Top 10 Words Used to Describe Disc Golf Game

While our monkeys are crunching away to bring you more 2016 State of Disc Golf Survey results, I slipped away to show you guys some fun data.  In a recent giveaway over on our Facebook Page, we asked people to enter by commenting ONE word that described their Disc Golf Game.  


We had 330 responses with a wide variety of answers.  I enjoyed reading those comments so much that I put together a little chart to show you the top 10 most used words in the Facebook comments, plus some fun runner ups.

The number one most used word was “Improving”, which I love to see!  I feel the same way about my game and it’s great to see other people succeed.  However, I think a lot of us can relate to the second most used word, “Inconsistent”.  My guess is that we can all relate to each of these words at some point during our game.

It was also interesting to see the balance of Positive vs. Negative responses.  I realize that spur-of-the-moment words used to enter a giveaway aren’t the best data points that can be gathered, as some people may put certain answers just to be funny or unique. But perhaps this will give us a little insight to what people think about their Disc Golf game in general.

I painstakingly went through every word and marked it as “Positive” “Negative” or “Neutral” and made this Disc-Chart to show you the results:


I was glad to see that most people view their game in positive light, especially when thinking of a quick word to use.  I myself might have been caught up in the “Treenied” or the “Strugglebus” category, but luckily I didn’t have to answer for myself.  We do know from our friends over at Zen Disc Golf that being positive is key!  Let’s just remember that everybody who answered this Giveaway question was trying to win a free disc, so obviously they love the game and want to play more.  


If I had to pick a word now, it would definitely be “Passion”. (That way I can still hit trees and be inconsistent- passionately inconsistent.)


After the top 10, these were the runner-up words:

Consistent 4

Beginner 4

Grow 4

Meh 4

Newbie 3

Sporadic 3

Noodle 3

Rough 2

Lefty 2

Promising 2


And some of my favorites:

Epic (Mhmm)

Bodacious (Mmmhmm)

Sexxxy (Mmmmmhmmm!)

Infinitely-Good (Are they really that good, or just trying to get some brownie points?)

Poetic (Beautiful)

Splendiferious (I didn’t know that was a word until I googled it)

Frontrimbanger (Technically three words that describe my putts all too well.)

Hellacious (adjective: very great, bad, or overwhelming.  I guess that goes either way!)

Ambidextrous (Okay, now I’m just jealous)

And the rest displayed in a nice word cloud:


Well that wraps up today’s word-stats!  Hope you enjoyed reading this very important article!  Now get out there and tear it up on the course!

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