State of Disc Golf Survey – Personal Disc Inventory

In the State of Disc Golf Survey 2016 results, we caught an interesting glimpse of how many discs players own vs. how many lost, and how many found. For those who attach themselves to their favorite discs, and for those who collect special edition discs, the loss factor can be an irritating one– especially when the discs are clearly marked with a name and phone number. According to the survey, most players are courteous enough to give the original owner a call when the information is marked on the disc.  67.7% replied that they, “Try to return them to the owner, but keep them if I can’t make contact.” 34.8% said that they return the disc to a lost and found.

When it comes to how many discs lost, and how many discs are found, here are the statistics gathered in the survey:

Most of those who replied claimed to have lost somewhere between 1-6 discs in the year 2015. Quite a number claimed to have lost none. From these results, we can see that most of us lose discs, but not in extreme quantities. The question then becomes this: Are those discs found and added to another bag?


Most of the players who responded claimed to have found and kept either zero discs, or only 1-3 discs.  Given the chart comparisons, it would appear that not quite as many discs are found as are lost, meaning that most of us come out on the losing end of the lost-and-found equation.

By a large margin, we add many more discs to our bags through retail purchases, both in brick-and-mortar stores and online. These are the numbers provided by players in regards to the number of discs purchased in the year 2015:

0 discs 3.9%
1-3 discs 7.8%
4-6 discs 11.6%
6-9 discs 13.1%
10-14 discs 18.7%
15-19 discs 11.7%
20-29 discs 13.4%
30-39 discs 7.2%
40-59 discs 6.9%
60-79 discs 1.6%
80-99 discs 1.2%
100-149 discs 1.8%
150-199 discs .4%
200+ discs .6%

There appears to be a very equal spread through the quantities, with a few people buying more than 100 discs in a year. So, with those purchases, how many total discs do most of us own?

0 discs .2%
1-3 discs .5%
4-6 discs 1.1%
6-10 discs 4.1%
11-15 discs 6%
16-20 discs 7.4%
21-30 discs 16%
31-40 discs 12.8%
41-60 discs 15.7%
61-80 discs 8.1%
81-100 discs 7.6%
101-149 discs 7%
150-199 discs 3.5%
200+ discs 10%

Again, there is a pretty equal spread, with most of us owning between 20 and 60 discs. There is a solid 10% who own more than 200 discs. Those are undoubtedly the players who cross over into the realm of disc aficionado and enthusiast. Some of us simply can’t resist new plastic!


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