Top Selling Discs–Q3 of 2017

Well, the weather is getting colder, and I only have a couple tournaments left on my schedule for the 2017 season! October is here, which means it is time for another quarterly report on the top selling discs at Infinite Discs! It has been the busiest it has ever been here at Infinite, and we appreciate the support from our fantastic disc golf family! So thank you all very much! Now, let’s take a look at the best selling discs of Q3 2017!

Top 10 Overall

  1. Innova Destroyer
  2. Discmania P2 Psycho
  3. Innova Aviar
  4. Innova TeeBird3
  5. Innova TeeBird
  6. Innova Thunderbird
  7. Discraft Buzzz
  8. Innova Firebird
  9. Innova Roc3
  10. Dynamic Discs Judge

Last quarter I mentioned that we saw the tour fundraiser discs for the Innova team players have a major influence on our sales numbers, and I think it is safe to say we still see that influence throughout this quarter, though not as strong. The one obvious change we see in this quarter’s top 10 is the addition of the generally low selling Innova TeeBird3. It is safe to say that the Paul McBeth Fundraiser edition Metal Flake TeeBird3 is the sole reason we see this mold on the list. But a few molds were able to fight their way back up the charts in the midst of the fundraiser molds. The Discmania P2 Psycho was able to jump back up to the number 2 slot. Also the Discraft Buzzz jumped up 3 spots to number 7, and the Dynamic Discs Judge got back on the chart at number 10. Both the Buzzz and the Judge were long time top 3 selling discs, so it will be interesting to see if they continue to move back up the charts next quarter. Oh, and yes, The Innova Destroyer still has not been dethroned. Maybe someday…but also maybe not…

Top Distance Drivers

  1. Innova Destroyer
  2. Innova Firebird
  3. Innova Valkyrie
  4. Innova Wraith
  5. Innova Shryke
  6. Innova Beast
  7. Innova Boss
  8. Innova Tern
  9. Dynamic Discs Trespass
  10. Dynamic Discs Sheriff

Well, last quarter Innova impressed by claiming 8 of the top 10 distance drivers, and those same 8 molds impressed again by claiming the top 8 spots. Could we ever see an Innova complete sweep? It is definitely possible. The Innova Mamba came in at number 12 while the Innova Katana finished 14th this quarter. But let’s not forget to give Dynamic Discs some credit in this category. The Dynamic Discs Trespass finishing 9th was one of my biggest surprises this quarter. I don’t remember the last time the Trespass cracked into the top 10. And the new Dynamic Discs Sheriff has been a big hit so far for Trilogy throwers. It will be interesting to see if it can continue to hold in the top 10 as time goes on. Oh, and what mold finished 11th? The Dynamic Discs Defender. So don’t sleep on Dynamic Discs in the Distance Driver category.

Top Control/Fairway Drivers

  1. Innova TeeBird3
  2. Innova Teebird
  3. Innova Thunderbird
  4. Discmania FD Jackal
  5. Innova Leopard
  6. Innova Leopard3
  7. Dynamic Discs Escape
  8. Innova Roadrunner
  9. Latitude 64 River
  10. Innova Sidewinder

While Innova has always had a strong hold on the Distance Driver top 10, it hasn’t always been that way for Fairway Drivers. But this quarter with the Innova Sidewinder making a jump up into the 10 slot and of course the TeeBird3 claiming #1, that might be changing. However, that could all change next quarter with numbers 11-15 all being non Innova molds. But here in the top 10, we mostly see familiar names in familiar places. It is worth noting that the Dynamic Discs Escape jumped up one spot. Similar to the Trespass in the Distance Drivers, this is one of the original Dynamic Discs molds that has been around for a while, so it is interesting to see it climbing up the charts. It is also interesting to see the Latitude 64 molds continue their drop in this category. The Latitude 64 River dropped 4 spots down to number 9, while the Latitude 64 Saint dropped out of the top 10 completely, finishing this quarter as only the 13th best selling fairway.

Top Midrange Discs

  1. Discraft Buzzz
  2. Innova Roc3
  3. Innova Roc
  4. Innova Mako3
  5. Discmania MD3
  6. Dynamic Discs EMac Truth
  7. Discraft Comet
  8. Discmania MD4
  9. Innova Stingray
  10. Dynamic Discs Justice

There was a pretty good shake up in the Midrange category. The Discraft Buzzz reclaimed the top Midrange spot from the Innova Roc3, while the Discraft Comet also made a good jump up the chart to number 7 after finishing 10th last quarter. The Discmania MD3 also made a significant jump from 8 to 5. There are two new names that have never been on this list before. The Discmania MD4 was just released a few weeks ago, and had it been released right at the start of the quarter it would likely have been higher than 8. It might climb up the charts this quarter as well with the newly released Simon Lizotte Glow C-Line MD4. The other new name is the Innova Stingray. This is a classic Innova mold that likely receive a bump in sales from the Des Reading Swirly Star fundraiser edition.

Top Putt and Approach Discs

  1. Discmania P2 Psycho
  2. Innova Aviar
  3. Dynamic Discs Judge
  4. Gateway Wizard
  5. Innova Nova
  6. Latitude 64 Pure
  7. Latitude 64 Dagger
  8. Westside Harp
  9. Dynamic Discs Warden
  10. Innova Aviar3

Over the last two quarters we really haven’t seen a lot of change in the top selling putters. The Discmania P2 Psycho has held on again to be the best selling putter. There are two pretty notable drops down the chart when compared to last quarter. The Innova Aviar3 was 3rd, but dropped all the way down to 10th. I’m not sure if the Aviar3 will be able maintain a spot in the top 10 as the new release hype continues to die down. The Westside Harp dropped to number 8. For the last two quarters it was 5th, and the quarter before that it was 3rd. So it will be interesting to see if this downward trend continues for one of the go to discs for the reigning world champion, Ricky Wysocki. Also, after falling out of the top 10 last quarter, the Dynamic Discs Warden worked its way back in, finishing 9th.

So what can we take away from this quarter’s top selling discs? Well, as was previously mentioned, we see the Innova tour fundraiser edition discs playing a pretty significant role. With that in mind, what is especially interesting to me are the discs that moved up the charts that are not fundraiser or new release molds. For example, the Innova Roadrunner and Sidewinder and the Dynamic Discs Trespass and Escape. It seems clear to me that these are molds that disc golfers have been throwing a lot throughout the 2017 disc golf season. Another interesting fact nugget that we see here is the only two disc companies that have a mold in the top 10 of all 4 categories are Innova and Dynamic Discs.

So what do you think? Any surprises or noteworthy finishes that I failed to mention? Feel free to leave a comment below with your thoughts!


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