Top Selling Discs–Q4 of 2016


Happy New Year everyone! The time has come for the final top selling disc review for the 2016 calendar year. The fourth quarter includes the beginning of the off season, but also the holidays. The discs we see that made jumps up the charts from last quarter were likely molds found on disc golfers’ Christmas lists. We also may see influences from some of the holiday promotions we ran. Whatever the reason, here are the top performers for the months of October-December!

Top 10 Overall

  1. Innova Destroyer
  2. Innova Aviar
  3. Innova TeeBird
  4. Dynamic Discs Judge
  5. Westside Harp
  6. Gateway Wizard
  7. Discmania P2 Psycho
  8. Discraft Buzzz/Innova Wraith
  9. N/A
  10. Innova Roc

And the Innova Destroyer sweeps the number 1 spot for the entire year! (I don’t think anyone is too surprised there). But we do see a new number 2 with the Innova Aviar and Innova TeeBird swapping positions from last quarter. The Dynamic Discs Judge also mad a big jump back up to grab the number 4 spot after coming in at number 7 last quarter. The Discmania P2 Psycho is a new name for the overall top 10 with an impressive finish at number 7, beating out the long time number 2 disc, the Discraft Buzzz which came in at number 8. It is also worth noting that this quarter was dominated by the Putt and Approach category with 5 of the top 10 spots. Perhaps a lot of golfers were looking to stock up for their Winter Putting leagues and off season practice?

Top Distance Drivers

  1. Innova Destroyer
  2. Innova Wraith
  3. Discmania DDX
  4. Innova Shryke
  5. Innova Valkyrie
  6. Innova Firebird
  7. Innova Boss
  8. Innova Tern
  9. Innova Beast
  10. MVP Catalyst

Again, we see a quarter where the distance driver category is dominated by Innova. The Discmania DDX dropped one spot to the Innova Wraith, and the newly released Innova Shryke came in right behind at the number 4 spot. For the rest of the chart we see a lot of the same names with a few different numbers, but the MVP Catalyst prevented a complete Innova sweep (Discmania being manufactured by Innova) by holding onto the number 10 spot it grabbed last quarter.


Top Control/Fairway Drivers

  1. Innova Teebird
  2. Discmania FD Jackal
  3. Innova Thunderbird
  4. Latitude 64 River
  5. Innova Leopard
  6. Latitude 64 Saint
  7. Dynamic Discs Escape
  8. Innova Leopard3
  9. Latitude 64 Diamond
  10. MVP Volt

Some of the same names, but still quite a shake up at the top of the charts. The Discmania FD Jackal jumped four spots into the second place slot with the Innova Thunderbird right behind it at number 3, while the 3 discs they jumped, the Latitude 64 RiverInnova Leopard, and Latitude 64 Saint, remain right behind them. I will be very curious to see how these 5 molds shake out next quarter. Also a name we haven’t seen on this chart in a while, the MVP Volt, made an appearance by snagging the 10 spot.

I mentioned that we might see some influence from our holiday promotions, and this category is a prime example. In conjunction with MVP and Axiom, we did a special 3 color Blitzkrieg Stamp that we released for the Black Friday weekend. Could this be why the Volt made its way back into the top 10? Around the same time, we did a run of Bomber stamps on several Discmania molds in their new C-Line Luster plastic. This may be why we saw such a big jump up the charts from the Discmania FD and P2. However, that may not be an entirely accurate evaluation. The MVP Volt is a standing favorite disc for MVP throwers, and was likely on their holiday wish list. And this year we saw substantial growth across the board from Discmania. So maybe these increases were just part of the natural trend? Who knows really, but it is still worth noting this promotions.

Top Midrange Discs

  1. Discraft Buzzz
  2. Innova Roc
  3. Innova Roc3
  4. Innova Mako3
  5. Discmania MD3
  6. Discraft Buzzz OS
  7. Dynamic Discs EMac Truth
  8. Dynamic Discs Verdict
  9. Discraft Comet/Dynamic Discs Truth


Same 5 names at the top, but one slight change in order. The Roc beat out the Roc3 for the first time this year, swapping the number 2 and 3 spots. The Discraft Buzzz OS made a decent jump up into the 6 spot after coming in at number 10 last quarter. Also two new names that have been on the list before but didn’t make it last quarter–The Dynamic Discs Verdict which finished 8th, and the Dynamic Discs Truth which tied with the Discraft Comet for 9th place.

Top Putt and Approach Discs

  1. Innova Aviar
  2. Dynamic Discs Judge
  3. Westside Harp
  4. Gateway Wizard
  5. Discmania P2 Psycho
  6. Innova Nova
  7. Dynamic Discs Warden
  8. Latitude 64 Pure
  9. Discraft Zone
  10. Latitude 64 Dagger

Perhaps the most interesting “storyline” for me in this category is the Dynamic Discs Judge. While it only jumped two spots from last quarter, it had finished number one for a few quarters before that. So it is interesting to see it jumped back up to finish right behind the Innova Aviar, which was the top selling putter for the first time just last month. Perhaps some of the new World Champ hype that we saw last quarter is dying down? The Westside Harp only dropped one spot, but the Latitude 64 Dagger dropped from number 7 to 10. These are still higher spots than these discs ever were at before Ricky Wysocki won the World Championship, so it will be interesting to see how these molds do in 2017.

Any surprises, takeaways, or thoughts? Feel free to leave a comment, and check back in 3 months for the next update!


  • This is fascinating, I will definitely check back to see the bestselling discs.

    Does price have any impact on this, or is it all overall disc demand?

    • There are slight price differences between brands and plastic types, but this list takes every plastic blend into account, so prices shouldn’t affect these numbers much

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