Top 20 Tuesday Takes a Break…for Now

We’ve had a lot of run reviewing the Top 20 best-selling discs every Tuesday for years now. But we’ve decided to take a break from Top 20 Tuesday for the reasons explained below. But first, we need to congratulate JEFF who won the final guessing, picking the Signature Glow C-Blend SCEPTER as the #3 best seller. Good job!


Here’s why we’re taking a break…

For more than a year now, the best-sellers on the Infinite Discs store has basically been reduced to a stock report. Whatever came in that week was usually in the top 20, simply on the merits that it rolled through our door. We are living through a time of serious disc shortages, so weekly “best sellers” often have little to do with popularity and more to do with availability.

That’s not to say that the discs hitting the top 20 aren’t worthy. But often they are only there because they were available that week. Yes, they beat out other available models, but we’re not really seeing the most popular disc models duking it out week after week. In fact, some of the most popular disc models can go many weeks or months without being available at all. Imagine if certain disc like the P2 or the Zeus were actually available to purchase? But they don’t hit the chart simply because we don’t have them.

Here’s what we’re going to do…

Instead of posting what has amounted to weekly restock reports, we’re going to let the entire month go by and then compare sales. Having a month of sales data might create a more meaningful sales comparison. Of course, there will still be popular discs that won’t hit the monthly charts just because they were not available that month. But we feel like there’s a better chance for realistic comparisons this way. Plus, we’ll show the top 50 discs (with plastic types) every month.

You can still guess…

We’ve been giving away a $10 gift card to the first person to guess certain chart positions each week. We’re going to keep the guessing going on the monthly best-sellers. If you’re the first to guess the position for the monthly chart, we’ll send you a $20 gift card!


FOR THE MONTH OF JULY, if you can guess the #3 spot correctly, giving the disc model and plastic type, then we’ll set you up with a $20 gift card after publishing the list. You have to be the first person to guess that particular combination to win. Place your guesses in the comments!


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