It is time once again for our look back at the last week of sales. This weekly chart is generated from the sales figures at Infinite Discs – the purchases made by our customers are the only contributing factor to the statistics. We break the results down by disc model and plastic type so you can see which plastic types are selling the most. Here we go…

Top Twenty Tuesday for January 14th, 2020

#1 – D-Line P2
#4 – Drew Gibson Blend PHANTOM WARRIOR
#5 – DX ROC
#6 – Metal Flake Glow C-Blend X-Out AZTEC
#7 – Base Grip P MODEL S
#8 – I-Blend X-Out AZTEC
#9 – Star WRAITH
#10 – Jawbreaker ZONE
#11 – Discraft Special Blend LUNA
#12 – K3 REKO
#13 – Swirly S-Blend PHARAOH
#14 – XT Mix NOVA
#16 – P-Line Stiff P2
#17 – R-Pro PIG
#18 – Aura MANTRA
#19 – Metal Flake C-Line FD
#20 – Z-Line ZONE

The chart has a lot of variety this week, though the top spot D-Line P2 is always a strong contender, and the ESP Zeus has been hot for the last year. The #4 spot was taken by the new Legacy Discs release PHANTOM WARRIOR which is a Drew Gibson signature disc. That’s a good debut for Drew’s signature control driver! The AZTEC hit the chart in two spots with misprints, which were released last Friday. There were a good number of other brands represented on the chart. Here’s how many times those different brands hit the chart.

–> Each week we’ll invite you to leave a prediction for a certain chart position on next week’s TOP TWENTY TUESDAY report. The person to predict that chart position correctly in the comments will win a $10 gift card for the Infinite Discs website.

WINNER – The #11 spot this week was taken by the Discraft Special Blend LUNA, which has been a hot seller all year.  Congratulations to DEREK who picked the Luna for the #11 this week!

GIFT CARD PREDICTION FOR NEXT WEEK:  Leave your comment below to guess the #12 spot for next chart.  It will go to the FIRST person to get it right. Good luck!




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