigy factory seconds and misprints. Our top selling Prodigy discs are as follows: A4, D6, D2, D3, PA-1, and M4.
  • Vibram – Vibram offers a unique disc golf experience in that Vibram discs are actually made out of rubber rather than plastic. These discs offer exceptional grip, especially in cold and wet conditions. Vibram Soft is even more unique in that this blend is completely floppy and you can literally fold these discs in half. The Onyx and unLace are perhaps two of the best disc golf drivers available for beginners. The uniqueness of Vibram discs make them a great gift idea for the disc golfer. The Lace is Vibram’s top selling disc.

Reduced Shipping on ALL Disc Orders

reducedshippingcostsDuring the sales weekend, we are discounting ALL discs by temporarily subsidizing our normal shipping charges.

Shipping for a one disc order this weekend is only $1.99 and the max disc shipping cost is just $4.69!

The more discs you purchase, the more money you save, even if you’re purchasing a disc that isn’t on sale today.

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